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      The season is starting up at my school, ive been on the team for 3 years now. Good, tuff sport, anyone else play?

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    • A Pirate insulted me

      14 years ago


      I'll devour yer parrot, ye parrot-loving swab... Prepare for yer doom!.

      Me hearties, ye parrot-loving bucko... Yo ho ho an' a bottle o' rum!.

      I'll cut ye, ye pox-faced parrot... Scupper that!.

      Me hearties, ye scurvy-infested sea dog... Swab the deck!.

      I'll plunder yer coffer, ye scurvy-infested privateer... Hoist the Jolly Roger!.

      Ahoy buccaneer, ye sorry blowfish... Yo ho ho an' a bottle o' rum!.

      Dance with Jack Ketch, ye lice-infested bucko... Yo ho ho an' a bottle o' rum!.

      Ye'll not get our treasure, ye scurvy-infested sea bass... Shiver me timbers!.

      Ahoy freebooter, ye salty blowfish... Yo ho ho an' a bottle o' rum!.

      Ahoy freebooter, ye mutinous privateer... Surrender!.

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    • WTF

      14 years ago


      Realm Down for the 3rd time today while playing Diablo 2. I think Battle.net is out to get me, or ban me for 2 days.

    • First for Me

      14 years ago


      Ok, just been messing around and I needed a new journal so i thought ill try to post image, but not just that but im going to post a GIF i made myself, my first GIF i ever made.

      Lets try this


    • Worst Ways to Die

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      Whats the worst way to die? The last thing you see, hear, or say

      Getting mugged over a cabbage patch doll from a 50 year old mother, and then get stabbed, as you bleed to death your last words are "Polly Princess"

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    • Translations

      14 years ago


      English: ?

      You! Invaders! Get you the hot bullets of shotgun, To die!

      You! Invallers! You bring the hot balls of shotgun, to die!

      You! Invaders! You obtain the hot balls of the shotgun, with the matrix!

      It! Intruders! Arrive to you the hot rifle bullets of the shotgun, at cubes!

      You! Intruders! To you you take the boiling hot balls of hunting arm, in order to you die!

      You! Invaders! It obtains the warm bullets to you of the gun from hunting, to the dice!

      You! Invaders! It starts the hot bullets to it of shotgun, to the data!

      You! Occupiers! You will obtain to you the hot bullets shotgun, to the screw die!

      You! Invaders! Consígale the hot bullets of the gun, to the dice!

      You! Invader! Obtains your hunting rifle hot bullet, to mold!

      ! Aggressor! Profit do the bullet where the shot gun is hot in the dies,!

      You! Aggression it sleeps,! In the matrix the hunting gun is hot in you and get the egg which burns,!

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