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      Okay well I sent you a message already under my deviant name Nightmaremaster000 so just reply to that when you can.

      Answered: Apr 11, 2017

      Cool, I'll answer it as soon as possible.

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      We can talk about this later if you want. I already have the characters written out and some have been drawn before, though one wasn't how I wanted him to be drawn and you do a hell of better job

      Answered: Apr 11, 2017

      Ok, No problem. We can talk by private messages, or notes in Deviant art. Actually i think its better if we talk about it in Deviant art.

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      Okay cool, so would you prefer here or deviantart?

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      Deviant Art is better i guess.

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      Hey don't suppose you might be interested in doing some of my other OC's perhaps, purely original characters not from any specific series. Would you be interested, if so just let me know.

      Answered: Apr 10, 2017

      I guess we can talk about it. Its just that actually im trying to fix stuff from my job and other things. But we can talk about it of course.

    • Adventure in Brazilian Anime events searching for RWBY cosplayers

      2 years ago


      SALUTATIONS DUDES...And ladys, my pleasure ( jauneSexy ladys man voice tone).

      Today im here to bring you some pics i took back during 2016 in some events, of RWBY cosplayers.
      I know that maybe this will sound very random, but, i guess i should post this here, because Brazil have fans of RWBY and a lot of these fans make an incredibly good work.
      Since i first watched RWBY, i started to search for RWBY cosplayers, but until 2016, i've never had the luck to find one. BUT NOW I've FOUND THEMSIJDHSJDHSD

      Well, lets start with the main characters ones.

      7Vyjj4v.jpgduring July 2016, i went to Anime Friends 2016 (Brazilian anime event), and well, the event was pretty lame since the day i went didnt had cool things to see unless the basic of events, like stores, video game stands, expositions, and of course Cosplayers to take pics.
      Unfortunately, i dont know the names of these two, but both of them had incredible costumes.
      What called my attention mostly was their weapons, and Weiss's hair too, because it was convincing from close looking. OH, btw, that strange guy in between whiterose is me....notahandsomeguyiknow.

      As i continued walking the event, i was already accepting that i would only find these two, since they were two of the protagonists.


      I need to say that her entire costume, was actually made of velvet, and i cant forget how much of a nice person she was. I forgot to ask her name though...but we talked for a while and dudes, she told me another character was walking through the crowds.

      no...not you bro....

      OK, let me take the line of thought back...

      His name is!


      His real name is Amir, and he is a very cool guy by the way. Back at that time, VOL 3 last episode was still a thing and everyone was like "OMG NOOOOOO" about Pyrrha's death and then we disscussed about it for a while.

      After the event ended, i came back home wondering if i would find other cosplayers of RWBY to add to my photo collection. In october, i met a Girl named Chibi (nicknamed btw) who was cosplaying Ruby, during the BGS Brasil Game Show and unfortunately, i was out of battery with my phone to take pictures with/of her, but, i asked for her FB page, and there i started to talk with her about a lot of stuff. In december 16, she posted in her page that she was going to another event in december 18, named "Ressaca friends" which was organized by the same staff that made Anime Friends (ressaca, in a litteral translation means Hangover. The name of the event is trying to say something like "if youre with a hangover of anime but still want to keep...drinking...anime...come to the event :D...i guess).

      I went to the event alone, and there, i started to search for her because she was not alone...she was with the diva, the man's lady, the over powered...YANG XIAO WAIFU LONG.


      Chibi is Ruby and Lolly is Yang.

      Once i saw them there, i was Like...."QAIDHOIADO HEEEEEYYYYY I WANT A PICTURE OF YOU" And they came close and we started to talk about RWBY and other stuff, and well, since i already knew Chibi, i saw that Lolly was a very nice girl! 


      Forget this text up here...or you can un-backward it...

      Thing is, they were not alone, with them, i still got...FfS9lGp.jpg

      Daniel (Sun) and Renan ( Neptune)
      They are very cool too, not to mention that they have a very alike friendship of Neptune and Sun. They are dorks too lmao.

      Since they were one of the greatest group of "same anime" cosplayers in the event, they were like running wild throught the whole place.


      Oh! I forgot to mention that i have met an Adam too, his name is Marcos, and he is a cosplay  prop maker, he makes weapons and other pieces of things that are used in cosplay. He is very talented by the way! Unfortunately, his cosplay was not finished and he was forced to improvise his Adam Attire.
      In this pic, we can see, Ruby, Yang, Sun, Neptune, Adam and...a Deadpool(?) Owning the Wrestling ring after beating up the guys that were making a show there. Yang here is tottally like "YO DUDES, WHOS NEXT TO GET THE ASS KICKED?"

      As the event went, through, i kept walking with them, and we kept talking and discussing things about RWBY, and surprisingly, we ended up being friends. The ones i have more contact with is Chibi (Ruby) and Lolly (Yang). Later we added to our Group a girl thats going to do Volume 4 Weiss, and coincidentially, her name is Barbara...yea, pretty confusing i know.

      So, from now on, i'll just keep posting more pics i took in the event.


      Yang's like "i can not be blamed for being awesome"

      Me and Sun trying to look nice...at least i am trying lol.



      They are going to kill me....but is worth it.

      Oh wait, Yang wants to say something.



      SIS LOVE.

      interrupting Yang's Pokemon Go hunt. She punched me for it

      Yang being the waifu material that she is.


      Another Awkward picture with the smexy participation of mine person...and Wait, Sun you damn punk!

      So, this post is just a tribute to them. They are very tresured pepole for me and i like them a lot.

      All of them are incredible people and im lucky to have them as friends.

    • Fan arts and stuff- Visuals made by a teenager who wants to be an artist

      2 years ago


      yea, i guess i should post this. I mean...yeah



    • Volume 4 thoughts - what it felt for me

      2 years ago


      Volume 4 is over. 5 will only come during fall, and we have A LOT to talk and think about what can happen and what had happened in Remnant.

      I would like to warn that almost all the comments ill do, probably will be ambiguous, so, they could be both negative and positive points about the season; they are a personal impression after all.

      I’ll already start saying that, from afar, this is the most weird volume to watch in a serialized way. He works better if watched as a movie, in a single role. I attribute this to the fact that this volume have at least 6 or 7 subplots.

      About the season visual aspects, I don’t need to speak about it. Since the teaser/character short, we saw that the graphics got in whole new level of lightning and color. It is beautiful and that’s all.

      In the first 3 episodes, we are presented to a lot of new aspects of the plot and the universe of remnant. We discover that Cinder is just another minion of Salem as well as each and one of their functions during the actual events. We se RNJR hunting new grimm species, passing through new zones of Mistral and showing us how the life is outside from the kingdoms.

      We discover that Jaune actually used to visit Jaune and we have some mentions to Pyrrha, but that ill save it to talk about it later.

      We discover that Weiss family is completely a mess; her father is a jerk, while her mother only drinks at the garden, and, her brother is a douche too. Its also interesting how Weiss, a “princess” is fond of her Buttler Clein, or should I say 7 in 1 Buttler Clein?

      And we finally see Blake admitting that she’s a faunus and dot not have to hide such fact as she used too…oh, and Sun following her, believing that she was after the WF, while she was going to see her family, that for me, before vol 4, was dead.

      Both 3 episodes were very interesting since we see more than just the main plot of getting to Haven, and we see the first aspect of this season that seemed to be interesting, but in the end, proved to be a little bit disappointing.

      We see that each and one members  of team RWBY will have personal plots, and well, we already can count 4, at this point in the review.

      Ruby and RNJR, Blake/Sun travel to see Blake’s family, Weiss being trapped. Later we see that Yang’s route is one of recovery.

      We also discover that Cinder is having trouble to control the powers of fall, and it seems that is due the fact she actually, stole the maidenhood with that grimm scarab. Probably that means her emotional/ physical state influence the grimm. Salem is actually searching for a relic too, and it is shown to be Ozpin’s can or something inside it. But that is a doubt that got me wondering for a long time. Ill go back on this subject later, but add another plot to the list; we are on the count of 5.

      Also, in ep 2, we see Ruby dreaming about Pyrrha, and that s odd, since in the dreams, Ruby clearly hears Pyrrha last speech, when that would be impossible. Pyrrha seem to call for Jauen several times and in the end, such dreams only lead Ruby to see Jaune is still grieving Pyrrha and training even harder in memory of her…and that’s all gentleman, until now…ill talk more about it later. We’re in the count of 6 now.

      In ep 4,5 and 6, we see Yang and Tai dealing with her recovery status and her PTSD. Qrow is shown to be following Ruby since Patch and that he is keeping an eye on her. Raven and Qrow talk to each other and we discover more about their origin and how Raven leads her life. It seems she knows where the spring maiden is and Qrow do not approve her actitudes. I still have my doubts about her side….oh, Spring maiden, another plot; Count of 7.

      Blake and Sun get on Menagerie and there we finally met her parents. Problem is, there are White fang Members there. We discover also that Ghira was the leader of the organization, and that Blake went rogue to follow Adam once he turned a mofo bad guy. The 2 fox faunus actually do not seem to be good as they claim to be too.

      In Weiss arc, She is forced to sing by her father and after meeting Henry Marigold, a “shitty Neptune” as RWBY staff says, her trigger is pulled and Jacques once again prove to be a complete assh@le  super overprotective annoying father. In the End, Weiss is forced to train in her room.

      Also, I forgot to mention the new mysterious boy Oscar, or actually Ozcar.

      Ozcar basically was a farm boy that started to hear Ozpin voice in his head, and both seem to be the same person or, Ozcar would be the next in the succession of Ozpin consciousness, or Ozpin is using the boy’s body. We don’t know. Also, 8 plots now.

      Tyrian then attack RNJR since Salem ordered him to do it, but Qrw steps on the way and end up poisoned. Qrow explain everything about maidens, Silver eyes and why Ruby is being hunted, the tale of 2 brothers and the creation of Grimm, humans and the relics and Jaune do not seem so fond of Qrow. Can I count that as a new plot?....9 now.

      While they try to take care of Qrow, Nora and Ren find the cave of the Nuckleave, a grimm that destroyed both Ren and Nora home town and killed Ren’s parents. Ren and Nora start to follow the creature to help Jaune, Ruby and Qrow.

      They fight the Nuckleave, and after a serious battle, that at least for me, was pretty fast and…well, I hoped it was more fearsome; they are saved by Mistral

      In Menagerie, after Sun ruins a moment of family bonding, both him and Blake discover she was being stalked and they follow the spy, who proved to be Illya, an old friend of Blake, who seriously hurts Sun.

      Weiss manages to learn her summons and run away to Mistral once she discovers Winter is there and Yang is finishing her training with her father. She learns more about her mother and how she was the one to split STRQ (count on 10).Yang prepare herself to travel and she decides to follow Ruby, thinking that she need to take care of her to avoid STRQ stuff happen again or at least that’s how I felt it looked like, since she was holding a picture of STRQ while Tai was Holding one two then he looks to a RWBY picture. Yang could be planning on seeing Ruby first then going to search for Raven, since she knows she is in Mistral.

      Another thing that is important, Ironwood wants to close Atlas borders to avoid a possible attack, and he was spying on Mistral military forces that seemed to be moving and planning something. Another plot, count of 11.

      Another thing I should say is that Ghira discovered that Adam plans of wrecking everything up again in Haven and also wants to finish off the actual leader Sienna Khan. Now she decided they need to take back the White fang. She also gets a moral slap in tha face from Sun who tells her that he would die for her as well as yang and Blake couldn’t do anything about it.

      Later, in Haven, it is shown that Headmaster Lionheart was the traitor all along. He was the one to tell Cinder which Way Amber was following, to sneak her and her group as haven students in Vytal festival, and of course, the responsible for giving info about Ozpin.

      The post credits scene shows that Ozcar found Qrow and now he asked his cane back. So Qrow knew all along that Ozpin can steal bodies or reincarnate.

      So, we counted 11 subplots or plot points until now.

      RNJR had the single mission to get to Haven, but new subjects and topics are added to the narrative, but most of them are not even finished or even furthermore commented. Its like they are only there to remind you that Volume 5 will blow our minds (we hope).

      Like volume 1, Volume 4 was a new start, an introduction to this new phase that marks the start of the adult lives of many characters, and as an introduction, it shows new things to be developed, but there are just so much things, that most of them are just mentioned through the volume.

      One of the most intriguing points that are practically forgotten through the episodes is the Dreams about Pyrrha.

      Im afraid that they will be left as Yang’s encounter with Raven in the post credits of Volume 2.

      There is a possibility of that being important, but, when we remember that the next volume will cover, Watss and Lionheart plans, Cinder possibly in action again, a possible military fight and ironwood shenanigans, a brawl with the Whitefang, and lets not forget about dear Ozcar, I guess it’ll be really hard to deal with all the other troubles, unless they join most of them together.

      Qrow passed through a hard time in this volume, and in one of his deliriums, he clearly mentions Summer, although he don’t quote Names unless Tai’s. Ruby not even ask to him about it after he’s okay, at least not on screen, but I guess it would be a wise choice to point this out even if it was in her own mind, after all her father was in this dream/delirium.

      Yang had a very fast recovery, and even being my favorite character, I guess if felt a little bit rushed. In the other hand, Yang will search for Ruby, and it seems she will try to discover a little bit more about her mother.

      Weiss arc was quite interesting, but, I hope to see more of her and winter during volume 5.

      She ran from home and now is in a very similar situation as her sister.

      Blake in the other hand…I don’t know how to describe how boring her arc was.

      I used to like her more, since she is the “ninja” character of the main characters, but, this season she was completely…AGHHHH…

      Seriously now, she wanted to redeem herself with her family, asking sorry for following that psycho Adam, but guess what? They are your parents’ girl! They will forgive you!.

      So we get 2 out of 4 episodes where her arc gets place aaaaaand is just a lot of talk, But at least, we got cool info about the white fang, Ghira, Adam, and Sienna Khan.

      Now, we’ll only know more about her and Illya in volume 5 if, Illya appears.

      Ren and Nora’s past was very interesting, not to mention that now they were truly developed.

      Little Nora was really cute by the way.

      Jaune otherwise, could only show that his sword have more forms now with the new upgrades, but sadly, no semblance, even the last battle being a possibility to unlock it.

      The final battle by the way, was very much not what I thought it would be. I was waiting for something very hard but in the end together they won. I was hoping to see a very hard battle that could unleash Ruby SE or Jaune semblance, but the focus was on Ren and Nora, so I guess they decided to leave the stage to them. Also, its interesting to see how Jaune was not fond of Qrow  due to Pyrrha’s and maiden’s stuff, and how he in the end helped him despite his own feelings towards Drunkle Qrow.

      Ozcar also, he now have “his” can back, I hope we see him training or starting to show signals of his skills as being the new Ozpin.

      In resume. Volume 4 was a new introduction, with new aspects and new mythology that makes the world of Remnant much more deep, but, there is so much thing to develop in volume 5, that it feels they will make some stuff last much more in the air to be actually solved. I think that, they lost the balance in “showing some stuff to develop in further volumes”.

    • Just a little bit of time until the end.

      2 years ago



      So, saturday is coming, and the last episode of RWBY volume 4 will be released.

      I've seen many people scared and afraid about what can happen in this episode, since we just have RNJR and Qrow to fight The nuckleave and because of what happened in the end of volume 3, that surprisingly still resonates until nowadays.

      EP 11, showed that out heroines of team RWBY are moving on their way to Mistral, which will be the turning point for the next events in Remnant.

      Adam and his zelots are in Mistral, probably working with Salem in a new plan of destroying the next school, Haven.

      Winter is on ground, getting intel for Ironwood.

      And Raven is there, doing her own business.

      Im not going to say there is no reason to fear, because RT has the fame of being non predictable, and that means that they have an ace of spades hidden somewhere.

      I find very intriguing that, Volume 4 was indeed...curious.

      In comparison to the other volumes, this was by far the most slow but still, lore telling of all.
      You can see that more clearly if you take all the episodes as one.

      This remembers me of how volume 1, 2 and 3 were built up.

      In 1, we were presented to the universe, to the characters, and their actions discovering troubles in their world.

      In 2, were saw how they decided to act, and how they were immature in regards to the whole situation, and that there was much more to happen.

      In 3, we saw their fall, a closure of events in the worse scenario ever. Beacon destroyed, Bonds severed, friends died. Almost too much stuff handle.

      Now in 4, we saw a restart, a new beginning, where all of our heros were learning to deal with new things and they were shown a harsh truth that lied beyond Beacon's walls.

      I guess this volume, have chances to finish with a high degree of climax, but, that'll depend on how thing will follow.
      In many places around the internet, were RWBY is discussed, we can find people:

      - Hoping that JN_R die

      - Hoping they dont die

      - Hoping Raven will save the day

      - Hoping the silvereyes make the difference

      - Fearing that Qrow will try to protect Ruby in his actual state, and that this will be his damnation.

      And there's more assumptions, This 5 are just the most common, or a simplification of the great ammount of other guesses i found here in the forums, in Facebook groups and other places.

      I have already said which is mine, so im not going to speak about it.

      Im very eager to see what will happen and things will follow after this volume ends.

      I believe that volume 5, will be like volume 2 were, a season were the heroes will take steps further, with more action and discoveries.

      I hope we'll see how RWBY will deal with the regroup, and for the love of god, i want to see it, with the emotion that a situation likes truly have.

      They kinda avoided showing emotion in regards to Pyrrhas loss and probably the only momment that they touched the subject was in the Dreams that Ruby had, and Jaune's training.

      There's still a hint to a possible grimm Pyrrha by the way, but...well, i dont know.

      Volume 4 so far has been cool in the best case, and interesting in the worse one,
      and i hope that it gets a good closure.

    • Almost Episode 11 - My thoughts about what could happen.

      2 years ago


      I was talking to some people in the brazilian group of RWBY in the facebook, and i noticed that there's a lot of people fearing for Ren and Nora since Dishwasher, a famous artist for his RWBY fan arts (that by the way are awesome), posted a fan art where "The Nuckleave" killed both Ren and Nora in very cruel and visual ways. Thing is, they claimed that Dishwasher "predicted" that Qrow would be poisoned by Tyrian. 
      Of course, trying to be realist, i showed to all of these people, that he didnt "predict" anything and that if he did, he was another one of the lots of people that predicted such thing, here in the forums, on Reddit, or in any other placed RWBY is Discussed. Its just that he placed such guess in his art, and that is perfectly fine.

      I find very interesting that people are worried for Ren and Nora, even more after what happened with Pyrrha. I cant forget either the people that used to say "Pyrrha was based on Achilles so she must die", because i can already see those people using the same argument for Ren, Nora and Jaune, since they're based in characters and figures that die in their stories and legends. 

      I dont need to say how much that is bs, so, ill just jump to what i want to write about.

      I dont actually think fans of Ren and Nora should be afraid for them, right now. They just have showed their backgrounds, and there's still have stuff to show about Nora.
      I like Ren and Nora (Nora the most), and im very confident they are in safe places right now (not literally i mean).

      Still, there is one character that im afraid he can die this season, and the worse part is that he is one of the favorites of the whole fandom, Qrow Branwen.

      Our favorite druncle is actually in danger, since:

      He is poisoned

      is as a pokemon, out of battle

      is hurt and bleeding

      aaaaand having past delusions.

      His status, at least for me, is one of someone that can not fight, and will not be able to do for a long period of time.

      The new grimm seems to be heading towards the village where Ruby and Jaune are right now with Qrow, and well, even recognising that Ruby is strong (Silver eyes and all that stuff) and that Jaune can have a powerful secret semblance, BUUUUUUT, seriously, they are not able to stop that one, unless Ruby finally unlocks her silver eyes, which seems to only activate during very powerful emotional stress (this is speculation, ok? ok).

      Ren and Nora are heading their way to them, but, i dont believe they are going to reach them fast, and even if they do, that Grimm seems more inteligent than the others, not to mention that there could be more he could summon or appear (assuming that he could do as Kevin did).

      Qrow is the protector of Ruby, her guardian, Her master. He would do anything to keep her safe, but in his actual situation, he would be damned if he was forced to fight.

      Probably, he would die, and being very optmistic, he would be much more hurt.

      I believe that he could die and that would be useful dor the story  in the actual situation of the plot, because he is the master archetype character for the main protagonist. His death, as well as the deaths of other masters such as Jiraya (Naruto), Obi-wan (Star Wars), Qui-Gon jin (Star Wars), would lead Ruby to her final Maturing moment, and turn her into an "adult". What im trying to say is that, I gues that If Qrow end up dying to save Ruby, this could end up unleashing Ruby silver eyes for once and then she would train such skill in the upcoming volumes.

      I want to say that im against killing of character for no reasons of if there is a possibility of escape, its just that i can not see how things could end with out a deus Ex machina or a very crazy explanation that could feel bad.

      (after re-thinking, i guess Raven could save Him using the argument of Helping Ruby instead of Qrow, if she had already helped him before imean)

      After all, this is just a guess.

    • Me and the rest of the whole fandom...

      2 years ago


      Walks in RT RWBY forums. Then i pass in front of  the door of the Shipping thread.



      I look to the room, take a sip of my soda, think two times, take a deep breath...

      "Not worth my time"

      This is how i feel sometimes about this topic....call me salty or whatever you want, but one thing is true...people take everything as a hint for something they wish to see, and this is stupid as hell.


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      3 years ago

      You saw the ideas that I sent you. Right? Just wanna make sure.

  • Questions answered by Rks-Kogiro

    Ok, No problem. We can talk by private messages, or notes in Deviant art. Actually i think its better if we talk about it in Deviant art.

    Deviant Art is better i guess.

    I guess we can talk about it. Its just that actually im trying to fix stuff from my job and other things. But we can talk about it of course.