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    • Create your own Grimm monster

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      Here some Grimm of my creation: blake

      Procyonn- A sabretooth (smilodon, dinofelis, homotherium, machairodus, or megantereon. It varies. )-like Grimm that is capable of tearing up anything.

      Archaeopteraptor- An archaeopteryx-like Grimm.

      Deeraptor- A combination between a deer and a raptor.

      Bird Eater- A tarantula-like Grimm. Named after the Goliath bird eating tarantula.  

      Mandible- A centipede-like Grimm with slicing mandibles.

      Spikosaurus- An enormous spinosaurus-like Grimm that can shoot spikes from it's back. 

      Canis- Wolf-like Grimm. Named after the dog family, bensoncanis. 

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    • Bad Luck Charm Lyrics

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      Is your reward for being near me 


      Won't be your friend when I'm around


      Me for the tragedies that follow


      The situations that surround

      I'm a harbinger

      I cannot lie

      I will change the color of your life

      I don't mean to bring you pain 

      But I will

      Just why I can't explain

      I am no one's blessing

      I'll just bring you harm

      I'm a cursed black cat

      I'm an albatross

      I'm a mirror broken

      Sad to say

      I'm your bad luck charm


      Hang my head in constant sorrow


      On everyday you need the light


      To see some future in tomorrow


      Is what I am to every life

      Trust one thing, take my advice

      If you linger close, it's a hefty price

      You and I are not the same 

      You don't want the burden of my name

      I am no one blessing

      I'll just bring you harm

      I'm a cursed black cat

      I'm an albatross

      I'm a mirror broken

      Sad to say

      I'm your bad luck charm

      A guaranteed catastrophe

      A tear that's bound to fall

      A sure train wreak

      And you'll soon regret

      The day I came to call

      I'm a cursed black cat

      I'm a albatross

      I'm a mirror broken

      Sad to say

      I'm your bad luck charm

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    • From Shadows Lyrics

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      Born with no life 

      Into subjugation

      Treated like a worthless animal

      Stripped of all rights

      Just a lesser being

      Crushed by cruel ruthless human rule

      When it started

      All we wanted was a chance to live our lives

      Now in darkness

      Taking everything we want and we will rise

      We'll rise

      We'll rise

      From Shadow

      We'll descend upon the world

      Take back what you stole

      From Shadows

      We'll reclaim our destiny

      Set our future free

      And we'll rise

      And we'll rise

      Above the darkness and the shame

      Above the torture and the pain

      Above the ridicule and hate

      Above the blinding of our fate

      Call us liars

      Degenerates and killers

      Psychos, heartless, insane criminals

      Stupid, mutts and

      Nothing but pure evil

      Primal, bloodshed, is all that's left to do

      We're misguided

      Treated like we're criminals and we should hide

      Born indicted

      Tired of being pushed around and we will fly

      We'll fly 

      We'll fly

      From Shadows 

      We'll descend upon the world

      From Shadow

      We'll reclaim our destiny


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    • I Burn Lyrics

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      Come at me

      And you'll see

      I'm more than meets the eye

      You think that

      You'll break me

      You're gonna find in time

      You're standing too close to the flame that's burning

      Hotter than the sun in the middle of july

      Sending out your army but you still can't win

      Listen up silly boy cuz I'm gonna tell you why

      I Burn

      Can't hold me now

      You got nothing that can stop me

      I Burn

      Swing all you want

      Like a fever I will take you down

      Reign supreme

      I your dreams

      You'll never make me bow

      Kick my ass

      I'm world class

      And super saiyan now

      You're starting up a fight that you just can't finish

      Watch your little hearts as they scrape you off the floor

      Bringing out your rockets we'll shoot them up, baby

      As high as you can go but I'm the one who's gonna soar


      I doesn't have to be this way

      Let's kiss and make up then you'll learn  

      You can fight your life away

      I get what I want so don't bother and just watch me burn


      Hotter than the sun, feel my fire

      Pyromaniac, my desire

      Thought that you could see the truth 

      Till I just burn the roof

      Human torch can't fuck with me

      Johnny Blaze, suspect B

      scorch them quick, lightning fast

      Melt them bitches down to ash

      Gasoline, kerosene

      Strike a match, ignite the scene

      Shit will never be the same

      Feel the fury of my flame

      Beg for mercy, it won't help

      Embrace the ending you were dealt

      Seems you fucks will never learn

      Now sit back and watch me burn

      {Chorus x 2)


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    • English is hard

      1 year ago


      I'm still working on my english...

    • I'm a sociopath

      1 year ago


      I'm a sociopath. That's why I don't have many friends. In fact the only friends I have are like the only people I want to be around.

    • Who would win a death battle? Raven Branwen or Adam Taurus?

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      Who would win a death battle? Raven Branwen, the professional huntress/spring maiden or Adam taurus, the high ranking White Fang member/freak? I want to hear from you.

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