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    • I love drunk people!

      7 years ago


      I love talking with drunk people

      Talking with a drunk friend from another town via Xbox Live:

      Drunk Friend: I want to put my dick in the microwave. That way, it can turn into a magic new creature that runs off of microwaves instead of gas... but then i might have to stick my dick in the microwve all the time...

      Me: yeah. that would probably hurt dude

      DF: Yeah, but then it'd be the best penis on Earth... Mars, Jupiter, Satun, Uranus. Haha, Uranus... Penis.

      Me: Sure bro...

      DF: I can't find my pants. My testicles are scary. They scared away my pants.

      Me: It's ok dude. Just go to sleep. Im sure you can get your pants tomorrow morning.

      DF: Yeah. Ugh... [barfs loudly while still on the mic]

      Me: ... you ok bro?

      DF: Yeah. I just want to pass out now... on the floor. Its like im homeless!

      [signs off Xbox]

      You can't make this stuff up...

    • Vegas, Vegas, Vegas

      7 years ago


      I've loved listening to the Drunk Tank podcast these past few weeks (yes, I'm still keepin it real and calling it Drunk Tank) because of all of their conversations about Vegas.

      Their timing is strangely appropriate for me right now because my friends and I are planning a Vegas trip in June to attend EDC ( and we're starting to make plans. To say that I'm incredibly psyched is an understatement!

      We know we're staying on the Strip, though we don't know for how long or where. We're considering the Luxor or Excalibur though. Any thoughts, anyone?

    • Worst awards ever. Of all time.

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      the podcast awards this year were just plain hard to listen to...

      best Movie: Harry Pottter? I mean, there wasnt a lot of good competition, but literally ANYTHING else is better. its a dumb kiddie movie that lost all entertainment value after the 3rd or 4th movie

      Best game: Old Republic isnt even open to the public! and not a vote for skyrim? really?

      and worst of all... Best Internet video: FRIDAY? for fuck's sake! you gotta be kidding! i thought they were kidding at first!

      I will agree though, Breaking Bad is phenominal .

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    • Nerd Joy

      7 years ago


      Today, the video game of the best show on TV released. Thats right, NCIS is now officially a 360 game.

      But it got better. I also found NCIS avatar gear. My 360 avatar is now dressed as Agent McGee. Total nerd joy monent.

    • Easter Egg-ish bit from this week...

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      I felt that part of this week's episode was almost a reference or easter egg...

      Anyone else think the foot race action scene from this week almost felt very Sonic the Hedgehog vs Shadow rivalry ?

      Think about it. Carolina is the figurehead of Team Freelancer, Model leader of the team, and overall "good" character. Very Sonic. She's got a rivalry against Tex, who's the dark horse that isnt really part of the team, has no clear background, but still shares the same objectives. Very Shadow.

      On top of this, its a really linear footrace totally based on Carolina's speed vs Tex's speed combined with gadgets along a straight stretch of road that doesnt seem to end, a lot like levels from the 3D Sonic games.

      Hell, Sonic/Carolina and Shadow/Tex even have the same colors!

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    • Confusion about the Freelancer timeline

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      I'm totally enjoying the Freelancer storyline this year, but i'm also a bit confused by the storyline, specifically about Maine/Meta and his circumstances...

      When does the injury that cripples his ability to talk happen? I'm confused because, in the trailer from this season, Maine is injured in some sort of op with Wash and is brought into the infirmary, where they say he'll never talk again. As Wash observes the surgery, he and York talk, and York mentions that his eye injury is almost healed and he will be leaving the hospital soon.

      Flash forward (or backward?) to Episode 10 of this season. We see that Maine's grenade aimed for Tex is what injures York, so we would assume that this is also before Maine's injury. Yet when the team is being assembled for the Sarcophagus mission, Meta is not injured, but York is being released from the hospital to join the team. Doesnt this conflict with our timeline?

      Also, we hear Meta talk in Ep. 15, so that would further suggest that his throat injury hasnt happened even though the trailer directly shows that Maine and York were in the hospital together...

      I'm so confused...

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    • 360 Dash Update

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      Hey all!

      I just found this link on

      It sounds like Major Nelson and the 360 team are looking for testers for a new Dashboard update. Major Nelson's blog says that testers will recieve a copy of Reach, "along with other possible rewards" for their involvement. (Rumor is, this is a copy protection/piracy combating update, so I am personally all for helping the cause even without the rewards)

      They expect to enlist multiple thousands of people, so odds of admission to the project seen pretty high.This is open to Live members, regardless of age, and to both Gold and Silver members, though they say Gold members will be given preferential treatment when choosing participants. The only restriction is that all participants must be in the continental 48 US states.

      The Joystiq article has a link to both Major nelson's blog and the Microsoft portal to apply.

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    • Tight!

      8 years ago


      I was just chillin and playin some Reach multiplayer matchmaking in Multi Team and I noticed mid game that I was playing against Knuckles Dawson, the guy that the RT guys talk about. That was pretty cool!

      Needless to say, he kicked my team's ass though...

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      7 years ago

      Thanks for the mods

    • suppi

      7 years ago

      It's called Tumblr.

      Also, I'm just bored.

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