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    • Teamkilling Fucktard

      14 years ago


      Okay, all of you with Xbox LIVE....either strike out against a guy with the tag "HardcoreHurdle" or block him. We (me, Haloie and the rest of our party at the time) played a ranked team much yesterday and this guy was stuck unto our team.

      All game he would shoot our own team members...on purpose while singing "and the reason is youuuuuuu" over and over again making it near impossible to communicate with the rest of the team.

      Now, as I found out later in the night, a good team of 3 can still beat teams of 4 pretty easily in CTF if they are good enough, me and Verty had a good winning streak in trainining ground going that I think we only broke once. But in a giant team battle is really hard to play when theres a guy that you are meant to be working with screwing everything up.

      After being teamkilled at the end of the game it did ask if I wanted to kick him from the game....only that was a bit and him were the only ones left on our team and they were already on the beach taking our flag home.

      Man that guy was a fucktard.

    • Belated Love

      14 years ago


      I've got quite a buildup of alerts on my watchlist. 196 to be exact. That's a fair amount of journals you guys have been making. I'ld like to thank Haloie and Lixie, because combined they make up a 1/4th of those entries.

      Well its time to do some catching up, so if you see some replies to your journals that you made over a week ago...its most likely me.

      Its now been exactly one year since finishing highschool. We had our one year reunion this afternoon which was pretty interesting. I wouldn't have thought I would have forgotten so many people in such a small amount of time.

      This has been a big 12 months, so much has changed. In many ways it feels like just days ago, but in others it feels like decades. Pretty interesting night.

      Well I'll get replying, I'll start with those with the least entries and work my way up.

    • The End of the World

      14 years ago


      Roughly around 9pm I learned that the earth would be ending roughly in the next few hours so took it upon myself to remove all my clothing and join a big group of people as I ran from one side of the country to another. I then caught a boat and visited orcland.

      Being only a few feet tall and naked I was fairly uncomfortable in this new land, not to mention the natural inhabitants were much stronger then me. On a totally different level.

      Anyway, I did manage to find a way home after a lot of my friends died and gave up. It was a sad night but we pulled through and returned who we could. Although it all means very little with the world ending.

      But do not fair, just because the World Of Warcraft beta is ending and the server will be wiped, the game will be released in a few days and the world will be born again.

    • Theres no place like...

      14 years ago


      Big Halo 2 LAN at our place this weekend and it kicked ass. Huge amounts of sword matches and some great elimination matches to boot. Luckily LANing isn't the only way to play Halo 2 mutliplayer with plenty of people, its great to have on LIVE.

      I've also been playing the World of Warcraft beta over the last few days, it looks like I'll be playing a Gnome Mage on release on a PvsP server. I don't want to play too much of the character in the beta since it will be lost when the game goes retail. But I may try some other characters in the mean time.

      So who of you will be playing WoW on retail?

      And if you missed it, you will find me on Halo 2 under my gamertag: Rekkie

    • Red Vs Blue Evolved

      14 years ago


      You will most likely want to avoid this journal update until after you have watched ep 43. If you havn't, do so now.

      Major Spoilers ahead.

      I really can't believe they made the move, so quickly aswell. It looks so amazing now and they did find a way to get the characters talking even with the old method being fixed.

      Even after playing Halo 2 I didn't recongise how amazing the graphics really are. I really want to see Church in the future now to see his armour.

      For those of you that don't know, Church is now in the game Marathon which is one of Bungie's earilest titles and where a lot of Halo things were based.

      Seeing those Battle Creek guys again was just great.

      I really hope they go to the new BG map, Sheila should still be there which would be funny. I wonder where the rest of the cast is.

    • Strangerhood 2: The Sequal strikes back

      14 years ago


      Episode 2 is now out for the sponsors and I have to say, its 100x better then episode 1. I can't say I was much of a fan with episode 1, but I knew once the cockbites settled into their roles and got the storying rolling it could be great. And as quickly as that, now it is.

      Very funny episode...looking forward to more.

      3 eps of RvsB and 1 Strangerhood ep in 48 hours? I love you cockbites.

    • Things that suck

      14 years ago


      As promised, here is my list of those things that suck.

      2A) Faulty Harddrive.

      Some how, all my harddrives have now screwed up on me. I lost a 120 a while back when my motherboard blew, a 80 a month ago when I was moving my computer and just last night my 200 that was spilt into two partons got corrupted (both of them) so now I've lost everything. It sucks. But it happens while I was playing Halo 2 so the blow wasn't so bad.

      2B) Downloading the World Of Warcraft Beta was taking so bloodly long. I prob would have had more to say had this post been made in the morning. Now I've got it on a DVD from one of the lecturers at QANTM. Downloading directx now then hoping it will work.

      2C) Mixed Sleep is a pain.
      Monday: Woke up 8am
      Tues: Went to be 11am. Got up 8.45pm
      Wens: Went to be 2am. Got up at 6am.

      And to add one more.
      2D) I got my tattoo touched up. It doesn't suck but the process isn't entirely enjoyable.

    • -31

      14 years ago


      Jounral Table of Contents:

      1) Things that rule
      a) Halo 2
      b) World Of Warcraft Open Beta
      c) Sleep
      d) Red Vs Blue

      2) Things that suck
      a) Faulty Harddrives
      b) Downloading World Of Warcraft Open Beta
      c) Mixed Sleep

      1A) Halo 2

      This is a great game, and theres really not much I can say here. You've either heard it before or shouldn't hear it yet. I havn't finished the game, I don't think I'm close. I've actually played a suprising amount on Xbox LIVE considering I wanted to focus on the story campaign but both are very good.

      In some ways, it's hard to believe its Halo. It's like seeing an old friend again after 10 years apart. A lot has changed, but that doesn't mean good or bad.

      A lot of the little games we use to play within the game won't work anymore, like smashing warthogs into each other to see them fly...but there are so many other little games we are now able to create and have yet to discover just blows my mind.

      Single Player difficulty levels have been adjusted. Normal is now much easier (then I remembered, at least) but that could because I was just playing through legendary of Halo over the weekend. I don't know what Easy is like, but I have the feeling it would be a lot like having tea with a group of annoying 5 year olds....the overall experience is friendly but some defensiveless midgets will have to die along the way.

      Watching Verty and Dan play legendary togeather shows that it is much harder then before, these guys did co-op of the last game countless times on legendary and here they were for hours on the first level. So don't go thinking this game suddenly got easy. Heroic and Legendary are both tougher then they were last time.

      I think thats about all I can say about it for now until I know more of you have played it and I've at least finished it.

      1B) World Of Warcraft Open Beta is now available to download. Can't wait to play it, even if the beta only lasts another 10 days.

      1C) I like sleep. I have slept quite a bit.

      1D) It was a long wait, but 3 eps of Red vs Blue in 48 hours is a great reward. The first two of these eps have answered a lot of questions and pushed the plot along quite a lot.

      I will update my my journal with the things that suck after class.

    • Zero

      14 years ago


      Halo 2 is now in my hands in all its limited edition glory.

      This entry is short. I want to play it.

      RvsB rocks. 3 eps is very cool.
      I love them.
      See you after I have beaten it.

    • 24

      14 years ago


      24 hours
      Thats 1440 mins
      Which is 86400 seconds

      Thats how long until Halo 2 is released here in Queensland.

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