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    • Airport internet

      14 years ago


      Those that read my journals often, otherwise known as my stalkers, would remember a few months back when I was posting from singapore airport.....on their free internet.

      LAX doesn't have that. But i have a few hours left before my flight and some american money to burn.

      I did manage to buy some duty free jack daniels, thankfully duty free uses the drinking age of the place your heading, so i was able to buy it. It's a damn lot cheaper here.

      I should have a big wrap up when I get home, many things to talk about. Red vs Blue ofcourse, which I must catch up on. e3 will be a hot topic, which i had the great pleasure of attending today. I should also be able to throw in a few rants about how silly the USA is with it's "price after tax" (why don't the stores just include it in the price tag?) and its insanely slow baggage checking. Should be fun for the hole family.

    • A new record

      14 years ago


      I've spent over a week in the USA and I have not been SHOT! That's gotta be some sort of record. I havn't even got many bad stabbings or anything like that.

      It would seem that fate wants me to go to e3, and I will certainly be trying to follow it. Yesterday I ran into two people here by complete chance that were going to e3. One lives in Auckland, where I use to live, he worked for my parents a long time ago but now works for Sega. Then I ran into one of my lecturers from QANTM, who I get along quite well with, and he should be able to get me in easily.

      I'll let you know how that goes when I'm back in Brisbane, as it won't be long now.

    • Xbox 360

      14 years ago


      I'll take this break from talking about my time in the USA to have a quick chat about the next xbox 360.

      Design: Nice
      Controller: Very nice - moving black and white to above the triggers fixes my only compliant with the controller S.
      Name: Clever....but I don't like it. (3 - to rival the PS3 and 360 is a revolution, the codename of the new Nintendo console)

      The only downside I see is the medium its using to ship games on, these new improved DVD's, rather then taking it to the next level (DVD-HD or Blu-ray). Which the big leap in graphics, those DVD discs are going to get a lot tighter.

      Well thats all for now, I'll post again later in the week or when I get back to Aussie. So far I havn't died from smog or any car shootings. But my throat is killing me.

    • LA LA

      14 years ago


      Thats right, Rekkie's in the US of A.

      After spending the first day wearing off the jet lag and choking on the smog (see: LA air) I'm enjoying myself with the kickass themeparks and funny way you people speak.

      I've spent the first few days at disneyland and it's near by adventure park. I'll be able to watch Lost on TV tonight for a change, rather then just downloading it in Australia. Knotsberry is on cards for tomorrow, then later in the week universal, and my personal fav, six flags magic mountain.

      This is my first time in the USA in quite a few years. Last time I was here I was only a young teen, it was before Sept 11 and all the crap thats gone down since then.

      I've now been to software etc, first time there. I shall try and find other stores I've heard so much about but never been to, including: Wal-mart, Taco-bell and Gamespot. Their like tourist attractions.

      One thing I'm certainly not enjoying is the drinking age. I'm 19, 20 on the 25th of June (write that down), so I've been legally able to drink for almost 2 years now back in Aussie and New Zealand. Not being able to order a drink at dinner is certainly a bummer. While I'ld have to look at a map, Canada seems a bit out of walking distance just to get drink.

      And that's all I'll be doing here, walking, or getting in a taxi. I've now seen how you guys drive, not only is it on the wrong (see: insane) side of the road, it would seem that a red light here simply means giveway (see: insane, wrong) and that honking your horn is how you express you'ld like to change lanes.

      It's also very strange to see people talking on their phones without handsfree sets while driving their car. Our taxi driver had two phones! TWO! juggling them while driving the car our lives were closely binded too while traveling on what I can only call a freeway of instant death.

      And lets not forget what I now see on the news, 12 car to car shootings on the freeway over the last 2 months?

      Good old USA.

      I'll post again with more impressions after a few days. I'm afraid its unlikely that i'll be attending e3. But if I am able to finalise some tickets, and survive here another week, then i'll certainly let you guys know.

    • e3 2005

      14 years ago


      There's a good chance I'll be attending e3 in LA this year, anyone else able to go?

      I'll keep you posted when I know or sure, or am shot down in burning flames.

    • It returns

      14 years ago


      It had stopped for a while, but its started to pick up again......the friend requests. I'm hardly here anymore and each day I'm getting some 10 year old trying to be my friend..

      As side notes, Happy Birthday RT.

      And for the record, I'm once again single again. It was my call.

    • Fresh Start

      14 years ago


      Well all our images got wiped, so it might be a good time to change my avatar. Keeping my love for VC Cats i'll use Scott's drawing of sonic.

      I'll try and upload some new photos of myself soon, but after a fight in the weekend I'm a little banged up so may wait to heal.

      I guess I should speak a little about that, some cockbite gatecrashers came to party we were at this weekend looking for a fight. There was two of them on me with one using a metal pipe which was used at the back of my head. I got stiches and arrived home at around 5am that morning after 5 hours in hospital.

      There was a number of people there, including my girlfriend who also got hit, and we have laid charges. There is enough info for the police to find who these people are, and should hear back from them in a few days.

    • Wisdom

      14 years ago


      Really, if wisdom teeth were so wise you would think know to come in straight.

      Just had one of mine removed, and after nearly 3 hours my mouth is still filling with blood. Getting kinda light headed aswell.

      Actually getting it done doesn't hurt, since your face is made fully numb. But now I'm starting to get some feeling back and it's not anything like being tickled.

      And just because its one of those good day's, my computer monitor is dieing. But i'll get it fixed/replaced tomorrow.

    • Ep 50

      14 years ago


      Ep50 just got released to sponsors, and it weights in at a massive 16 and a half mins.

      I don't way too much about the plot, but it's a nice way to celebrate the first half century of Red vs Blue.

      *Raises glass*
      Here's to another 50.

    • Family and stuff

      14 years ago


      Well there's been a few things going on in the family recently I should talk about.

      Well bad news first, we found out recently my grandma has cancer. She's going in to operate next month and hopefully things are going to be okay. I'm really close to my grandma, she's always been nearby us.

      The good news, depending on how you look at it I guess, is that my sister is pregent again. Her son Cameron is 3 years old now, and I do like being an Uncle so having another newphew or a niece would be pretty cool. Her boyfriend Jay was pretty shocked, but after how well he's been looking after Cameron I don't think it will send him packing. My sis is 27 this year, while Jay is 30, so I guess it's not a bad age to settle down.

      Well for me? We'll I've been going out with a girl since Valantine's which has been great. She has a PS2 and Gamecube, and kicked my ass in the arcade...which is great :D

      So yeah, been quite a lot of ups and downs lately. Havn't been able to keep up with all my RvsB lives unfortunity. I notice the same is happening in return.

      Hopefully we can all catch up soon.
      I'll keep ya posted.

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