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    • Happy Valentine's Day

      14 years ago


      I really should be updating this thing more often, hell it's not even Valentine's day anymore here :P

      Everyone have a good Valentine's Day? Mine was pretty good. The chick I met yesterday and gave roses too and I will be going out on friday, so I'ld say it was a pretty successful one to boot.

      But it was my friend Emily who got all the special treatment. Her roommate (and ex-bf), Ben, got her breakfast in bed, a dozen roses, a teddy bear, and a trip away this weekend to a 5 star restort....


      Well it's safe to talk about Ep49 now, another great ep. It certainly is going to make the next few eps interesting with church altering past events....or at least trying too. I don't know any RvsB plans that ever go to plan.

      Well I've got broadband now, which is great. It's ADSL which is limited to 1500kbs so it's not as good as what most of you would prob be use too, but it a lot better then 56kbs. Once the exchange gets upgraded in a few months we'll be about to get up to 8000kbs.

    • Theres no place like B

      14 years ago


      Well it's been a while since my last update, just thought I'ld let you all know things are going well in the new place. Broadband should be installed sometime this week which will be great.

      I've recently had a sudden craving for sports games, so I've been playing Madden 2005. Unfortunitly the PAL version does not support LIVE, so I won't be able to play any of you online :(

      I started my second year at QANTM today, should be a good year. Quite a few people I know have dropped out, including both of my old roommates and a few more are still considering it.

      I'm still searching for an extra flatmate, as we have yet to get anyone into the third bedroom. So that is what I'll be off to be doing now.

      Catch you all later

    • Catch Up

      14 years ago


      Well I finally caught up with Red vs Blue last night, watching eps 46-48.

      48 is actually one of my fav eps, for reasons that will prob be obvious when you see it.

      I really can't wait until 49 now.

      It's also nice to have Caboose back in the eps, after him being absent for a couple...for no real reason either. Tex's return was great, and so was Hambone (Red religous guy). And yeah, well I won't mention anything else until after you have all seen 48.

      Well the party last night was cool, pretty small but nice :) I saw Blade Trinity again today. Good movie. I also saw AvsP for the first time last night, yeah, it is crap like I knew it was, but I had to see it anyway.

    • iHome

      14 years ago


      Well I'm home, if you could call it that. It's not where I have lived for the last year, and not where I will be living next year....and I still consider New Zealand my homeland....

      but hey....I'm back at my parents place at least. I move back to Brisbane on the 27th which I'm looking forward too. I may drive there tonight to go to a friends farewell.

      Some of you may remember Verty, my old roommate who use to come here when it was new. Well he's moving to Hong Kong for a year, so theres going to be a few drinks in Brissie tonight.

      Right now I'm setting up my new Ipod. It's the 40gb Ipod photo. I'm using it as a storage device so I can work on my assignments (which can have very large filesizes) at QANTM, home and my parents without dragging and damaging my computer around.

      I've got a little iTrip thing which you attach to the top, and it outputs your music to an FM frequency of your choice. So what that means that any FM radio can be used as speakers for my Ipod, which is handy for parties, and ofcourse driving in my (or a friends) car.

    • The Road Home

      14 years ago


      I'm still in Singapore, it's currently 8.20pm, so its coming to the end of another busy day here. Or is it? Well I get on my plane soon after midnight, and will be on a plane for 7 or so hours. Arriving at around 9-10am Brisbane time I will be back in Australia.

      Hopefully I'll be able to sleep on the plane, otherwise it really is going to be a long day.

      I will be staying with my parents for another week when im home, then moving into Place B (see previous journal entries) on the 27th. Which I'm looking forward too.

      So now im at the airport enjoying the free net, for some reason my hands really hurt while typing which isn't normal. I guess it has been a while.

    • McNet

      14 years ago


      Just at singapore airport, where McD's has free internet, thats cool.

      Singamore McD's > Australia McD's

      I only wish these keyboards were better, a lot better.

      Well im going to be here for 4 days....oh here comes my sunday...nice.

      There are people with rifles patroling the airport...thats...interesting....

      Well thats all for now, going to finish this sunday and head to the hotel.

      Here things arn't expensive, infact its pretty damn cheap. Better then inside the walls of Clubmed

    • The Price Is Wrong

      14 years ago


      Heya people

      Just a quick update, as I only have another 5mins to type this out. First of all:

      Internet here is very expensive. About $15 Aus per half our. So thats why I've only checked it once, and why its not going to be for long.

      Also on the very expensive list at club med are drinks, coke etc is free at meals but outside those its $5 a glass. If you wanna get drunk....well i've worked out to get me somewhat pissed, it would set me back around $200 per night. Thats not going to happen.

      But its very nice, very relaxing. Enjoying it here.

      We are going to spend the last 4 days here in Singapore so I should be able to go online there for a lot cheaper.

      Hope everything is going alright with all of you.
      see you all soon.

    • Leaving, on a jet plane

      14 years ago


      Leaving to head to the hotel in about half an hour, from there I will spend the night in Brisbane and get up in some time called "morning" (sp?) and get on this plane.

      I may be able to update, but its unlikely I'll be able to download videos. Which is a real shame, given that 46 comes out in mere hours for sponsors. Damn it.

      Oh well I'll watch what i've missed, and catch up with you lovely people when I'm back again.

    • Club Rekkie

      14 years ago


      Well I'm off on holiday on Monday to Club Med in one of the islands around Asia. This was a holiday planned quite a while ago, and its one of the resorts that wern't hit by the earthquake and all that followed.

      It feels kind of weird, going to a resort where you are inside in luxory and so much outside is suffering...and I did feel like canceling.....but then someone on the news made a very good point, If we do cancel our holidays to these locations then we are going to do even more damage to them. These regions live off tourism, so canceling the holiday isn't being respectful at all.

      so yeah, it feels strange but I will still go. Hopefully have a good 2 weeks.

      In other news, I am now no longer living in Brisbane, for the time being. I moved out of my place in Newstead, and now have my stuff in storage and am staying with my parents an hour away at the sunshien coast. When I return from holiday, I remain here another week and then move into Northgate (Place B - for those of you reading a few journal entries back) in Brisbane again.

      And for those of you wondering about the girl, she's doing fine now. I'll update you on that in the coming months. But for now theres nothing more to tell.

      So I'm not going to be around much while I'm away, which will be until the 21st. I will be checking my mail when I can, so I could update here while doing that. Catch you all later.

      - Rekkie

    • Movies

      14 years ago


      I did mention I would be talking about this, so you had been simply chose to ignore it.

      Anyway, I shall give my opinions on the following movies:

      One) The Grudge
      Two) The Incredibles
      Three) Blade Trinity

      This one was bad. I know some people really enjoyed it, some really hated it. My opinion on this one was in the negitive. A few things I'll note is that they just focused on too many characters being alone, without really making you feel for any of them. Its just like, insert character, let him die, insert new character, let her die, insert new character and over and over again. You just stop caring. Plus they always hinted at the big scares, making them not know she's going to jump can see her right there.

      I did like this movie. It makes a lot of good references to the world of super heroes that are quite true, like the references of characters monologing which was quite funny. It's not the best movie of the year, well not for me, but it was very enjoyable.

      First of all, I enjoyed the first two blade films but I didn't think of them too highly. Straight out action movies really arn't my fav thing, I like to have plot to my action or some kind of mind being puzzle to think about while the action is going on. However, Trinity succeeds in a very different way, comedy. And this isn't the "holy crap this is so bad its funny" type of comedy which you may have found in the previous movies this is Ryan Renolds (Van Wilder, Two Guys and a girl) at his best. He also happens to become the best actor on set, strangly enough, as the other male actors are pretty weak he's the only one that ever shows much emotion, even if it is just for one scene.

      The funny thing about Trinity, is that is a sequal that trys something different. The result is that everything from the previous two movies that comes in is alright, everything new is great. You don't really expect that from an attempt like that. Jessica Biel looks amazing, kicks a lot of ass, and she looks fucking amazing. The female villan is very interesting, and has some great scenes with Renolds.

      I know they are thinking of making a NightStalkers movie, which is a good idea, it would be basicly be like Blade Trinity...without Blade...and as strange as it sounds, that would be a very good thing.

      So yeah, if you havn't seen Trinity, go see it, see the incredibles, you can miss the grudge (and I know its been out for a loooong time so im sure you have).

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