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    • Small things

      8 years ago


      Over the last couple of days i have been helping Caleb (9) work on a short film. He was dying to make something, and since all his other ideas were feature length (if not trilogy) sized, we settled on a compromise - we'd do it, but on a small scale.

      It was actually way too much fun to make, edit and put together. The camera was crap, the scrip non existant and the concept loose at best, but we got it made. I give you Secret Agent Kid.

      My wife thinks it is a seriously bad idea to put it on my facebook page, so you guys get stuck with it

    • Stoked

      8 years ago


      I just got the call - I got the job i have been hoping and praying for!

      It is as Media and Communications guy for the New Zealand Baptist Mission Society (although the trading brands are a lot sexier than that title, which is 125 years old).

      I start in 10 days and can't wait. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement. I love this place for how the community works.

    • So far...

      8 years ago


      ... so good.

      The interview today wasn't that bad. It was more a 'getting to know you' chat, with a couple of really nice guys i could easily work with. Here's hoping they feel the same way about me!

      I'll keep you informed - should know something in the next few days.

    • Killing time and hopeful ventures

      8 years ago


      Since being back in Aotearoa (New Zealand to everyone from elsewhere) we have not achieved much. Sure, i have applied for a crapton of jobs (some more crap than others) but otherwise we have hung out with family and tried to keep warm.

      One of the activities we have indulged is a new game we tried. While touring the States, we dropped in on Scapino who turned out to be a pretty avid board-gamer as well as generally cool guy. We asked for a suggestion of the next great game to try (since we were already Cataan addicts). He suggested Munchkin, and we bought a set for our good friends back home who had helped us out while we were away. We've been playing it with them at every opportunity and i have to say, it rocks. It's like Dungeons and Dragons but with lots less dice rolling and make believe - just all the great hack and slash stuff, and complete betrayal of everyone you love. It's really kinda compelling.
      If you aren't already aware of the awesomeness, acquaint yourself. It's worth it.

      And in other news, I'm shortlisted for my dream job, interviewing next Monday. I don't want to say too much, but it combines my qualifications in theology and media, working for the churches but not in a church. Kinda ministry without being in ministry, which is where i'm at right now. So if you are the praying sort, i would appreciate the support.

      I'll keep you informed.

    • Sense of Achievement

      8 years ago


      So last night i finished Portal for the first time (yes, I know portal 2 is out, but i'm old and my computer is slow)

      I have to say that i love the writing in that game - especially the song at the end. Everyone in the house thought i had gone slightly mad with the pressure when i started laughing through the end credits!

      Well played, Valve, well played.

    • Sometimes...

      8 years ago


      things work out alright.

      After 36 hours in transit, we arrived back home, exhausted but in one piece.

      We struck a great check-in officer in Canada who let us repack our bags to the maximum allowable weight, and rounded down the weight on the remaining bags to minimise our excess charges (which saved us around $100).
      Then the check in guy at LAX turned a blind eye to our waaaaay overloaded carry on luggage, saving us even more.

      Then the plane didn't crash. Always good.

      And we found we're getting a decent refund on our truck insurance, which will help with starting over.

      Then we were discussing vehicle options with my brother in law, and decided to look at the auctions. There was one running at the time, so we looked it up online, and ended up with a great car for under $3000!

      So yeah, although it is much colder than we are used to (or like) we're doing okay. Now we just need a job. And house. And furniture. And school. And...
      Okay, we're doing alright so far...

    • Dilemmas

      8 years ago


      Amidst the turmoil of trying to pack and sell our vehicle and pay for our (considerable) excess baggae, we also have to consider starting life over at home again.
      Where will we live? What will we do? Where will the kids go to school? They're all sizable questions!

      At the moment, i have a part time Youth Pastor's role lined up. It isn't official, but it's looking pretty likely that i will be offered it when i show up. It's in a nice area, with affordable schooling and housing. However, finding more part-time work to support a family on is not so easy, and there are less options for my wife to work to fill the gap.

      Now another job has just surfaced. It's with a church-related organisation i know (and am known to) as the Media and Communications guy. For someone who loves writing/creating (and has dual degrees in theology and media) it seems like a great fit. I know i would enjoy it and it is full time (and almost certainly pays better than youth work!) However it is in Auckland, the big city of New Zealand, with the associated higher living costs (and exorbitant school fees) not to mention long travel times etc. It also doesn't close for another week after we arrive, which would mean (after interviews etc) living with nil income for about 3 weeks minimum (and no savings either).

      So any wisdom you might like to share would be much appreciated. I'm feeling pretty fried by everything right now and hardly feel like i can put together my best application, but know our whole future is kinda riding on me doing so. There are so many factors at play and none of them are in our hands ... my faith isn't really feeling up to the job right now.

    • Half Way There

      8 years ago


      Well we have sold the trailer, but the truck just doesn't want to move.
      If you are the praying sort, we'd appreciate the backup. We have less than a week to move the thing, and Canada Day falls slap bang in the middle to complicate matters.
      What we need is someone with cash and a sensible offer. Yesterday.

    • I can almost hear a fat lady...

      8 years ago


      Well, here we are back in Vancouver, after 30,000 km and the trip of a lifetime.

      Last night we sat down to dinner and I said to the kids that this would probably be our last dinner in the trailer. We gave thanks and started eating, and then Bethany (6) suddenly burst into tears! She was really bawling, saying over and over "I don't want to leave the trailer! This is home!"

      I don't think there was a dry eye in the room really. She was the most expressive, but we all felt the grief of realising that this incredible adventure was coming to an end. I know i did.

      So tonight we emptied the trailer (we're staying with friends) and realised the enormity of the job in front of us, sorting, packing and trying to figure out what we can bear to leave behind (we are waaaayyyy over our baggage allowance already). We have two weeks now to sell the vehicles and get ourselves ready to fly.

      It's been a blast, and although it's not entirely over yet, i'm already missing life on the road.

      We'll be back.

    • Perceptions

      8 years ago


      So we pulled into a little town in Washington tonight, and on a whim decided we should go out to Golden Corral (since it is our last chance on this trip, possibly ever). But, when we get into the town, there are streets blocked off and police directing traffic... we have arrived right in time for the Strawberry Festival Parade. We park a little way away and walk to the Corral - which is closed, due to the parade (it's right on the route).

      This is the THIRD time we have rocked into town and had to change our plans because we have struck a parade we knew nothing about (St Patricks in Columbus, OH, the Rose Festival in Portland OR and now this). We had noted how Americans know how to celebrate and we could learn a thing or two back home from it, but this is just getting ridiculous.

      Caleb (9) was the most upset at missing out on the Corral. With an impressively furrowed brow he pronounced, "I wish America would be less .... America!"

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