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    • Christmas Time to All

      14 years ago


      Well, nearly done Exams. WOOH! 3 down, Two more to go and they will be the worst. Sociology and Canadian Studies. "What is it to be Canadian" and they expect me to write a booklet on that! Damn You Studies!

      But let's get off School and find happiness in Life. Wooh! Happiness! Production of the Winter Video starts on Saturday 17th/2004 over at a nice Hill that I have been going to since I was a wee little lad. God! I feel old. Anyways, the GTing section and Stunts will happen there. My team and I have concluded it will be Part 5 of the video, so we are working from back to front. Thanks to all who gave me a song list. We will use them in skits and hopefully the video will work out beautifully. Just have to practice co-ordinating with music and actions. Gotta get the lighting up and ready and grab whatever we need.

      It's funny, I'd rather work on a Video that will bring smiles to dozens if not Hundreds of people but not study for Exams that will guarantee my future. Guess I have to learn to Prioritize better. Cheers to all! And to All A Good Night! Back to the Books!

      Tip of the Journal Entry: Never Climb Down a Chimney. It's Really dirty

    • Too All Out there

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      it's Coming up on the Holiday season, and we know what that means. Snow, Presents, crowded malls and best of all. No University till January. Wooh!

      So anyways, I was talking this idea over with a few friends and we have decided to make a music video with the theme of Snow. So far we have a few awesome ideas though music for it it somewhat limited.

      Ideas: Crazy GTing down steep Hills and do some Snowboarding tricks at Mount Tremblent, Snowball fight, Being chased from Ottawa to Montreal ( Show clip of Sign showing Montreal 186 then cut to Montreal 12 or something along those lines. It also allows us to hang out with a few friends who live down there. Freaking Awesome city. A few other ideas are sketchy but they are still on the drawing board.

      Music so far: Blink 182 - I Won't be Home for Christmas
      Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous
      Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
      Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon
      Maroon 5 - Shiver (For the Girlfriend)

      But yah, if you have any suggestions for this Film, I would love to hear them, and once we edit, splice the video together, it'll be up here for you all to judge. Cheers to all! Have fun!

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    • A Time to Mourn

      14 years ago


      God works in mysterious ways, weather we choose to accept them or not is up to us. The overjoyous event of my Friend Shawna giving birth to her first daughter on the 19th of November 2004 has been hit tragically. The little one passed away today. The reason was of a bacterial infection which took over her body and the Docs couldn't do a thing. Cheap mother fuckers...and so little Kendra died in the arms of her grand mother. We have lost a precious gem in a cluster of coal.

      This gets me very philosophical and deep, and the pain hurts for I was the God-Father, and I feel powerless and pathetic because somewhere deep within me, I felt like I could have done something. SO head my words for those who read this. Live life to the fullest. Regret nothing and cherish all those around you, for who knows when they may be suddenly taken away. Hate non (including n00bs) for everyone should feel welcomed and wanted (even if they post stupid comments). Forgive and Forget and let non live 'Rent Free' in your minds.

      In the ancient style of Karate I used to be in, one of our grand Masters passed away, and for a month we honoured him with a black band around our right Bicep. For the Next Month, I shall be doing the same to honour little Kendra Desiree Ann Eymann, and to honour the family who mourns the loss. If anyone would like to offer prayer or support, please do, I'm sure it'll mean alot to her. Good night.

      Tip Of the Journal Entry: Honour those around you, for their honour shall allow you to grow greatly.

    • Update for Halo 2

      14 years ago


      I HATE BRUTES! Bloody Lil Mother Fuckers they all are! On Legendary they just won't die! I can deal with them non Berserk mode, but shit, when they charge, no way can I pump enough energy into them before they drop. Most memorable moment just today was my Brute Plasma Weapons were near dry cause I had to deal with.....9 - 10 of the assholes as The Arbiter, The Berserk gorilla bitch was charge me, I pumped a pair of overheats into him. He swung, I jumped over him, cloaked and slashed his back with the Energy sword, his death howl screamed over the horizon. It was beautiful. I also like how the Wraith Tank just messes them over in mass droves. Just keep bombarding them till you can't see them against the blackened walls and ground. I totally hate those cockbites and want each to get Raped twice to make em feel different!

      On a Overjoyous Note, My friend Shawna gave birth to her first Daughter Kendra Desiree Ann Eymann this morning at 7:06. The little girl came in at 7lbs. and 1 oz. and I have nothing but great hopes for the family. May good Spirits rest upon them in the coming Months and Years.

      Myself now? FUCK UNIVERSITY! Been stuck in my house all day burning the electricity of my computer writing up 2 Term Papers and an Assignment for Economics, all due next week. Wooh! And Exams coming up soon. Hurray! More time stuck indoors. Oh well. Last day of Lessons coming up for Swimming Lessons. YES! The Brats will soon be out of my hair, I just need to do my report cards for em. Sigh. Work work work. Thank God For Halo and Halo 2 to let me kill things when I need to vent. Those Poor Grunts and Elites. It's amazing how focused you get when you are pissed and how more accurate your shots become.

      Next Note. The Girlfriend is Coming home Dec. 11th and is staying for the year! WOOH! Excitement. She was in Waterloo University then decided to only stay for one semester and is will be home till Sept and go to another University. But for now, I'm excited she is coming home, and we'll be able to celebrate 1 year together on Jan. 11th.

      Alrighty, I'm done my Rant. Cheers! Have fun!

      Tip of the Journal Entry: Stay Away From Shark Infested Waters covered in Meat Slabs

    • Halo 2 Time

      14 years ago


      Wow, My wrists ache from Playing for over 9 hours straight. I can't believe how amazing the Game is. Been playing on Legendary and it scares the shit outta me to be fighting an enemy with a more precise weapon like the Rifle. Though does anyelse see that there is almost no ammunition availible? I am usually forced to deplete my UNSC weapons, then grab a Covenant Carbine and energy sword. Which are both beautiful weapons, and maybe get some luck in finding some dead marines. Fat Chance on the second Halo.'s hard when you have no idea were everything is. Stupid Covenant Snipers! Honestly, but it makes it more realistic, but there is barely any time to relax and rest. Just like in real life. More updates to come as I continue onwards into the Second Ring!

      Tip of The Entry: When Swimming in a Public Pool, Stay away from the shallow end!

    • 4 AM Study Time before Work

      14 years ago


      Alright everyone! Wooh! Mid-terms are nearly done. Have one in 7 hours. WOOH! Gonna be exciting cause today is gonna be a messed up day. Work at 5:45 - 7 AM at my Pool, Kicking as usual, enter when the sky is dark and break out when the light shines forth. Oh yah, then study some more, then go do my Economics Mid term. Thank god for multiple choice! Anyways, I just realized there is so many crazy shows on at 3 o clock in the morning on a Thursday. It's kinda crazy! But yah, I have to get back to studying. Thursday starting at 5:45 AM till 7 o clock at night is gonna be a f**king long ass day, coupled with I haven't slept since 8 AM Wedsnday. Gotta love Coffee and other assorted drinks and all. Semper Fi to everyone! Have fun! and of course the Ever so loved Tip of the Journal which I am now calling it since hells no am I doing this once a day!

      Tip of the Journal Entry: Sunscreen is for external Use Only.


    • 1:20 AM Magic

      14 years ago


      Wow, Funny how in University you never get any sleep. Essays Due, assignments spilling over and studying rages on worse then Bitch fight contest between Grif and Simmons over Water Slides and Salsa in Spain. But yah, I'll start up just writing Tips of the Day in the Journal Entries if anyone really cares to get a good laugh outta them. So here we go!

      Tip of the Day#1: If a Ravenous Panda Mistakes you for Bambo, Run As fast as you can.

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