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      14 years ago


      Yes, I got confirmation that ill get my xbox and live on monday. My cousin hooked me up and got both the xbox and live for $150 for me. Just need to buy games and atleast 1 other controller.

      Before i forget, my parents will be gone on the last weekend of May..... they said i can have "a" friend over...... this calls for mass LAN party..... and me cleaning it up before they get home :P...... plus food!

    • Fun game

      14 years ago


      This game is pretty good..... if you can get it to work. The purpose is to collect the colored squares and dodge the triangles. Different colors do different things, and 2 players can play working together

      Stick Avalanche 2

    • Soul Shards

      14 years ago


      Printer doesnt work to print these out. Im posting incase we need them later
      (NOTE: ONLY ender, shaggy, and Cheese gets this....but i bet shaggy doesnt care!)
      1. Crypts - Magic Repository

      2. Lower Crypts - Secret Area after where you find the Ankh and just before
      the series of gates you open. The secret area is on the right-hand side.

      3. Swamp - From the start of the level stay to the right side and you will
      find a small path leading right. It's right there.

      4. Castle Baele - Enter through Castle Treasury and take tunnel into the
      Sanitarium. On desk in room.

      5. Castle Baele - Church of Pelor. Stay on the outside of the church and go
      around back and run up against the back wall. You will open a secret door.
      The shard is in it!
      (Note: The location of the secret door is diagonally opposite the location
      of the entrance to this area. Look for the second wall from the corner. The
      secret door is open by pushing.)

      6. Castle Dungeon - Hall of Guards. Secret Area on the left-hand side of
      room after you opens door to hall of guards.

      7. Castle Dungeon - Portal Area at start there is a save point and a Shard
      right across from it. It is before you fight the Beholder.

      8. Yuan-Ti Wilds - Secret Area (hole in ground) that is left of the exit to
      the King's Fort.

      9. Kings Fort - On top where the last pressure plate is to open the gates
      to the big tree.

      10. Treetops - On Stump in front of gate to Inner Sanctum. (Has 4 colored
      markers in front of it.)

      11. Metalworks - SMELTERS AREA - on top of the third walkway. You need to
      go past the area to the COOLING ROOMS and smash some boxes to get to it.
      (Note: From entrance to Cooling Rooms, walk right and look for 2 boxes.)

      12. Metalworks - COOLING AREA - Smash all the moving gears (area with
      bridges and one diamond on bridge) to find secret area. It is the second
      area on the left-hand side of the room.

      13. Metalworks - DIE CAST AREA - On the Fire Giant Chieftains throne.

      14. Frostbound - On upper ledge directly up from the starting point. You
      have to access the upper area and walk all the way around.

      15. Frostbound - BARBARIAN FORTRESS - Down ladder right of the entrance to
      the fort.

      16. Upper Graveyard - In WEE JAS' Tomb in a secret door in the floor. Last
      room in his tomb actually. Then in middle of secret area.
      (Note: push the wall to open the secret door)

      17. Bone Temple - When you come to door that is locked and needs you to hit
      both pressures plates (one to the left, one to the right,) Past the right
      pressure plate area is a Secret Area. It's in there.

      18. Bone Bridge - Near exit to Lich on the Left

      19. Shadow Keep - There is a gate that needs two levers pulled. You travel
      right or left to hit a switch...it's past the left-hand side switch through
      some water channels.

      20. East Grand Hall - Go to the room with the glowing mass of blue magic
      (that constantly shoots at you). then head to the room on the right...it's
      a big room and the only way to can continue on through the level. (NOTE:
      there are two entrances to this level.) Then you'll be in a good sized
      room. Hit the boxes on against the wall and you'll automatically hit the
      Secret Door. Go in and you'll find the shard.
      (Note: the place is a square room with 3 exits. The fourth wall had some
      boxes. Smash the boxes then hit the wall behind to reveal the secret area)

    • Weddings

      14 years ago


      This is the happyist day of my life tee hee, Today i got married to the love of my life! He is a great man with a wonderful job and car tee hee We havent even been together for verylong but he thinks that the past week was wonderful and felt like rushing it a alittle bit. tee hee He proposed to me after a great night of sweet baby luving on top of his car. tee Hee When i saw the ring i couldnt say no, but i didnt really need to see the ring because of his gigantic...tee Hee

      The day was perfect for a wedding, birds were singing and flowers were blosseming, it felt that he was the right man, and i couldnt back out. We both felt today was special, we both said i do and that was it.


      tee hee

    • Las Vegas

      14 years ago


      I just got home for Las Vegas, left tuesday and drove all the way, took 10 hours to get there. We stayed at the MGM, a pretty good hotel. I didnt do much, i went to a see some animals, and whatched Lance Burton's magic show--which was good.

    • Computer is Back

      14 years ago


      I got my computer back today, it was restorted to its regular settings, which means its like a brand new computer on the inside but the same old thing on the outside. My dad picked it up while i was at school and i got to start re-installing everything on my computer. I installed Diablo 2 and LOD to get back on to my account. ALL my friends thought i quit...... "i was only gone for 2 weeks JEEZ!" Plus one of them wanted me to start playing GunBound.

      friend: do you play gunbound
      me: wtf is gunbound?
      friend: you havent heard of gunbound? its only been out for 2 years
      me: watever
      friend: everyone has heard of gunbound in Canada and US
      me: are you trying to insult me?

      So after that i "googled" gunbound. And for those that dont know, i just found out what the "Im Feeling Lucky" button does. I didnt know what it did before but now i know. It takes you to the first site on the google search automatically.

      But i downloaded gunbound and registered hoping my friend could help me or hook me up with gold or items, to much surprise he cant play gunbound. He only plays at friend's houses, so im LOST can anyone help me? like How to play and best way to get gold and items.
      my account id is pwnL337

    • C0|v|put3r

      14 years ago


      I|v| g3tting |v|y c0|v|put3r b@ck t0d@y, |v|y d@d $@id th3y (g33k $qu@d) c@ll3d @nd $@id it w@$ r3@dy. Th3y $@id it w0uld c0$t $60, which |v|3@n$ th3y 3r@$3d @ll th3 fil3$ @nd $3t it b@ck t0 th3 $t@nd@rd fil3$ thi$ |v|3@n$ i g3t t0 $p3@d @ll $pring br3@k r3c0v3ring |v|y fil3$. !y@y! |v|y d@d i$ g0ing t0 pick it up whil3 i|v| @t $ch00l $0 i g3t t0 $t@rt wh3n i c0|v|3 b@ck.

    • AHH!

      14 years ago


      Attack of the crazy people wearing animal hats. I think its our little fad, just for awhile, i mean, its not like we are the people wearing the hats. But if we did any of us would kill them selfs instantly!.


    • Computer Problems

      14 years ago


      I had to take my computer to Geek Squad in Best Buy. They have to restore the entire computer to its default settings. SO!! i get to lose all my files and every thing. Its like getting a new computer that youve used already. And this also means i cant get all my pics back. The guy said I had a virus on my windows something.... wasnt really paying attention, but it meant every time I restart my comp I restart the virus. it will take 10-12 days to fix. -----!LAST TIME I DOWN LOAD PORN!

    • Friends War

      14 years ago


      Seems to be every against bob (cheesekeeper) lets see how this war turns out.... ill keep updated, there might be a sneak attack.... but who.....

      Battle in Bobs's Image section..... he spelt DOG wrong and was made fun of.

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