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    • Better late than never

      10 years ago


      I know i am way behind the times here, but i just saw this in the bookstore the other day, and reading the back cover, i cracked up right there in the middle of the shop.

      Pride and Prejudice and Zombies transforms a masterpiece of world literature into something you'd actually want to read.


      I am so going to get a copy for the next holiday.

    • I hate being old

      10 years ago


      It's bad enough that a teenager was so impressed that i had my very own iPod (and know how to use it!) but i find i'm falling behind in all the cool stuff. There are a few things i am just too embarrassed to ask because it shows i am no longer part of the current generation.

      For example, there is one internet meme that i have been wondering about:

      What is FTW?

      I know what it used to mean, when i was a kid - an expression of obscene and aimless rage at, well, the world. It was the rebel's cry, the rejection of everyone and everything.

      But i have an inkling it's changed, because of the usage. For example, comments on videos say things like:

      Caboose FTW!!!

      What does that mean?
      For The Win?
      Fix The Weather?
      Flame Those Wookies?

      I am just too old for this interwebs stuff. Can one of you young 'uns help the old coot out?

    • Red vs Blue vs Theology

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      I didn't know where else to put this, so you lot are stuck with it.

      Over the course of my studies, i have enjoyed finding touchpoints of faith in pop culture. There's no reason why RvB should be any different. As a work of art, it reflects the world view of the artists responsible and therefore says something about how they understand life and death, humanity, relationships and the great beyond. I think there are lines, events and insights throughout the RvB canon that can provoke discussion and reflection for those of us with a Christian perspective.

      Honestly though, i just watched Recreation Ep 9 and i SO want Sarge to lead our next prayer meeting
      He's at least honest enough to be up front about telling God how to do His job. Hands up all those who have heard prayer like that, but not as a joke?

      But if people feel like digging deeper into the theological puddle, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. There actually are numerous references to God, heaven and hell, and instances of prayer that make for a few laughs and double-takes.

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    • Did that just happen?

      10 years ago


      All morning (my time) the site has been replaced by a stark and simple message:

      Aargh! Our site is down!

      Now, it reappears and resumes business as usual without even Gus ranting about hackers / useless staff / unappreciative users in the blog.

      What gives?
      I at least expected someone to get the blame!
      _ _ _ _ _ _

      As you were people. Burnie's blog makes it all so clear. And anticlimactic.
      He could have at least made up something exciting.

    • Death Sucks

      10 years ago


      I am preparing to do my first funeral, and it sucks.
      Not the leading the ceremony, nor spending time with the bereaved family, nor the arrangements with the funeral directors and caterers. Ceremonial occaisions are remarkably similar, and i do them regularly. Arrangements are easy- thank you telecommunications. And it is a sacred privilege to be allowed into the home of deeply wounded people, to share their laughter and tears, to hear their recollections, to be with them as they grieve.

      What sucks is that it has to happen at all.
      It wasn't meant to be this way.

      This man was a friend, a brother in faith and an encouragement to me as we journeyed toward this inevitable outcome. The way he carried himself as he faced eternity was humbling and inspiring. I hope i am as gracious and full of faith when my day arrives.

      But it still sucks.
      Roll on Revelation 21:4

    • First Forum Thread

      10 years ago


      I just started a thread in the P&T forum, and it's kind of scary. I am expecting some critique, some credit, and probably a dose of scorn.
      What is most fascinating is how much i find i care about the responses and reactions. After all, this is the internet, isn't it?

    • How much is too much?

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      I have noticed over the weeks a few comments in posts about the intensity with which people hold their religious beliefs. For some, it is all-or-nothing, for others it is a loose affiliation depending on the subject at hand.

      So here's a thread to share your perspective:

      Is there such a thing as being too religious (in any belief system)?
      Can you claim a faith-identity without subsuming your whole life in that worldview?

      I only ask that, as always, we have the grace to agree to disagree. If someone's perspective differs, point out how but keep the guns in the holsters.

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    • Holiday Snaps

      10 years ago


      Ok, i finally got around to uploading some pictures. Bear in mind we took about 600 so this is a very small sample!

      The family on top of 'Wild Horse Mountain'. Beth was most upset that the wild horses were historical and not there to ride. After a 700m walk that rose 160m, so was i!

      Beth at the water playground in Townsville. Australia has the BEST public facilities - we found 3 or 4 of these pools/playgrounds, all really well done, and all free to the public. In case you can't guess, she's using the water cannon - with delight!

      Caleb on top of Castle Mountain, in Townsville. It was a popular walking spot, and an awesome sunset.

      Isaac on Trinity Beach, just north of Cairns. The locals reckoned it was too cold for the wildlife to be an issue (crocs, sharks etc) but it was pretty warm for us!

      Caleb holding a python. We were going to do the wildlife experience thing, but then found a local bar/cafe that did family lunches: Kids eat free, and the have snakes, lizards, baby crocs, owls and cockatoos to pat and hold (supplied by the local zoo). It was awesome (and a good feed.)

      Beth on the pier at Hervey Bay. It goes out 800m, and she took the opportunity to pose. I am going to lock her away when she reaches 15.

      There were cocnuts all over the shore at Mission Bay, so i had to prove my manly prowess and open one. It took about 30 minutes, and tasted pretty foul, but the kids were impressed and i felt a sense of achievement. Sad, i know.

      Caleb about to hit the water. Our last stop was a camping ground in Cairns, and this was the pool. Unfortunately the water was only a little above freezing for some reason, but the kids still spent hours in it every day!

    • I live in Paradise

      10 years ago


      This morning i went for a walk through the orchard behind the house with Isaac (22 months).
      As we looked for rabbits foraging under the kiwifruit vines, and listened to the birds sing with the winter sun warm on our faces, i knew that, just for the moment, everything was right in the world.

      I just had to share a little taste of the moment with you. Indulge me.

    • Holiday Memories #2

      10 years ago


      You don't want to hear about the tourist traps, the theme parks and wildlife encounters - everyone knows that stuff about holidaying in Oz . Let me share some of the highlights of an Aussie Road Trip for our family:

      Caleb invented a new unit of measurement: the omelette.
      We were on a walk when we saw a sign noting there was a lookout 300 metres ahead, and Caleb says, "Look Dad. Only 30 Omelettes to the lookout." Sure enough, the sign said 'Lookout 300m' (30 Om)

      So it was established that an omelette is 10 metres - about the distance you could hurl one without it becoming unidentifiable. And from then on everything was to be measured in omelettes. I still can't see those signs without laughing.

      Caleb also invented some new jokes. We were tiring of the 'knock knock' ones (which Beth loves to tell but has no clue about) when Caleb asked, "Whats the difference between a dragon and a packet of biscuits?" (Cookies for our american friends)
      I forget what his answer was, but we had a lot of fun coming up with our own over the next hour. Some i remember were:
      -You can't eat a dragon in one sitting
      -No one ever tried to slay a packet of biscuits
      -Dragons don't leave crumbs on your shirt
      -Oreos (substitue your fav here) don't breath fire
      -Have you ever heard of a packet of biscuits terrorising a village?

      Feel free to add your own in the comments. Fun for the whole family!

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