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    • Dream... or Reality?

      10 years ago


      Sounds of blusters echoed through his baring rest, barely able to sleep or awake. Raising from my plane, atleast what was left of it, I charged out raising my charmed gun onto the hollow'd ground. The shift of gears and turrets held at grounds end, unknowing, unable to barely breath at the scent of bleeding soldiers, even the smell of alien blood was starting to get to me. I had to release from this bloody place.

      *Click* I felt the bullet rip through my forehead, I wantted to die as soon as it entered. Not long after I guess I laid resttless with nightmare, breathing of man.... Another night just to pass.

    • Program for Programming.

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      Anyone know of a cheap, possiblely free. Program by which can program software, or simply to complex games if given the correct coding?...

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    • Midnight

      10 years ago


      Sun restted heavy behind the earth, the moon raising into the sky. It's light lead each of are paths, secret mission placed to try to kill off some of the aliens main base. Unfortunely, only three of us went. It isn't truely a crime to abanned someone out in the middle of nowhere, atleast not as lonely soldiers.

      Reaching the first coding of the base, we launched a bomb inbetween the hunters, heavy and loud crash to the metal floor. We knew it wouldn't of been much longer intell someone let loose the alarm system, we had to move fast. Charging into the base, blasting through the few little aliens as guards amount the area.

      " Are mission well soon fail, if we don't make it to the chamaber, and blast a bullet into the skull of that incomplete head." spoke are Leader, as if he knew are mission.
      " Your wrong. Even if we don't make it to the Head, we can blow this place sky high. Leaving only random pieces of alien through these headquaters." spoke are third guy, He was new to the job with little intell on how we work.
      " Just Move, We're losing time, and ammo just standding here." I said, as I ran forward.

      Daylight was proving to be a thing of the past, and are graves surely fitted as nicely.

    • A Battle

      10 years ago


      Storm came with hords of those bastards, barely enough ammo to even think about taking them all down. No one to help, Not even a blessic soul changing firing each one laying to the floor in complete disconfusion. This place was once my home, now it's been through this unable to go back to what it once was they well die. Grabbing to Lazer guns blasting inbetween each alien, they fell one by one. I couldn't believe my eyes at the blood, soaking the meanningless ground.

      It was a wonderful day, but so much blood, so much hate... How much longer must they fight? Is it worth it to finish? Or should we all just die... with are guns raised high, and are guts to the floor?

    • 2019 years ago

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