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    • End of school.

      11 years ago


      Thank you God. Thank yoooouuuu.

      ARE YOU A COP?!

    • Terrifying Pertwee will take over...

      11 years ago


      Gotta love the ihasatardis community on LJ. xD


    • Movies with Otaku

      11 years ago


      Tonight, in a hastily-planned and almost-failed arrangement, Catherine, Charles and I went to the movies. What did we see?

      It just so happened that the live-action Death Note movie was in town for two days, and today was supposedly the last day. I had heard about it before (and then Charles told me there are actually three of them), and was surprised that something like that even came to Beaumont, let alone for two days.

      I expected the movie to be like this: Japanese audio with subtitled English. Boy, was I wrong.

      It was like watching an episode of mXc. Any seriousness that was in the original manga/anime was totally gone. The only decent dubbing was that of Ryuuku's, simply because he's computer-generated (and though still somewhat horrifying, his insatiable hunger for apples, increasingly child-like demeanor, and habit of popping out of nowhere took away any elements of horror).

      Most of the hilarity was provided by audience reactions: the fangirl squeals at L's first appearance (more explicitly, his feet first), impatience with the characters, laughing at the stupidity of an eager rookie on the police force, and pretty much anything Charles said.

      I was also surprised at how much the actor for L looked like him at some parts. At first, he looked like a girl with lots of under-eye makeup, but the resemblance was remarkable as he peered up through his hair and his eyes seemed black and huge, just like comic-book L's. He also had an unhealthy obsession with sweets, and his hotel room was loaded with sugary snacks of all kind, including cakes, lollipops with which he stirred his tea (or probably hot chocolate), and a very interesting candy-kebab that he offered to Yagami-san.

      There were notable differences from the books (I've read up to volume 4, I think), and I don't know what it's like in relation to the anime, which I've seen in small bits and pieces. I do know that the dubs were provided by the same actors who did the voices on the version that appears on Adult Swim.

      I had a very perverted thought (as I usually do) during the point in the movie where, just like in the book, the Yagami family is spied upon by the investigation team. All those cameras... how disconcerting (and illegal). I don't know how it didn't occur to me before, but I realized that with all the other officers asleep, L could just masturbate to anything Light does. I mean, he seems freaky enough to do that. All alone, doing nothing but hanging out in front of the computer and loading up on sugar like an insane crackhead. I think it'd be funny (and, sorry, but sexy, too) if Light just decided, hey, they're watching me, I'm gonna fuck with their heads and see what happens, and just started jerking off. It'd be hot if L joined in, too. (fic time, y/y, pervert?) I've spent too much time on the internet...

      And pardon me again, but, not to sound fangirly again, but it was rather cute how L held his cell phone, just as manga-L did. It's kind of hard to do that, or at least to get a good grip on it if you hold it that way.

      At the end, it shows L and Light standing across from each other, with L munching on some potato chips but still looking formidable. They happen to be the same kind of potato chips that Light had been eating while secretly hiding a small TV in the bag in order to hide the fact that he was watching the news and could still commit murders without looking like it, instead thought to be innocently studying. Interesting, but I still wish the movie had been subbed. There's always the internet, I guess.

      On an RvB-related note, I spotted a Tucker 1/2 shirt-wearing fanboy during the movie as he went down the stairs. Just had to put that in, too.

    • Presenting my newest CS3 creation...

      11 years ago


      ... BURGERMAN!


      ..... he needs a cape emblem or something. Hm.


      There. That's better.

    • Book store etiquette.

      11 years ago


      Here are some tips for visits to your local book store. I prefer to go to Barnes & Noble, but these may apply to just about any modern book store in the U.S. Or maybe Europe, I don't know. I've never been to Europe. Is it nice?

      1. If you can't find a normal place to sit (i.e., table or one of those big comfy chairs that are always taken), go to some random section with books that no one cares about and park it. I suggest the section with books about Beanie Babies and selling them on eBay. Didn't get bothered once. Except...

      2. Dear Manga/Anime Fans:

      Do not read manga out loud. Comics in general are not meant for reading out loud. Actually, this can apply to anyone: don't even read a normal fucking book out loud. Save that for your stupid little book club that you probably have. Just shut up and read. If you want to talk, that's great, but go to the Starbucks part of the store. And even if you sit there, keep it down. Some people may want to actually read their books to themselves. Shocking, I know.

      But this applies especially to comic book fans. And you know what? All that talking you do just makes you sound like a moron. You sound like the newbiest fucking otaku I've ever heard of, and you sound like a goddamn virgin, too. This is like Fight Club. You don't talk about it. Maybe if you're with another person, you can be like, "oh hey, did you hear about this? I'm gonna read it now." Then you shut up and read it, or put it back. Maybe you can even say more than three sentences, but if you're going to talk nonstop, then we have a problem. It's called a BOOK STORE. Book implies reading: reading does not imply reading aloud. The only place where reading aloud is acceptable is the children's section. And there's never anyone even there, so I guess it doesn't really count.

      And don't talk about the manga IN FRONT of the manga section. No one cares about how cool Tsubasa looks, not even your dumbass friends. If you think it looks cool, go read it. Don't stand around and talk about it. Why is it a problem to talk about it in front of the section itself? Because some people sit/hide nearby (a.k.a, people who can't find a seat, like to read manga, and want easy access to more. See #1.) And you sure as hell better not stand around for the entire hour that I'm sitting in my craft book section hiding place and discuss how awesome the Chibi Vampire manga looks instead of just picking it up and reading it to see for yourself if it's good or not. Don't you dare. If you do that again, I'll get up, march the two feet it takes to get to your probably ugly faces, and beat the shit out of you with my purse.

      I take my reading seriously. Being alone at the store is the only time I ever have peace, and those who disturb shall witness total, complete, absolute annihilation.

      3. Be nice to the books. It's a little disconcerting to find a piece of a cookie inside the book you're reading. And it makes me wish I had a cookie. That's just not nice.

      4. If the people in CD/DVD section offer you help, don't take it. Ever. All you need them for is checking out. If you can't find the CD or DVD you're looking for, even after looking in every section that you think it could possibly be in, then they sure as hell can't find it. All they're going to do is look in the same place(s) that you did, then offer to order it. Don't order it. There is almost always somewhere else where you can get it cheaper. The internet is a wonderful place to start. This rule can pretty much apply to any store that sells CDs and DVDs.

      I seriously get pissed if I'm just browsing and they ask if I need help. Even if I am looking for something in particular that day, I don't want their help. I'm like a stubborn dad on a road trip who won't ask for directions, even if I'm miles off course in the middle of nowhere. Because I believe in myself, and that includes believing in my searching skills. Go away, store attendant. I don't like you. I don't need you. I probably don't have money anyway.

      5. A general book rule: DON'T DOG-EAR THE FUCKING PAGES.

      6. Going to the store and congregating in groups larger than 4 is frowned upon.

      7. If you see someone you know there, don't talk to them. Especially if they're a teacher. Or a former teacher.

      8. Hell, even if it's a classmate that you talk to occasionally. Just don't bother.

      9. Especially if he's with his girlfriend.

      10. Sitting in the Starbucks/bakery/coffee section (if your store has one) when you're hungry is not a good idea. Especially if you have no money.

      11. Going to the book store without money is a bad idea by itself. It'll just make you sad.

      12. Do not try to read an entire novel in one sitting at the store. You may forget your place or what was happening, but don't even try. Your ass will thank you.

      13. If you're in a hurry, it's okay to just shove the books you were looking at in a random place. This is also really fun to do if you have a friend who works there, and said friend has been getting on your nerves.

      14. If you are OCD and you HAVE to put the books in the exact place that you found them, don't get upset if you don't remember. Just blame someone else. Take a deep breath. Go buy a cookie.

      15. Don't bring your laptop into the store, even if they have free wifi. You just look like a pretensious fuck, sitting there with your iced coffee and your stack of health books. You think you're so cool. You're not. Go home. Go hijack your neighbor's internet if you don't have your own. That's what I do, goddamnit.

      16. Don't hog those little CD player things for over 20 minutes. How can you stand to sit in those chairs for so long anyway? Those fuckers hurt. And you only get about 60 seconds of music to listen to. And they never have all the tracks. Bastards.

      Okay, I'm done. I have strep throat and I'm hungry for the first time in days and I just got robbed of all my nickels and dimes by my sister. I'm in a kind of bad mood.

    • Old Doctor Who = win.

      11 years ago


      I want to hug Peter Davison... ;o;

      And even better, unlike Tom Baker (bless him), he still looks decent in his old age. Chubbier, mind you, with less hair, but I'd feel more comfortable approaching him.

      The fifth Doctor is the most adorable little thing. He seemed like such a sweetheart, and he hated violence, always wanting to talk it out. But then he's all like, "nooo, I don't want to talk to them, you do it. I'm going to hide over here and tinker with the TARDIS," and, "Tegan, shut up." Plus he wears celery. CELERY.


      *that is annoying Tegan in the background. Noisy, noisy. She should've left sooner so the Doctor could be alone with Turlough the hot ginger and... ---insertnaughtythoughts--- *

    • Come And Take Your Medicine

      11 years ago


      For now, I give up on Marathon 1 (damn you, Cool Fusion!). Instead, I've started a game on Durandal. The title of this journal is the level I've made it to today.

      Earlier, I played a few multiplayer games in Infinity (since that's pretty much the only one that people use for online games), and I'm sad to say that I managed to score only about 3 kills per game. And for each game, I was only playing against two other people...

      Seriously, though, that's not fair to have that goddamn rocket launcher in those tiny levels. I used it a few times and killed myself as well as someone else. And one of the guys was camping, too, and he got me. I should've seen that coming... I need more practice!

      TAKS are this week. Wish me luck. Also pray that I don't waste my nights on the computer and end up screwing up my already-unbalanced sleeping pattern and have to take the tests in a zombified state.

    • Yaoi

      11 years ago


      Thanks to a certain manga site (VNManga), I can now download oodles of manga for free. This includes hard-to-find yaoi. I stumbled upon a series called "Awkward Silence", and it is downright adorable. It's hot, too, at certain moments. The main character, Toono-kun, is so freaking cute. He looks emotionless on the outside, but on the inside, he's so expressive!

      And Tamiya, his hot, baseball-player boyfriend is awesome as well.

      At one part, I thought that Yuu-chan, the hot-in-a-nerdy-way, superior-grades-on-exams-scoring, super-intelligent, glasses-wearing, leader-of-student-council-and-festival-committee, and childhood friend of Toono's was going to hook up with sweet little Toono. I wonder how that would have turned out...

    • Well, this sucks.

      11 years ago


      I caught a cold yesterday. D: Not cool.

      I was going to hang out with my friend today. We were gonna watch Doctor Who and stuff... :(

      In the meantime, here are some shops:



      I seem to have too much fun 'shopping Geoff... I guess it's because he has funnier pictures.

    • Happy birthday to me. >:3

      11 years ago


      Or, as someone else put it, "happy 17th anniversary of your expulsion from your mother's uterus". I think that should be on a greeting card.

      Anyway, today I plan on going to Cafe Del Rio (best Mexican food evar) with my friends in the evening. And then I started saving up for a 360. Yay!

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