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    • General advice for AH to git gud at R6 Siege (no flames, real tips!)

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      ReignOfComputer ReignOfComputer

      After watching Git Gud 3, here's a list of general tips I can give to AH to improve their R6 Siege gameplay. I won't give too many Operator-specific advice, so most of these tips can be applied to anyone. My advice targets the mistakes made during Git Gud and reducing those bad habits will help to improve gameplay.

      Cameras and Drones:

      - As Attackers, scanning enemies at the start of the round may be addictive but after initial scans, subsequent scans are useless. Instead get sight of the Objective and try to hide your drones in the Objective where you have vision over the place. Don't scan any enemies (and your teammates shouldn't too) as it will cause your enemies to actively search for your drone. During the match use these drone to get easy intel of the Objective when you want to breach. Not all drones require being hidden, the rest of the team can keep their drones for scouting the map, but at least have 1 drone hidden and providing overwatch of the Objective.

      -As Attackers, shutting down Defenders' cameras is essential. No vision of that area provides no intel and Defenders are unable to pinpoint where the Attackers are coming from, only relying their vision and sound to spot nearby Attackers. Twitch is an excellent operator to clear cameras as her drone can destroy them even before the round starts. Do careful of any broken windows nearby that Defenders can shoot out of though, as they may catch you while you're actively search for cameras (if you're unfamiliar with camera placements on maps).

      -As Defenders, use scans on cameras sparingly if possible. Having cameras up give Defenders essential positioning intel since they are all inside the building and do not have drones to scout. Sometimes people forget to check for cameras and will only remember them because they have been alerted that they are being scanned. Call out on their positions first (since you guys are a 5 man team) and scan when needed to, i.e. When you want your teammate to shoot through the barricade/window. If you do use a scan early though, understand that the camera used will be destroyed.

      Shooting, Awareness and Communication:

      - Generally speaking, always be conscious of the number of people alive and where they can come from (from callouts and death location of allies). Even when there is no intel of your enemies' location, expect them to be somewhere nearby, especially when you are close to objectives. Expect them even more when you don't see them and you are about to get the objective (securing objective, securing hostage, etc). Get your gun pointed towards those doorways and windows so you can get first shots on them.

      -When securing the hostage, you have a pistol that you can use while carrying the hostage. Shoot enemies with that.

      -Sidearms exists. When caught reloading while in a firefight, whip the pistol immediately!

      -Spawn-killing is a big thing in R6 Siege sadly. Watch for windows near the spawn points. If you spot a window with a hole, there's usually a guy at the end of it, so shoot it.

      -Obviously be careful of teamkilling. Understand how operators look like (since they are quite distinguishable) and identify who is on the team. You also can spot their names above them.

      -Don't give too much information to the last man standing. Everybody shouting conflicting information constantly is only causing more pressure to the last man and if information is incorrect, it can be detrimental to the last man even. Call out last seen positions of enemies and let the last man decide what actions to take. Do not dictate what the last man standing should do.

      Operator-specific tips:

      - Montagne is more than just a shield. Use your extendable shield to close the gap with your opponents and place pressure on them, instead of standing still. When nearby, go in for the melee kill or blind fire point blank range. If they are pressured enough (firing at the shield uselessly, etc.), you can also go for the quick aimed headshot as they most likely unable to get the headshot on you (aiming still has your chest covered).

      -Counter Caveira by sticking close each other or by moving in pairs. She is a threat if someone decides to lurk and loses the firefight. She can't interrogate someone if there's another person to return fire and she has absolutely no armor so two people firing at her will ensure death.

      Hopefully these tips can help AH to git gud at R6 Siege. Time and training will definitely be a factor in improving. All the best to AH to git gud and maybe one day release a R6 video without the internet bashing them!

      P.S. Feel free to add more tips for AH in the thread!

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    • Free 3-month Sponsorship

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      Hi all, got 3 months of Sponsorship for backing Lazer Team, but I'm already a sponsor so... Who needs it?

      P.S. Any idea how I can change my username? Talked to Burnie about it and he told me to leave a comment on his journal but I'm still irGriPpY xD

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    • I'm Alive!

      4 years ago

      ReignOfComputer ReignOfComputer

      My first journal here. Long time lurker, never posting anything but since Burnie stopped by Singapore why not?

      Got my employee access card signed by Burnie. Hoping security doesn't need it back :O

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