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    • RT podcast drinking game

      3 years ago

      Ray_Davis the idiot of doom!!!!!


      Don't be a wimp and use alcoholic drinks.

      Don't take sips, a drink is a mouth full of you booze yah wimp.

      1: Every time someone mentions a social media platform take a drink.

      2: Whenever Gavin gags finish your drink.

      3: Barbara makes a pun, take 2 drinks.

      4: A guest outside of the "normal" podcast crew in on the podcast finish your drink and grab another.

      5: Everytime Burnie uses or has a new worthless item from Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding website finish your drink.

      6: Each ad read take 3 drinks.

      7: When Gavin makes a stupid situation or says something stupid drink half of what is left in you drink.

      8: Anytime another Rooster Teeth employee is mentioned take a drink.

      9: Anytime a Rooster Teeth show is mentioned take a drink.

      10: Every time a person on the podcast opens a new drink you must do so too.

      11. Each time Drunk Gus is mentioned take a drink.

      Feel free to add to these. I want to see this go places.

    • RWBY and Chill?

      3 years ago

      Ray_Davis the idiot of doom!!!!!

      .Nah, but, to be honest, I am going to enjoy today, My first day off in 2 weeks. why not. Sadly I only have today off then it is back to the grinder. That's what I get for making a living. U.S. Army why hath thou cursed me so?

      So in other news, How bout that Rocky's Horror Picture Show number that Blaine and Miles did? Gotta say it was very awesome. New level of manly on Miles part and stone face Blaine. it that were me, I would not have been able to hold in my laughter. Would have likely died from lack of oxygen or something.

      Outside of that looking forward to the new Episode of Teenage girls who represent a color, and the new season of Caboose and his loyal twits if and when it happens. so HOSTA LE PASTA and cheerio!

    • Embrace the suck you must.

      3 years ago

      Ray_Davis the idiot of doom!!!!!

      Truthfully I would rather be off today so I can be lazy and watch the old boob tube or play some of these new fangled personal computer games, but alas i have to be a responsible adult. I guess I better practice what Church preaches and suck it up.

    • 3 years ago

      Ray_Davis the idiot of doom!!!!!
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