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    • My headcanon is better....at least for me

      2 years ago



      Im lucky that, when i dont like any of the ships that are available, i can simply create another for my own fanfictional head canon...You can call me egocentric...

    • What confuses me most in life...

      2 years ago


      When we get a series with a two protagonists that seem to have a possible romantic relationship, most of the people act like:

      "AHHHH LAME...so cliche the main characters fallin in love..."

      But in the case of RWBY people are like:

      "Lets just shipp the main team because of reasons..."

      Shippers gonna ship and everything else but, seriously...that feels like hypocrisy to me...

    • OMG im so hyped

      2 years ago


      I will not need to live when i play this game....oh, ill need to play KH 3 before i can die fully happy.

    • RWBY Vol 4 Episode 2 Review - Thoughts, theories and speculations

      2 years ago


      SO, hey everyone!

      I just have watched the episode, and well, i liked it very much.

      Comparing this to the first one, episode two was much more paced and showed more info about what is coming in the future, in regards to character, plot, and the universe of the story.

      Episode two even showed more things about the concepts of RWBY in regards of colors as a whole thing, and that gentleman, was something i was waiting for.

      Before i start with the review at all, i need to say that the screenshots were taken not from the RT player, but from another site. I waited the episode be released for everyone to watch, but i got some problems with the player, so yea, problems all over the place.


      The episode starts showing Weiss, or dear snow queen, walking down the halls of her home.

      She is pretty much lonely, or as i prefer to assume, not feeling home at all. We even see two sets of the armor she fought in her trailer. There is also this strange snake statue, which i find very cool

      As she follows her way, we are presented to her younger brother. They talk about the time she spent alone in her room and that he is happy to see she is out of it for a walk, implying she has been lockdown, or avoiding contact with everyone.

      Weiss seems not so happy to be close to him, or at least, it seems they are not so close to each other as she is with Winter.

      This is another thing that i find intriguing.

      Whitley acts very different than Weiss and Winter. The three of them seem very "snobby" but, while Winter and Weiss are very cold and surly sometimes, Whitley seems like he doesnt give any and it feels even ironic sometimes.

      Whitley then tells Weiss that their father was screaming with a man in his office, and he is concerned about her since shell talk with him. Small talk in the end.

      Winter is mentioned when Whitley says Weiss is strong as she, and that shell handle anything he throw at her, just to Weiss put in the topic that he never liked Winter.

      Whitley than speaks that, independently of his fondness for her, he needed to admit the truth.

      Weiss than tells him he seem different, just to be replied with a "..And you've been gone. I'll have you know i didn't  stop growing while you were away at Beacon"

      Does Weiss seem a litle bit happy with this?
      Its like she is happy he changed, but well, we didnt know how he used to be.

      Right after their talk, we are show a painting of the Schnee family, and well...they look like a VERY happy family.

      Weiss mother: I rather be drinking

      Jacques Schnee: Smile children, we are happy now, arent we?

      Winter: This is so annoying.

      Weiss: Im sad

      Whitley: BEST FAMILY EVER.

      I dont know if im just over thinking things, but Whiltley is not just the opposite of his two sisters but he actually seem like, he is always with something in mind...i like that.

      After that cut...gentleman...Ruby is dreaming of Pyrrha.

      Well, it feels strange that Ruby is having these dreams, but this is just the first one of the episode so ill start to talk about this later.

      Ruby and the crew  are still on travel, and now they are going to another village, where Jaune mentions he did already go to it several times with his family due to his Seven sisters.

      Nora even jokes about Jaune. But the humor climate doesnt stay in the air for much longer because the village was completely destroyed.

      They try to find survivors, and there is only one, a huntsman.

      Ren ask the man what happend, and he replies that a group of bandits attacked the village, and the panic that was caused brought grimm, and they finished the job.

      The group discuss about how to save the man, but he end up diying, and Ren seems to be the most affected by the village destruction. Jaune then tells Ruby he is tired of losing everything.

      Ren notes a symbol on the ground, and

      Nora also seem to recognize it.

      I've seen people saying this symbol is related with Terryen, but i cant affirm that. What is fact, is that Ren and Nora do know the symbol. Some friends from the forums speculate it is something related to their childhood, but i guess, its a little bit more than this, but its hard for me to explain.

      Another cut is made, and now, we see Weiss, heading to her Father office.
      Outside of it, from the door, Weiss hear that Jacques is having a ''very excited" discussion with Ironwood.

      The discussion doest last too long, and it is something about dust sells. Jacques is very angry that Ironwood is asking to stop the sells from outside of Atlas and in their arguing, Ironwood mentions that he have the authority to stop the sells because he have two seats in the Atlas Kingdom Council.

      Before volume two, i used to believe Ironwood was not a good guy, now im sure he is very manipulative and i dont trust him. Jacques in the other hand, he seems to put the company over his family, or at least, he do it because he have a motivation to it, but still, is just as Ironwood, he puts his interests over the others. However, Winter mentioned during volume 3 that he was worried about Weiss and that he wanted to talk too her. I dont know if he was indeed worried or if he only wanted to try an convince her to stay at home. Winter even mentions during volume 3 that he didnt liked the idea of Winter be in the military too.

      Jacques is against both of his daughters being warriors, or at least it seemed to.

      I want to see more about him, and well, in my last review i guessed the episode was going to be just about Weiss, and i was wrong.

      Continuing, Jacques then tells Weiss that there is some people kinda "blaming" Atlas for Beacon fall, or something like that. Thats why they are going to hold a charity event where a lot of people from outer  kingdoms will be. Jacques order Weiss to sing in the event, planning that since Weiss was present in the fall of Beacon, she could be used as an example of how Atlas was "shocked" with the tragedy and how they were sending their support to Vale, as he says in the episode. 

      Weiss only agrees, and then she exits the office. Klein, her buttler, offers some coffe, trying to calm her down, since she seems not well. Klein then shows us his capacity of changing his persona, as his eyes changes its colors, red being his more direct and angry one, and blue being his more calm and sweet one, as he calls Weiss Little snowflake.

      Klein is indeed a very much interesting character. He seems to have a very close relationship with Weiss than her own family. And now im going to make a very HUGE guess...i think he owns 7 personas...we already have seen  Grumpy and ...bashful?

      By the way, his leading persona have brown/Yellow eyes, and im a little worried about this, but im just guessing.

      After this, the moment that most touched me.

      Ruby once again is having dreams with Pyrrha, and this time, the dream feels more intense.

      She wakes up hearing Pyrrhas voice not so far from where she is sleeping.

      Ruby start to wander around after noticing Jaune wasn't at his bed.

      Ruby then finds out Jaune is watching a recording of Pyrrha, where she is giving Jaune instructions of combat.

      Jaune starts to follow them, showing his skills have grown a lot, even being capable pulling the wind with some kind of slashing wave. Jaune seems angry at first, while he is fighting he is screaming and showing a seriousness in the look we didnt witnessed before.

      Ruby keeps Watching him from the dark, and once Jaune finishes the exercises, we hear from his phone that Pyrrha is proud of how much he is increasing, telling him that he is the most determined person she ever met.

      After this, we see Pyrrha trying to say something. She is pretty much trying to confess her fellings for him  in the recording, but she dont make it. She finishes her words saying she is happy, not to have met him, but to have been part of his life. (my reaction)
      Jaune is very sad, obviously for understanding what she wanted to say at this rate of time, and with this, we see that Jaune is holding his grieve for Pyrrha from the others, trying to hold his weaknesses, trying to convert his sadness in strenght.

      Ruby keeps watching him, and Jaune keeps following the recording instructions, what seems to be over and over and over during the night. (My reaction to this)

      I dont actually know what to say in regards to the dreams, but Ruby hears Pyrrha calling out for Jaune.

      The first dream we hear Pyrrhat in her last moments with Cinder

       pyrrha do you believe in destiny?

      Cinder: Yes...

       pyrrha Jaune...

       ruby PYRRHA!!!!

      In the second Dream, Pyrrha only keeps calling for Jaune.

      The first time she speaks normally, the second feels she is a little worried, the third she is realy worried, and the last one she is crying for him, very loudly.

      Some friends of mine aready discussed about the dream sequence, and i believe most  in four possible realizations of what this is.

      1. Ruby is being haunted by Pyrrha, but not by her spirit, but by her own conciousness, since Jaune asked her to help Pyrrha, she didnt make it and, saw the momment of her death.

      I think this is the most wrong guess, because i doubt she heard Pyrrha last chat with Cinder.

      2. Ruby is carrying Pyrrha spirit within her. 

      Now that i think about it, this one is the less possible, because we didn't have seen anything like

      this in the series yet. Unless this is something new of course. Im divided abou this one.

      3. Pyrrha's soul is trying to contact Ruby, for something. Maybe asking help for a possible return, asking help to contact Jaune to move on and keep strong, or trying to say Jaune have something important within him.

      4. Maybe is just a way o confuse us, and is just a haunting dream and thats all. 

      Nah, thinking again, that is the most impossible one.

      Im in real conflict here, and the only thing i can assume is, Pyrrha will have something important in this volume, or at least something related to her will happen. Jaune indeed have an important role, and Ruby witnessed how he is dealing with this loss. And he lost his master, where he'll find another cool and quirky girl to talk too? oh wait....my reaction again 

      By the way: This is a sketch of my OC Cyan, but its really only a scratch and  i made it as fast as i could to this review.

      By the way 2: I ship arkos and lancaster....im complex.

      Well, that is all for this episode. 

      Until next one!

    • Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final chapter prologue - Oh my...the hype

      2 years ago


      Im just fanboying about the last video the Kingdom Hearts Channel.
      They just released the opening cinematic of KH 0.2 Birth by Sleep a Fragmentary passage.

      What can i say about this...simply amazing.

      I remember when i first played BBS final mix on my psp and watched the secret movie that shows Aqua talking with Ansem, in the deepest part of the Realm of Darkness.

      When Ansem speaks to Aqua about the boy that saved the worlds more than 1 time using the keyblade and he tells her his name is Sora...man...so many feels...

      This game, for me, will be the final word in therms of "now were are going to finishing things so epic that your heads will blow, mortals".

      I cant wait to play this game, and this image here defines what this game will be about

    • RWBY Vol 4 Episode 1 Review - Thoughts, theories and speculations

      2 years ago


      Well, i told some friends of mine that i wished to make a video review of the episode. But there is a detail that is really important that i just remembered now: My voice is ridiculous and my spoken english is far worse than my wrote one.

      So ill try to make a demo and ill just send to some of my friends. After they see it and tell me what they think about it, then ill decide if i post it or not. 



      The episode starts showing us how the grimm are born, something we've already seen back at Vol 3 with the help of Kevin, aka: Grimm Dragon.

      This sorta "dark Liquid" Well, my guess would be that is actually negativity in a physical state.

      Another thing that intrigues me is that, does the higher grimm have the skill to summon other grimm? or actually, the grimm simply can take part of themselves and summon more of them?

      Well, we'll only see in the future.

      Right after, we See Emerald and Mercury, both with  a "Im so f2893ed" face.

      The only thing i think about this scene is that they didnt knew what they were entering on.

      They didnt knew how big was the league they just entered in. Then, the whole villain reunion starts, where "Watts" (idk how to write his name) start to joke about Cinder state. 

      "Terryen" (another one i dont know how to write the name) than speaks that She should run after the Girl aka Ruby, to make her pay for what she have done.

      Actually, it seems that Ruby managed to take Cinder's left eye (WTF) in their last battle back at Beacon's Tower. Since we didnt have seen what actually happened at the tower, i guess Ruby entered in a super power silver eye state where she losed her consciousness and battled Cinder.

      There is a gap of detail that i believe itll be explained in flashbacks, because it is important info we lack here. 

      As the reunion of "nice" guys continue, Watts keep in the topic that Cinder failed until Momma Salem get in the Room and mentions that Cinder actually managed too: 

      Destroy the tower, get the maidenhood, and Kill Ozpin. 

      After a lot more of discussion and orders to give, each villain got a task.

      Cinder is in treatment under Momma's care

      Watts needs to enter in contact with their informant

      Terryn needs to hunt down Ruby and bring her to Salem before hunting down the spring maiden.

      Hazzel needs to enter in contact with Adam to talk about other jobs he need to take care of, and she mentions that he is now loyal to their cause.

      I still dont know what to wait from these characters, but, Terryen... we have here a case of psychopathy that im really worried about. Ruby need to take  care.

      Otherwise, all of these villains have eye colors that are close to Yellow, and i guess this means something. Right after the reunion, there is the cut to the lone farm boy, and i dont actually know his name. We dont have much info about him, but, trying to follow the descriptions of the WOR about the kingdoms, i think he lives in Vacuo, but um almost sure im wrong, and now in  a huge fail try, i guess this boy is Cinder's Brother, but, this is just my crazy mind trying to trick me, maybe. 

      After that, we see, team RNJR/JNRR, in a healthy discussion about the name of the team until a Golem Grimm appear, and after that, 

      i dont need much to say how much this sequence is awesome as hell.

      An intriguing thing is that, when the golem loses one of his arms he actually summons another one, and there is a glyph at the base of the arm that pretty much seem like the ones Weiss and Winter cast to make their stuff. Basically i think this is a common symbol to summoning, and well there is more things to come yet.

      One of the things that got me not in a good manner, was the scene where they actually try to show Jaune"strategist side" by making him point out that the Golem Weakness is his head...i think im the only one that thought this was pretty obvious(?) 

      I think that if they made him discover this by any different way, or maybe a completely alone discovery, would be better to show this side of him, but yea, is just what i think.

      After they win the battle, we discover that, yea, it was a possession grimm, not just a simple golem. I dont remember if in the manga, the grimm that were in the armor Weiss fought, actually shown his true form, but im almost sure this one is the same of the manga.

      And well, in regards to grimm Pyrrha theory, or possessed hybrid, i think this grimm here do not fit the theory. It seems that this grimm only can posses in-organic things. Im just mentioning this in regards to the whole theories scenario.

      Oh, and my favorite sequence is thisone.

      Back at the village, the crew is reporting to the chief village that they handled the Grimm, and on this scene we actually see an small village functioning. This scene is actually pretty cool because it shows a lot about how the outskirts of the kingdoms work, and this is realy cool, in my opinion.

      After this, we are drove to a forge, where Jaune is waiting his new armor and upgraded Crocea Mors. The following scene is actually a humor one, where Ruby is laughing at Jaune Pumpkin Pete Hoodie, and poor Jaune gets sad. I dont know how to react at this scene. At the same time it is cool because its an inside universe refference and its a refference to Pyrrha... but its just this, so let me continue before i enter any further in this topic.

      The faunus Blacksmith than appears showing Jaune`s new armor and then, his new


      I`ve discussed with some friends of mine here from the forums and well, as you`ve seen, Jaune's shield have this form\mark\detail that is much alike Pyrrha`s Circlet.

      The dialogue implies that actually, the enhancement of the shield was actually made using Pyrrha`s metal, and at first, it looks like it was from her circlet only.

      The faunus blacksmith asks Jaune "this metal is pretty good, where did you get it?" 
      Jaune replies: "From a dear Friend".

      Well, im half worried and half relaxed about this because well, one of those friends that i had discussed, made a very interesting point. He mentioned that it is practically impossible to melt the circlet and make the frame around the Shield, because it would not be enought metal. Not to mention the emotional value of the circlet, after all, WE'VE NEVER seen Pyrrha taking it off. So basically he explained that, he believes the metal Jaune used was not from the circlet but from her weapons, since milo was destroyed by Cinder. The thing is, how they eventually got her circlet/weapons and anything else?. Well lets see by the other side. If we assume they used her circlet, as another friend of mine said, with out thinking in this way of not enough metal for the shield, than they managed somehow to get up there.

      Ruby fought CInder back in Vol 3 final chapter, and after some time she woke up back in Patch. Probably Qrow rescued her, and well, she was at the top of that tower. We dont know if he was the one to take the circlet or her weapons, but thinking logically, the important is that it is actually possible to climb up there, and in the end, it is pretty mych confirmed to me that the metal comes from something of Pyrrha. What metal is? we dont know.

      Before i speak about the timeskip and my issues with it, lets continue with the episde.
      After that, JNRR/RNJR set to travel once again, and Ruby thinks of Weiss, who is at Atlas now.

      Weiss's buttler calls her attention telling that her father wishes to talk with her, and the episode close with a black screen, and the opening follows right after.

      Well, in resume, for me it was a good episode, but i have some issues with the whole time distance between the volumes because we actually losed a lot of important points. At least for me they were important. i can even list them down here

      1.How RNJR managed to get Pyrrhas metal?

      2.How RNJR got at MIstral? seriously, its a damn travel and in my way of thinking, they have passed through Vale on their way, so im almost sure a lot of important stuff have happened.

      3.How JN_R reacted to Pyrrha's death? I mean, i can understand that Ruby is sad that her team is split up, but they are something we call ALIVE...and While we have RWBY worried about each other states, we only see Nora speaking that JN_R have one less member, and Jaune speaking of his dear friend....realy?

      Three points that are actually very important in my POV.

      What i liked about the Episode? Well.

      1.Cinder's bitch tottally wrecked up. Something must have happened back at the tower than just a silver flash.

      2. Joker...Yea... Terryen is actually CAPABLE of dealing with a maiden, single. Salem ordered him to get Ruby to her, and then hunt down the Spring maiden. This Character is actually very interesting and i want to see more of this psychopathy.

      2. The grimm Glyphs. My friend Marisa_K made a post back at "the consequences of Pyrrha Nikos death" with the relations between the glyphs that appear during the series, and all of Salem's and Cinder's ones are related. Other thing i find intriguing. The glyph that summon the golem arm, remembers me a lot of the summoning Gyplhs of Weiss and Winter. Maybe is a commom mark to the summoning topic.


      Well, next episode will be Weiss one.

      The Season as a whole will focus on the main Heroines of RWBY.

      Assuming they are going to make 12 episodes for this season, every member of RWBY will have 3 episodes to shine. Ruby already got her first one.

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