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    • The Living Game

      14 years ago


      Okay moving off the subject of my friend for a bit, here's something different. Within the next 24 hours I have to make a choice....

      ...where the hell am I going to live this year?

      As few of you are aware, Verty and myself are currently roommates. Well I'm moving out, and fairly soon he's going to Hong Kong so that will be no more. I'm moving out to find a nicer place to live, mainly due to it being somewhat crampt here...and pretty loud but thats mainly because of the current housemates more then anything.

      Right now I have two choices, although it does seem fairly clear at this point which one I like better I should write everything down since it may change my mind.

      These places shall be known as Place A, and Place B.

      So heres some details.

      Place A: Has 4 bedrooms.
      Place B: Has 3 bedrooms.

      More bedrooms equal = more noise, more crowded, but less rent once split.

      Place A: Currently has two young female flatmates. Who smoke and work nightshift.
      Place B: Currently has no planned flatmates. So who I would end up with is unknown.

      This is tricky, the two girls are nice, and the other room will be let out to a guy creating a balanced household. I don't like the idea of them smoking inside, which they do, but I can live with it. With no planned roommates I could end up with better or worse.

      Place A: Has alright bedroom space
      Place B: Has very good bedroom space

      This is where I would want to store my PC, TV/consoles and double bed. So B certainly has an advantage here.

      Place A: Has a shared bathroom that is shared between all but the master bedroom.
      Place B: Has on ensuite on what would be my room.

      Thats a very nice bonus.

      Place A: Has a lawn, with a good amount of room.
      Place B: Has a shared pool in the complex.

      Place A: Has a dishwasher and electric elements.
      Place B: Has no dishwasher and gas elements.

      This is where Place A looks good.

      Place A: Is in a new area.
      Place B: Is in an area I know, close and on the other side of the shops I normally shop at now.

      Okay, so lets put this into areas.

      Roomsize: Place B
      Outdoors: Place B
      Flatmates: Place B
      Cooking/Cleaning: Place A
      Location: Place B

      Other things to note: Flatmates of A do not have computers, so may not pay for internet unless they plan on getting one meaning I have to pay for it all. Neither place has aircon (heating is not important, this is QLD afterall) but they do have windows for me to use my portable aircon in my room.

      Place A is available right now. Place B requires me to put my stuff in storage for a few weeks. Ofcourse, this works to boths advantage. I'm going on holiday anyway, so I'm not going to be living there. So with Place A I pay an extra two weeks rent, with Place B I have to do two shifts.

      As for the rent itself, the starting rent is basicly the same making it not a big deal.

      So it looks like Place B has it...but one final test must be done....can it get broadband? That I shall find out tomorrow.

      EDIT: And yeah, with Place B I would be the rulemaker of the house...which is handy...well the rules the owners don't set at least.

    • Coming Clean

      14 years ago


      Well given my previous (one before last) journal I should prob do some explaining. I didn't want to give the story then because I didn't know it myself.

      Anyway on Sunday at 1pm I was meant to be meeting this girl in the park. It was a date...but we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend....if you get what I mean...we were going to give it a try and see what we thought and go from there. For those of you that don't know what typical first dates are like a trial, you find out as much as you can...while at the same time screwing up as little as possible.

      Anyway, I had called her on sat night to see if everything was cool. She was at a friends farewell party, and she had been drinking and she was keen on meeting. She said I'll see you at 1pm and that she'd call at around 11am.

      Morning comes around, no call. Strange. I tried calling her, no answer. Now thats where I had to make a choice, and it really could result in four outcomes.

      A) I don't go. She doesn't go. Okay, thats no big deal.

      B) I don't go. She goes. I'd look like a jerk, she'd be be upset. Very bad.

      C) I go. She goes. Very good. That's the outcome I was going for.

      D) I go. She doesn't go. Stood up. I'm in a bad mood but its better then doing it to her.

      So anyway, as my other journal may hint, I went for option C, but was left with D.

      At the time of writing that I had still had no contact with her, in fact I didn't have contact with her for 28 hours. In this time a lot runs in your head, your angry, your sad, your worried, wanting to know what happened becomes your only thought.....even though of the options

      1) She is a bitch, and she likes standing you up.
      2) She is in trouble.

      are both extremely bad...and I didn't know which I would prefer.

      As I now know, later that night after talking to me a friend of hers tried to rape her using two of his friends to hold her done. Luckily people were close enough near by to come to her aid, otherwise it could have been a lot worse. Now take all that anger, sadness and worry I had before and mix that with it, and thats about how I'm feeling right now. I don't know what I'm feeling, I can hardly keep still.

      Who the fuck does this to other people, who the fuck does this to their friends? Girls they have known for 17 years?

      I still don't know all the details, and we are still talking about us. I really want to get these answers, but I also want to leave this so far behind. As a man we guys feel the need to protect all those we care about, to have this happen to a girl they are interested's like Superman not catching Lois Lane, like Spiderman letting Mary-Jane fall....what is our purpose if we can not do the one role we want to most.

      At the time of when we should have been meeting, she was still in hospital and police stations and all the things that would keep one busy in such a time.

      I think that covers what needs to be said, perhaps it'll explain how I have been, am, and will be acting for a while.

      EDIT: It's been a while since I used my journal for this. It's good for venting. I don't know what you guys will think of it but it helps.

    • Karma Level...falling

      14 years ago


      I can't say I like the amount of karma points that get lost every day, I havn't been getting neg karma but I've still fallen 6 levels since a few weeks ago.

      I guess it doesnt' matter until the board version 1.5 comes in, where Karma will actually mean something. What exaclty? Who knows.

    • Advice

      14 years ago


      If you say your going to turn up to something, turn up to it.

      Otherwise your bound to put people into a really bad mood.

    • I'm Wondering

      14 years ago


      If I make a human priest named Pedo in World of Warcraft if many people will be offended.

    • Home from Home

      14 years ago


      Well I've just got back from my parents place on the sunshine coast, where I have been staying the past few weeks for Xmas. Now I keep my quest up for finding a new place to live and move into it, hopefully all within two weeks.

      Xmas was good, nice to spend time with family or friends. But I guess presents are called for :P

      My main and biggest present (both in value and size) was a replica of Gandalf's sword (Glamring) from LOTR. This is my second sword from the movies, following Auduril (the sword Aragaon receives in the ROTK movie) which I got exactly 6 months before for my birthday. I'm not a big gun person, I wouldn't collect guns, but I love swords.

      Later I will upload a photo of my presents and explain the lot more fully at the time.

      I should also at some point soon talk about the movies I have seen recently.

    • Merry Rek-mas

      14 years ago


      Well it’s that time of year, as I'm writing this it is 5.30pm on Xmas Eve. I have an evening of Pictionary and movies ahead of me until the night finally ceases and the real day of celebration can begin.

      Being that we are not a religious family this is not a time for us to celebrate the life of Christ, but it also not the time to succumb to the wills of the wild marketing cooperations’ that is currently blamed for ruining this day. It’s true that we have all got presents to give and receive, and it would be false to say I didn’t enjoy that part of the day. But this is a time for family, and not just the kind related by blood but all the cherished people in your life.

      So with that in mind, we shall have our celebrations together as well. Reply here with how naughty or nice you’ve been this year and I’ll mod you up as my Xmas gift. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been bad or good, or if you believe in Christ or not, the most important thing is family, of which is something our community has become.

      Merry Xmas all, I assume I shall respond later with all the ins and outs of my day and gifts but till then enjoy yourself and get fat on that Xmas food.

      - Rekkie (Dave)

    • Return of the Rek

      14 years ago


      Not that I was really gone, just been too lazy to update my journal or post around. Really I'm just here to talk about some new DVDs I've got recently.

      First of all is the extended edition of Return of the King, which was great. Still gotta go through with the cast commentary which were may fav things in the previous two sets.

      Next up was Donnie Darko: Directors Cut. One of my fav movies, now I own the DC on DVD. Can't wait to go over all the extras.

      And what I just purchased today, Excel Saga: IM perfect collection. I've now watched the first 4 eps of this insane anime.

      Now I'm off to some xmas dinner thingy, holy crap xmas is in like 6 days. How the hell did that happen?

      PS: I have brought everybody xmas presents. Except you.

    • Sleep?

      14 years ago


      How is it that even after my first year at QANTM is now finished and im on holidays that I've still found ways to deprive myself of sleep. It's currently 7am, and I have yet to sleep after a friend came over at around 2am and I had talked to her ever since. That makes for twice this week.

      There has also been my quest for finding a place to live next ear, and sometimes you just wanna click that next page to see what kind of place you can find, even it is 4 in the morning.

      And lets not forget the addictiveness of WoW. Of which I have a lvl 9 Tauren Druid on Kil'Jordan that I started today yesterday.

      Then, exactly when you need sleep most, I decide to make a journal entry telling guys exaclty how much sleep I'm lacking. I don't know why, I could be sleeping, but its been a while since I've had an update and this pretty much covers most of it.

    • Xmas Photos

      14 years ago


      I've updated my own avatar now, after working on some other peoples ones I thought I could do a better job at my own. then I had. I'm not really taking requests, but if I see someone with an avatar that I like that isn't Xmas then I may indeed put a hat on it and send it too you. Some are easier then others, but generally they don't take very long (afew mins).

      Anyway so far I've done one for avwjeep, winnie2176 and Miru (although she hasn't received it yet). So check out their profiles if you want to see what I've been doing. I'm underwork on my next one now and I'll let that person know shortly.

      If you really do want an xmas avatar, then reply, and if I can think of a way of using your avatar then I will.

      Edit: ferretlxix's one is done, just waiting to send it to him.
      whoreinlauren's has been done and uploaded.

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