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    • How To connect your 360 to wifi that requires browser login

      6 years ago


      How To connect your 360 to wifi that requires browser login

      This is actually really easy.

      Step one connect a device (a smart phone in this example) to the network, and go through the validation/sign in process.

      Find the mac address of this device.

      Go to the 360

      Select the wifi network you want to connect to.

      It will connect to the network but not the internet or xbox live, here is the clever bit.

      Press A on that network again, as your connected to it you will get some options.

      Go to the advanced tab,

      One of the options you can edit is alternate mac address.

      Enter the mac address you got earlier.

      And boom you are now connected to the wifi network you just have to make sure you don't disconnect your phone otherwise it drops out.

      I put this here because I worked this out over the weekend and figured other people might have this problem, and as this site has been the one to bring me consistent entertainment for several years I wanted to see if this brought some new people here.

      If you are new and this is your first time here check out the videos and the pod cast its amazing.

      Of course that's assuming these are searchable on google.


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      Browsing RTon the 360 shame the vids wont play

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