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    • Looks like I'll be entering the new year

      10 years ago


      ... alone.

      Just like Yaya Higuchi. Well, she entered the new millennium alone.

      I hope everyone else has fun.

    • I want my damn hard drive.

      10 years ago


      It sucks not being able to download stuff, so I ordered a hard drive for my Xbox 360. I'm still waiting for it. o_o

      I did order it recently, so I expect I'll have to wait a while. Hopefully not too long. I just bought a three-month Live subscription and 1600 points, so I should be set until around my birthday.

    • I'm so jealous.

      10 years ago


      My friend Catherine has so many new games thanks to her friend Chuck. He lives with them now, and he's not always home, so she basically gets dibs on all his shit while he's gone. Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, some other stuff... And she got Mirror's Edge for Christmas.

      I played for two seconds and I kept falling to the ground. Pathetic.

      I got her to play Portal, though, but she stopped at the turret level. She said she was frustrated not only because she kept getting shot at, but also because she was creeped out. I totally understand her pain.

      And then I reminded her that unlike me, she wasn't playing alone and in the dark.

    • I have seen the light.

      10 years ago


      Gordon Freeman is a badass.

      Too bad I keep killing him.

    • Early Christmas presents!

      10 years ago


      I now have an Xbox 360, as well as some Sega tennis game that came with it and some arcade games.

      Oh, and I also have THE ORANGE BOX. I <3 Portal. But the turrets creep me out. A lot of it creeps me out.

      I hope to get the Halo games for it soon, and maybe Rock Band.

    • Happy (early) Thanksgiving.

      10 years ago


      A thought occurred to me today: I wonder how many people don't realize that Thanksgiving is a U.S.-only holiday? Because in my hometown, I know a couple of people who are stupid enough to think something like this: "Where do Japanese people get their Turkeys? Are they like, imported?"

      I think you only have to worry about finding people like this in a state like mine that features so many fried foods on a stick at state fairs.

      And on a completely unrelated note, I just found another golden George Carlin quote:
      "Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." Beautiful.

    • I guess I made him too smart.

      10 years ago


      Note to self: do not make Jason too smart in your comics. It's obvious he could never spell "booze". Or "for". The can looks nice on him, though.

      No more cockblocking, Burnie and Geoff. Give the resident hobo a chance.

    • I just remembered.

      11 years ago


      While I was in Austin, I saw someone that looked like Matt Hullum. Probably wasn't him.

      But then I saw someone who looked ridiculously like Joel Heyman. It was weird.

    • Greetings from Austin!

      11 years ago


      Ah yes, the lovely capital of Texas. It's been two or three years since I've been here. Though the sun isn't out today, I still love the fact that it's not raining and that it's cooler outside. This totally beats sitting inside a house in crappy Katy with no electricity.

      Much to my despair, however, neither my laptop nor my mother's has working audio. So there goes my plan to waste my hours stuck in this freezing hotel room by watching MST3K. Boooo.

      I'm also stuck taking care of the dogs. I get to sit in the cold room while they whine because I'm using the computer instead of playing with them.

      On the plus side, again, no hot, powerless house, and there's a pretty nice view of Austin from here. Well, part of it, anyway. It's neat to watch the sunrise, because the sky looks so beautiful.

      I have no idea when I'll get to go home, but I hope it's soon. Plus, I have a test to study for, and it's a class that I actually care about (mainly because the teacher is adorable).

      Oh well. Here's hoping for randomly running into a RT Staff Member while I'm here! *not happening*

    • So, to sum up the last three months...

      11 years ago


      - I moved from Beaumont to Katy. A crappy boring place to a nicer boring place. Woohoooo.
      - I went to a Ludo concert in June. Kickass. I almost got to go to another one, but damn Gustav made the traffic impossible to go through. Just my luck.
      - Started at a new school.
      - Became extremely stressed out and filled with anxiety (again).
      - Lost my mind (again).
      - Made a few friends/acquaintances.
      - Got a crush on my aquatic science teacher.
      - Got a hermit crab.
      - Got an obsession with the Marx Brothers. (which led to me naming my crab Harpo)
      - Wrote some porn.
      - Drew some implied porn.
      - Thought about porn.
      - Watched RvB again. Too bad my friend couldn't find her season 3 disc, I really wanted to see it.

      And that's about it.

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