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    • Let it be known that at 10:13 last night

      11 years ago


      ... I finally beat Halo 1 on Heroic.

      About freaking time. Of course, it's been a while since I've been able to play, because I don't own an Xbox, let alone the one with my game on it.

      I didn't use Catherine's help once, either. She offered to help (and in some cases nearly forced me to accept it), but I had gotten that far without her playing on it, too, so I didn't let her. Earlier that evening, she tricked me into thinking she had. I was like, "If you pulled back any more of those exhaust couplings, I'll kill you!" D:<

      Now I finally get to have my ass kicked on Legendary. What an honor.

      And as far as starting new games by myself goes, I started a game on Halo 3 by myself. She made me start on Normal, even though on co-op I was floundering around as the Arbiter on Easy. That's so mean... o_o

    • Multiplayer Marathon

      11 years ago


      It's weird, but despite the lag, it's fun. At least, despite my newbieness, I've met nice players who are willing to help me out.

      *faith in internet partially restored*

      *not for long*

      Edit: If you have Marathon and you want to play a match with me, just message or comment me sometime. I can run any of the three games, if you need me, too.

    • Even more shopping.

      11 years ago



      ^ It's fun to do this to text, but it takes a while.


      ^ This is Joel if he looked like my visual image of Caboose. I need to work on coloring hair, I know it looks awful.


      ^ Random RvB banner.


      ^ Vote Caboose 08. His running partner is Church.


      ^ Insert "doodle-dee-doo" music here. It's a spoof on those cartoon things where they zoom in with a character's head or something.


      ^ Random abstract blocks. Kind of has a Tron feel, to me anyway.
      And some advice: don't eat breakfast from McDonald's. At least not the nasty excuse for "cinnamon rolls", aka, a blob of nasty dough in a plastic black square.

    • More Photoshop fun.

      11 years ago


      All of these were created using tutorials from








      ^ This one only works correctly in IE. Highlight it to see the hidden image.

    • Ahhhh, vampire!

      11 years ago



      Holy crap, I need to go to sleep.

      And I need to improve my Photoshop skills...

    • Engel

      11 years ago


      I haven't listened to Rammstein in a while. When I first started listening to them, it made me want to learn German. I gave that up pretty quickly. Japanese is hard enough.

      Stupid iPod, it doesn't want to stay alive because I left it on the dock for so long... o__o

    • A friendly message from Gary...

      11 years ago



      Note - this is the result of:

      1. Spending at least an hour trying to find a decent DVD playing program (fuck you, Windows Media Player)
      2. Slowly searching for this particular part of Season 3 (it's hard to know where you are in a series where they talk by bobbing their heads and your computer has no sound - I do not blame RT, I blame Microsoft for making Vista)
      3. Playing around in CS3 and not being able to transform the text just the way I wanted to

      But enough complaining. I like it.

    • My first award...

      11 years ago


      ... is from Geoff. And my karma level just jumped up past eleven. I think you have to get to 20 to post threads... so I better keep on truckin'.

      Anyway, I'm assuming that the reward was for this:


      *I felt kind of stupid googling "Guy in a bunny suit" and phrases like that, but it was worth it. Not as bad as the time I googled "naked sailor"... um, I can explain!*

      Nyah. :P I haven't really shopped anything in a while. I should practice more. (The last attempt at something like this was putting MC's head on Burnie's body.)

    • The package has arrived.

      11 years ago


      After riding home in near-silence, I finally got to my house, and before stepping out of the car, I asked my sister if my package had arrived in the mail. She said yes, and told me how stupid my order was.

      So I ran inside and looked on the table, and lo and behold, there was much rejoicing:

      An issue of The Adventures of Gus-Man (featuring El Cheapo) had arrived. Short, but amusing.

      Oh, and there were some neat t-shirts, too. Now I can proclaim my love of myself, start arguments about who invented certain catchphrases, and demand that colors be called by their rightful name (or shade). Again, much joy was had. And my birthday around the corner might bring more joy...

      A few minutes later, I texted my sister asking why she opened my stuff (that's half the fun right there). She said she thought it was her medicine.

      Yeah. Birth control pills courtesy of Rooster Teeth Productions.

    • Moocher boyfriends.

      11 years ago


      I could seriously stab my sister's boyfriend. He is a goddamn moocher and an asshole. He mocks me, calls me a lesbian, eats my food, drinks my drinks, has the nerve to call ME a moocher... arghhhh! I haven't hated anyone this much since my mom's boyfriend.

      I give up. Men suck. I hate them all. I'm becoming asexual.

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