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      1 year ago


      Hello everyone I just wanted to post alittle post about some things about austin for people who have never been here or just dont know what to expect either. But Austin is a big city and there are loads of things to do here but with that comes things that not alot of people know about and should but theres also things that i just want people to be aware about as well so here is a should little message from me to you. 

      1. To anybody coming to here in Austin, heres some things you should know, that you probably already know or have but...

        1. we do have homeless people here, lots of them (not all are bad) and some arent very nice and will start asking you questions.

      so please be safe if you are walking by yourself or with friends. 2. if someone does ask you where you are from and you dont feel safe telling them, then just make up some random city and dont tell them where you are actually from.

      if you see someone down or something is wrong at the convention then please try and do what you can to help. is about having fun and everybody should be having fun during this time.

      we do have loads of apps like uber,ride austin,lyft, pace,car2go along with others that can get you around the city or where you need to go if you dont feel like walking. 5. and final one that i have unless someone wants to add more to the list. If anybody has any issues or

      questions about directions or want to know places to eat or go see or just things to do in austin, by all means send me a message on here or my IG or on my twitter and I will be happy to help you.

      Have fun at here in Austin and make friends and memories. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      My IG and my twitter are both: randomrogertv 


      1 year ago


      Well hello world of roosterteeth community,website,cool kids, people my fellow wizards or witches or whatever you claim yourself to be it is I RandomRoger...RogerRandom the most famous person you will never know because 1. im not famous 2. if i was famous do you think i would be on this website right now 3. yes...yes i would be on this site 4. I like you.....

      WOW!!!! okay that got wierd fast and quick but anyways hello and its been awhile since i have written a journal or even been on this website in awhile lol not that i havent watched RT stuff just havent been on the site in forever!!!!. Though it has been forever,it dosent feel like I have been away or anything, I come back to reading awesome journals that made me laugh and just caught up on things on here.

      Anyways for me I have been going through alot of things like trying to deal with my anger issues,over thinking,sadness,and loads of other things as well but im slowly getting better at them just takes time. Oh i started working on my photography more and slowly getting better at that as well but my over thinking gets to me so theres so many photos that could of been something but they weren't because i deleted them but but i do have photos that i did not delete and actually posted on social media for the world too see ( links will be at the bottom of the journal to all my social medias) 

      it would be awesome it you followed me on them and gave me feedback on my stuff cause it helps me get better and so on. 

      but i  hope your days are going well and that you have many more good days as well and i hope to see you one day and say hi and have a chat with you 

      my facebook photography page

      instagram page

      twitter page

    • Videos are up and running!!!!!!

      3 years ago


      So i haven't been on here in awhile but i do need to start getting back on here more often and meet more people like i use to but that's not why i'm here or what i want to talk about, what i want to talk about is that i finally started making videos for my Youtube channel and i would love it if you would go check them out.

      I have a podcast video up with more of those coming as the days go on and a minecraft series that me and my room mate started ( i suck at minecraft so come watch me fail) and many more videos to come.

      I have always wanted to do videos and stream on twitch but never got around to it because i wanted to do what my parents wanted me to do and that was work day in and out at a job that i hated just so i could be one of those people in the corporate office who makes loads of money for doing nothing, i don't know what im saying but i hope you understand. I did that since i was 18 (after i graduated high school) and never looked back, but i'm tired of doing that because that's not who i am, i am a person who loves to make people laugh and smile and make their days better with a video or just talking to someone or hanging out with them.

      I want people to smile and laugh to forget about what ever is bothering them in that day or week and just be happy because being stress and etc.... just makes a person go insane in the brain and bad things can happen when someone gets that far.

      I will eventually get there and if i don't then hey at least i tried and didn't just think about doing it.It would mean a whole lot if you checked out my channel and tell me what you think of the videos, i'm still new into all of it so within time things will get better and the enjoyment of the videos will start making people day everyday.

      I don't know how to post links that go straight to my channel on here because i suck so i'm just going to post them down here and let you do the rest.

      Thank you and i hope you all have a wonderful day/night or whatever time it is for you right now.

      BYE BYE!!!!!





    • Cosplay for RTX!!!! MAYBE!!!

      3 years ago


      so im debating if i should do a cosplay for RTX but idk what i would cosplay as lol also i have never done a cosplay so it wouldnt be all deck out and badass and what not but yea lol

      Anybody have any ideas???


      3 years ago


      So yea as you can tell from the title i finally was able to make my Youtube Channel and i do have a Twitch channel as well so will be active on both of them and it would mean the world to me if you followed both of them and give my channel some love. Only have 3 videos up now but more will be added as the days go on.

      Thank you and cant wait to share some amazing moments with everybody

      Youtube channel

      Twitch channel

    • My god its been forever since i have been on here but hello!!!

      3 years ago


      so yea it has been forever since i have been on here due to me and my roomates finding a new apt and my job getting busy and just life ughhhh!!!!!!!!!

      But yea hope everyone is doing good and life is going swell for you because mines is even though im broke most of the time but whocares i have a home and the things i need to go on throughout my days and eat so life is swell.

      Couple of things coming up for me is Pax South and My trip to Colorado in April im equally excited for both...well maybe Pax More haha but yea im ready to play games and just be around people who love video games and so on..also im gonna be making a video montage for pax so thats gonna be fun haha im gonna attend this year more relaxed then last year and just take everything in cause last year i tried to do everything(rookie mistake) but yea...

      So as for now thats all just been working and playing video games and taking photo...oh yea follow my Photo account and tell me what you think (IG:rogergarciaphotos) but for now goodbye folks and see you at pax south if you are going or on here or whatever we talk or hang out

    • camera shooting buddies in Texas

      3 years ago


      i really need some camera shooting buddies in or around the New Braunfels texas area and if you are asking what major cities are around me( you are probably not ) there is San Antonio to the south of my (like 30 mins) and then there's Austin to the north of me ( like 45 mins away) but yea i would go by myself but that would be very boring and also i would have nobody to talk to on my adventures.

      Also i would like some people to go out and take pictures with to also learn things about my camera and how to take better pictures and what not.

    • how's everything going?

      3 years ago


      so yea just making this journal to see how everyones going and to check up on everybody..For me everythings going very very splendid lol just waiting to move into the apartments next week hopefully and once all that happens, i can spend more time taking pictures and making videos for the youtube channel and just spending time doing that.

      damn i can't wait to make videos and take pictures because i literally hate my job so much and for your info......not that you were probably thinking it anyways lol i have been applying at other jobs just nobody is calling back...at all...like literally at all...

      im starting to think that my skin color might have something to do with it lmao just kidding but yea thnis will get better just have to keep my head up

    • streaming black ops 3 campaign!!!

      3 years ago


      hey people of planet earth come hang out with and watch me suck ass at call of duty and lets see together if the story is really good or not lol


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      Happy birthday!

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        5 years ago

        damn dude sorry for the late reply but i came to my friends today to use the internet hahaha but thanks man lol smiley12.gif

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