Hello there, fellow Rooster Teeth fans (I assume). This is my first journal entry so I wanted to speak about my many close encounters with the companies content and how I came to be a fan. I know that I'm pretty new to this but I feel like this is very interesting.

In 2014, I was browsing Youtube when I happened upon a video from ScrewAttack called Death Battles. At first I thought it was neat but then came to like them very much, to the point when I had to stop myself from watching them so quickly. After a while, other things such as school started to take priority and I fell off from it. 

My second encounter with Rooster Teeth (in 2015) was when another friend told me to watch a show called RWBY. At this point I had started to watch anime and assumed that the art style was going to be similar. It wasn't and at first I thought that my friend was messing with me, so I left the first episode on my queue and got back to it almost a year later. 

Another such instance was when I saw a Slow Mo Guys Video and saw Gavin for the first time. I became interested in his content and thought "What else is he a part of?" I then saw that he was a part of a group called Rooster Teeth and another one called Achievement Hunter. (I never knew until much later that they were part of the same company until I started to watch Achievement Hunter content.) 

I started to look through the Rooster Teeth content and thought that it was pretty good stuff. I watched their animated adventures, watched some of their shorts, and generally thought they were a great Youtube group, never fully realizing what I was missing out on because I never knew just how great they were.

I found Red vs. Blue (in 2016) and binge watched the whole series right up till the yet unreleased season 14. I also rediscovered the show RWBY and enjoyed the shows take on this new world, creating such a cast of characters that I grew to enjoy each episode. In fact, the main reason I became a First Member was because I wanted to watch RWBY earlier. Then more content came out such as Camp Camp, Heroes And Half-Wits, Always Open, and more. I started watching Achievement Hunter, then Lets Plays, then the many podcasts that would come out (such as The Patch.) I was able to witness the advent of people such as Jeremy, Mica, Matt, Andrew, etc. It was/is amazing how much Rooster Teeth has become such a large proponent in my life. The many things I've seen, felt, and heard were all so great and I look forward to more things in the future.

My only regret is that I hadn't payed attention sooner.