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    • Perfect Strangers

      14 years ago


      Or perhaps, not too perfect. Just finished watching the first ep of The Strangerhood. It'll be interesting to see where this goes, but currently it doesn't hold a candle to RvsB.

      I think the actors will need a couple of more eps to really settle into their roles, some of the lines did fall a bit flat there, but they have done extremly well timing the voices to the lips.

      Should be interesting to see a list of what actors play what parts.

    • Trouble In The Neighborhood

      14 years ago


      I've been downloading the first ep of The Strangerhood for roughly...3 hours now. I had it at around 60% before the server disconnected me. Now I'm trying from two dfferent mirrors which are moving much faster.

      The RT guys are great, I can't wait to see the new ep, but hopefully they can work something out with the server since its taking one hell of a hit. I'm hoping once we give them all our sponser money they will be able to sort something out.

      I'll update eventually with my thoughts on the new series.

    • The Price of Fame

      14 years ago


      Appantly people are reading these things. Thats pretty damn cool. I've enjoyed the replys I've had from you guys.

      I've just spent the remander of my money on a few RvsB things. Finally able to support the site with my wallet. Namely the first two DVDs, and the Church and Caboose shirts.

      I've also set my PayPal account up so what when I do see some money flow into that account again and RT opens up its sponsership again I can donate. I will also donate to VG Cats as some stage, but that may have to wait a few months.

      Thats leaving me pretty damn broke, since the rest of my money, if you can even call it mine belongs to the landlord which I must pay some unknown amount. Things should be alright, I just won't be buying anything for myself between now and Nov 9.

      This is Rek signing off, or as Elton John would say:
      "Fuck off!"

    • Case of the Mondays

      14 years ago


      Back in Brisbane from my parents place this morning, then just went to class straight away. Turns out a lot of people didn't like that idea today, the class was pretty much half full.

      Maybes its some nation wide zombie epidemic and all my friends are slowly dieing and craving the flesh of those still around them. Or it could be the rain.

      I can't say they missed much, other then Cox making a fool of himself time and time again. But most of us are over that by now. Give us somebody who can teach.

      Last trimester when we had Cox for game interface design, he couldn't tell the difference between a role playing game and a real time strategy. Now I could expect this from a teacher teaching art, or science, but we are talking game design here.

      Other then him the course is great, but I think something should seriously be noted when half his students don't turn up to classes they are actually paying quite serious ammounts of money for.

    • The Rek Supremacy

      14 years ago


      Went to see The Bourne Supremacy today, its on its last legs in the threaters and I wanted to see it on the big screen. Good movie, still a bit of room to keep it going but I don't think it can be as extended as long as Bond's been going on for.

      Now for those of you that read my journal I pose a question, other then Red vs Blue, what others forums can you be seen on online?

      The main one you'ld see me on would be Game Revolution's Gamepost which I've been posting at for nearly three years. Hard to believe but these new forums have only been around a few weeks and already have twice the userbase as GR. You'll note my Profile there has a fair amount of posts, over 10,000. But since coming here I find it very hard to spend time there.

      You'll also see me around IGN and GameFAQs boards, but very rarely. They are too big and don't offer the communitly that you get at a smaller board or with community features like these.

    • It'll last longer

      14 years ago


      As those of you who have me on your watch list would know, I've got 3 new pictures in my gallary. All of which are photos of me which I took 30 mins ago.

      I'm at my parents place for the weekend, and was stupid enough to think that if I didn't bring my consoles or PC that I would get more work done instead of play games. Now I'm just bored.

      I saw Collateral today, pretty good movie. The ending could have been a little better, and if you don't take certain things into consideration then it would seem a little stupid. But all in all it was really entertaining. Recommended.

    • That time of night

      14 years ago


      Over the last 3 nights I've sort of noticed something, roughly around now, which is 8pm here I lose one karma. I'm not sure what for, I havn't actually found any negative mods on any of my posts (some sort of tracker would be useful), but it always seems to be now.

      I'll keep an eye out to see if it keeps happening, tell me if you seem to be experincing the same thing.

      It could just be that people realise that I'm a bit of a dick only at this time of the day, or it could just be a lucky timing. I guess I'll find out in coming day.

    • Naruto 104

      14 years ago


      Good ep, its not a new theme for intro and outro which is always cool. It's not the best theme the series has had, but its pretty damn cool. The outro is very retro actually. Hmmm...I think I used "ro" too much in this entry already.

      When is someone going to get the rights to lisence this series? I guess its too popular at the moment and therefore too costly for anyone to bite. But shouldn't that be a good thing? I sure hope funimation don't get it.


    • Not everybody loves Raymond

      14 years ago


      I think he's a dickhead.

    • At least your not Jack Thompson

      14 years ago


      Given new pieces of information from my trusty source, I have come to the conclusion that Jack Thompson is one of the stupidest people currently trying to get into the limelight (and money).

      Here's there story, and you may have heard of his previous work before.

      Rockstar’s controversial Grand Theft Auto is once again the centerpiece of a forthcoming legal attack, with notorious Florida-based lawyer Jack Thompson alleging that a Massachusetts teenager used one of the games to plan a high school massacre.

      Police discovered that sixteen-year-old Tobin Kerns was planning to kill students and teachers at his school on the anniversary of the Columbine massacre and then to kill responding fire-fighters and police.

      Thompson alleges that Grand Theft Auto is one of Kerns' favorite games and that “The technique of killing civilians and then first-responders when they get there is the primary scenario to win in all the Grand Theft Auto gamesâ€Â.

      Thompson has made a number of attacks on videogames in recent months. He alleged that a British youth was influenced by the game Manhunt, when in reality it was the victim, not the assailant, who owned a copy of the game. Thompson also claimed that the Washington, DC Sniper, John Allen Muhammad, trained himself using Halo - ignoring the fact that Muhammad is an ex-US Army veteran trained with the rifle.

      Thompson has yet to win any case involving allegations against videogames or game publishers.


      Say no to Jack Thompson

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