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    • The Jupiter Incident

      4 years ago


      What if Humans received a message from Jupiter? And what if we answered that message? This is...the Jupiter Incident.

      Please note that this serves as a concept/storyboard. I do not have the skills to animate, but my level of drawing is decent. Inspired by Steven Hawking's statement about not answering messages from outer space.


    • 4 years ago


      Just a few hours ago, I was listening to a podcast that featured Monty. Then, the news came. Monty had passed. It's strange that I was just listening to Monty talk passionately about RWBY. And now....

      It feels sort of strange to write about someone I never met, but Monty has definitely had some everlasting affects. Honestly, I've never met any of the other staff either, but there's some level of affect they have one you. There's no denying what Monty did he loved and lived it every moment of his life. It's sad to know that that's one of the people I won't and a lot of other people won't be meeting. Then again, it doesn't require meeting a person to know or justify how awesome, how inspiring, and how great of a person they are.

      RIP Monty!

    • A Subscriber Experiment

      4 years ago


      Leave a comment with your YouTube channel and I'll subscribe to it. But, you have to subscribe back. I will also give you a shout out in my next video.

      (I want the next video to be just shout outs to different YouTubers, so please comment, leave your YouTube channel, & subscribe to my channel: www.youtube.com/user/RagArkGaming)

    • New Year, New Potential Series

      4 years ago


      Happy New Year everyone!!

      I wanted to share with you all about a new series that I wanted to give a try. At the moment its called Fan Fiction. It's basically myself adding more story to the original story. Sort of my own thoughts as the character that I have created. The "pilot" was created in Dragon Age Inquisition. Give it a look for yourselves. Please leave any comments or suggestions below. Thanks!


    • A Disingenuous Mentality

      4 years ago


      It's nearing the end of the year and here I am reflecting on the past year. Earlier this year, I stated that I had a 7 year plan for getting myself to work at Roosterteeth. Marvel's plan seems to be going much better than mine with their line up of movies going all the way up to 2018 ending phase three with Avengers Infinity Wars. Granted, they are a multi-million dollar company and they have thousands of people behind them. While it's not a good comparison, Marvel does have it all down and they have executed them in terms of their plans. My plans however have not entirely worked.

      I haven't gotten super involved in the community. I haven't made any community hunter videos. I really haven't done much with the community except provide help when its needed or requested via the forums. I am slowly becoming more and more inactive within the community. I don't post in the forums as much. I haven't renewed my sponsorship. I haven't made journals or post images from other sites. I haven't done much to increase my karma level. I haven't done much.

      This isn't necessarily a bad thing as I do know what I need to continue doing. I have to start picking up the stuff I did before. As a dreamer, I imagine that the things that I do are good and helpful, but most people do the same. It may seem disingenuous to say that I since I do this therefore I should get that, but aren't most things like this? You put in the work to get something out of that work albeit the experience of making a video or editing a video for a fellow friend.

      People always say that you get out what you put in. As a dreamer, I should see this as true as fact. But the realist in me doesn't see it so. You could be a hundred hours into something and it could still not yield anything. Again, it seems disingenuous to just do something for something in return, but isn't that how life works? You have to work at it to get something out from it. You have to promote yourself. Is it disingenuous to put yourself out there with the one goal of putting yourself out there? How else would you get "noticed?" How else would people find your work? It's basically tit for tat. An exchange of labor.

      It is disingenuous to expect something in return for being "active" in the community. Still, it is disheartening to see that the work of others seem to be getting more and more attention. And herein lies the problem. The mentality and jealousy that comes with seeing other people becoming more successful than you. Is that just a part of human nature? Life is a competition and everyone is scrambling to make something of themselves in the world. And most people will say that they're just doing it for fun, but I think there's a little bit of disingenuous in there. That they do want to succeed too. Who doesn't?

      To this end, I feel like I need to stop having this sort of mentality. With the New Year approaching, its time for a new type of mentality and thinking or at least a better one. I shouldn't compare my level of activity to anyone else's nor should I compare my work. There isn't really a rewards system. There are different levels of success, different levels of being active.

      But how do you stop? How do you just do something for fun when in the back of your mind you know you are trying to build something? Build your channel? Your resume? And what about networking? Doesn't that seem disingenuous? Making friends to put you somewhere, making fans, getting views. It's like a vicious cycle. Is it disingenuous or is it just a part of getting your name out there? Making something for yourself.

      Is it disingenuous to help yourself?


    • Machinima Sunday

      4 years ago


      Check out my new YouTube video! Its machinima using GTA V captured from the ps4. It also features music from One Republic!! Mainly because I don't have any musical talent. If you have any suggestions or tips, please leave them in the comments. I always want to improve on editing and making videos.



    • Advice from Roosterteeth

      4 years ago


      Now that I have a much, much better capturing device thanks to the Elgato HD60. I can start making videos again. To that end, here is my first video in quite some time. Its pretty short so there's no reason not to check it out!


    • Today on Imgur - Nov 24th

      4 years ago


      3D Printer




      Faith Restored




      First day at new job.


    • Detective Nishiko Kei - Cases

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      Lo Blow Part 1

      I didn't particularly like college when I attended and I try my best to avoid going back. Even when my job requires me to. Tonight, I get to enjoy all the terribleness of college all over again. All thanks to a stabbing.

      Before I can make it to the doors of the school, I could already feel an overwhelming amount of pressure and stress. All the memories of college came rushing back. I can't say that I had an overwhelmingly terrible time. There were times when I felt like I was going through hell. But, I was sure that other students had it rougher.

      I took a short breathe before entering the school. I hoped to get in and out as fast as I could. Flashing my badge to the officer in the lobby, I asked, " Where's the suspect?"

      "He's in the counselor's office. Down the hall. There's officer guarding the door."

      "Why didn't he run?"

      "Shock, probably. He's seems pretty frightened."

      Most suspects usually run or try to flee the scene. From what I gathered from the report, the suspect called 9-1-1. From the looks of it, he doesn't seem dangerous at all. Seems like a nice person who was just pushed over the edge. He's crying still. Must be the first time he's done something bad.

      "Hello Alex."

      He doesn't even look at me. He's in total shock. What was he thinking? Did he think he could cover it up?

      "I understand that you and Mr. Callaghan had an accident. Let me ask you, Mr. Lo, was it an accident?"

      "No," he trembles.

      "Why don't you start at the beginning?"

      I remember it pretty damn well. My first day of high school. I was a freshmen and Steve was a Sophomore. I've heard stories about freshmen being picked on by seniors or even juniors, but not the sophomores. Steve was a different story. I think some of the seniors were even scared of him.

      The thing is, he only targeted specific people. He wasn't racist. He just loved tormenting the weak. I was his next target and his only target for the next three years.

      He came up to me at lunch. Shoved my head right into my lunch. Told me that he was going to make me go through hell. Then he walked away. A teacher came and asked if I was okay. No, I wasn't. First day and I already hated everyone in school. I hated the other students and I hated the teachers. They didn't do anything at all.

      Three years of hell. He shoved my head against the lockers. He shoved me into toilet stalls and make me drink the toilet water. He hit me over the head with my own book. Eventually he stopped abusing me where people could see it. My parents had come to school wanting an explanation as to why their child was coming home with bruises. After that, Steve became smarter. He'd hit me in the stomach. Put cigarette burns on my chest and under my arm pit. Anywhere were there was no clear sign of abuse. But, eventually he stopped all together. He moved from physical torment to psychological torment. He'd mess with my head. Cause me to lose sleep. Scared the living shit out of me.

      And then he was graduating. It seemed like I was going to live my senior year in peace. That was farther from the truth.

      Steve continued to torment me outside of class. Still, what kept me going was my hope of moving away from all that. Moving to Los Angeles and going to LAU.

      I thought he would leave me alone, but he followed me here too. 300 miles and he followed me. He applied the same year and attended two out of my four classes.

      For a few weeks, he left me alone. I made some new friends. But, he came around.

      Then this morning, I just couldn't take it anymore. I wasn't going to go another three or four years of hell. I took my knife from my room and confronted Steve.

      I charged him. Stabbed him. I wished I had killed him, but he's still alive. Why do they let that monster live?

      "I'm sorry for what he's done to you. But I guarantee he won't hurt you anymore especially after what you did. I applaud you for standing up for yourself, but there are other ways." I almost chuckle. I shouldn't be laughing at the crime scene. I shouldn't be laughing at all. Still, the bully had it coming to him. It's just too bad it had to be this way. If the kid mentions that I almost chuckled, I'd be sure to have a psych evaluation later at the precinct.

      Breaking my train of thought, he asks, "Will I go to prison?"

      I reply, "That will be up to the juries."

      I walk out of the school. I think about heading over to see the vic. But I just can't get college out of my head. It's cases like this that makes me hate college all over again. That kid deserved better. Hell, every person in my cases deserved better. They just don't get it in time. I try to not think about how college was for me. I get in my car and drive back to the precinct. Talking to the vic won't help.

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