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    • For the uninformed world

      10 years ago


      If you ever wondered what this New Zealand place was all about, here is a concise explanation:

      The 'Why do Kiwis come home?' song.

      [Just so you understand, most young New Zealanders do a 'big OE' (overseas experience) in their 20's, usually to the UK or at least Australia for between a few months and a few years. But even for those that seem to make a new home, the call of Aotearoa is in their blood and they tend to find their way back as they start to settle down and have families etc. It's sort of a cultural phenomenon here.]

    • Holiday memories #1

      10 years ago


      There will be a lot of these, as i think of stuff you might remotely care about, so brace yourselves. Have that second (or third) cup of coffee.
      Make it an irish *wink*

      We were in K Mart in Cairns and i spotted Halo action figures. I have never seen them before, and i was smitten. From the tiny cast-plastic war men (halo and halo 2) right up to the fully posable Spartan (18" tall? something like that) i wanted them.

      My 7 year old is Star Wars crazy, and i even convinced him they would be cooler than (another) SW Lego set or action figures from the clone wars (suck it Lucas).

      But sadly, my wife disagreed. When i told her it was Caboose and my life wouldn't be complete without a fully posable Caboose to talk to when i'm in need of encouragement, her look of total disdain undid me. We left empty handed.

      On the plus side, i got the new Jars of Clay CD for driving music because there was no ipod dock in the rental car, so i shouldn't complain. It also means Kate has to find me another album to buy for Christmas. Bonus!

    • I'm Baaaaack

      10 years ago


      Well here i is again. The holiday was awesome, and so much to tell. The stories and pictures will come when i have time. But it was awesome. Trust me on that. 23 days with the temperature never dipping below the mid twenties, sun everyday, lots of beaches, parks and lazy sightseeing (as well as every playground between the Gold Coast and Port Douglas!)
      We logged 3000km on the rental car in a little over three weeks and i'd do it again in a heartbeat.
      And to top it all, i have a tan in mid winter, the old fashined way.
      Rock on summer!

    • Pics or it didn't happen

      10 years ago


      For all the doubters and scoffers (okay, there were none but i need an excuse) here is the evidence of the fireball soccer. Sadly, the photographer didn't use a flash (or a decent camera) but you can make out a bunch of boys and a BALL OF FIRE!
      Yes, we're playing soccer with that bad boy.



      Also, for those in countries with rules about safety and such, this thing:

      ... is called a magic carpet and is at its best when the quad driver understands getting sideways!


      Thanks moonweasel for the headsup on imageshack

    • Timing

      10 years ago


      I wish i was better at the whole time-zones thing.
      It's Tuesday morning here, and i'm considering whether i should embed myself in serious reflective study or whether i should do some tidy-up and admin, knowing that at 9pm Mon (in America world) the next RvB episode hits my desk.
      And we all know that i'm not going to be able to do anything significant with that sitting there taunting me.

      Decisions decisions.

      Thanks Moonweasel. Now i can get some work done, and i have something to look forward to at lunch!

    • When fast just isn't fast enough

      10 years ago


      I have found the new family pet.
      Move over Poppy the kitten, we're getting a rabbit panther thingy with turbines and a tailwind on ice. Shaved.

    • Freeeeeeee!

      10 years ago


      My last exam was on Friday and I have just submitted my last assignment for the semester!

      That means i have nearly two months of slacking before i have to bury myself in books again.
      Finally i can reaquaint myself with my family, the TV and a few decent films.

    • Is this really happening?

      10 years ago


      Okay, now i know i'm a noob. and not even a particularly bright one, but for a while i have been wondering what is going on with the colours around here.

      At first i thought it was just in my head.

      Now i know it's really happening, but i don't know why.

      Every once in a while, all the colours (links, headings, names, survey bars ... whatever) change!

      Now, it could be that this is Red vs Blue and so no one colour is allowed to dominate, so they change randomly, or it could be some kind of alert i'm just too thick to pick up on.

      Any masters of the interwebs care to enlighten me?

    • Zombies on Your Lawn

      10 years ago


      This is just too funny. I'm going home to get the game.

      Hat tip Satarus for the vid.

      Zombies on your lawn

    • Doh 2.0

      10 years ago


      I helped lead a camp for some boys aged 8-10 this weekend, and the highlights (according to camper consensus) were:
      Fireball soccer.
      The water balloon slingshot.
      The late night movies (Kung Fu Panda and Iron Giant, ending at midnight!)

      For the uninitiated, fireball soccer involves a tightly packed ball of rags, held together by thin wire mesh with more rags tied around it, soaked in deisel for upwards of several hours. You wait until nightfall, don old jeans and gumboots (or non-plastic sneakers), apply a match and play soccer with the resulting, well, fireball.

      At a close second, the water balloon slingshot is of the three-man launch variety. One kid was slow to duck and got a black eye ... at a range of 80+ metres.

      It's a wonder i still have a job.
      I might need to check that later in the week.
      (Pics to come!)

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