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    • Writing out the Horns: how would you handle Adam's backstory?

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      Recently, I watched through volume 6 with a friend to catch them up on the series. In short, they were not a fan of this volume. They were not a fan of how they handled Adam as well as a lot of people. It lead to a short discussion and it led to this question: how would you handled Adam's story? As a writer, I found this interesting, and began to explore that very question. I would like to share it with you all. Know that this is just how I would have handled Adam's backstory. I'm not saying it is the best way, but I would make Adam apathetic toward the world.

      In the kingdom of Atlas, wealthy families reigned over certain aspects. For example the Schnee family and their dust company. I am also guessing that there is a family that leads research into robotics that created Penny.

      The family we are focusing on is the Frost family, and their field of expertise was medical. Many breakthroughs were made by this family. They had a facility where they performed experiments, and many Human and Faunus volunteered to aid them. Things were going well.

      However, look below the surface and you will find where they perform all the dangerous experiments that could be life threatening and only Faunus were down in here. However, test subjects were dying and were running short. They couldn't just pluck up Faunus randomly or rapidly due to the attention will attract. So, they began to grow Faunus children using sperm and eggs from Faunus siblings. They did this to create perfect test subjects for their weaken genetics from inbreeding were create 'problems' for them to cure, and with no risk to Human subjects. Adam was one of these children.

      Adam was the only child born of this without any problems for them to look into. So, they used him for their amusement by putting him through painful tests all to see his reaction and emotion. It was around the age of six when the brand was put on his face. In the end, the number of children born this way were numbered in the thirties. Only four survived. Adam lost all his emotions for humans during those years of torture, and became apathetic towards all of humanity.

      Adam grows, learns to fight, and joins the White Fang. Only ever showing emotion when he is with only his own kind, and when facing humans, all emotion evaporates. For awhile this was the case, but then Blake left him on the train in the Black trailer. Instead of shouting to the heavens in anguish, cursing Blake's name in anger, or crying rivers of sorrow...he questions why she had done it and began to wonder if others would do the same. This is when his feelings toward the Faunus begin to disappear.

      Becoming apathetic makes him more dangerous too due to his lack of emotion and how much focused he will be. So now I will ask all who read this: how would you handle Adam's backstory?

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    • More Games?

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      While it has it's fair share of problems, Grimm Eclipse was and is still fun in my opinion.  However, an idea does come to mind for a possible game.  Use the basis of the Monster Hunter series to make your own with that kind of setting.  I mean, these students are training to become Huntsmen after all.

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      I have began an RWBY fanfiction. . .not the biggest news I guess.

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