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    • Flinchless Alfredy Doo (my dumb edit)

      1 year ago


      Here's my edit of Filnchless Alfredy Doo! Enjoy!

    • A Better Me(mber of The Community) + RTX London

      1 year ago


      So... it's been a while.

      *sigh* Where do I begin?

      Well... might as well start with the good:

      RTX London happened! (though at the time of writing this it's already been a week). I was amazed walking amongst all the fans, the merchandise and the different attractions. I can honestly say that, being there to see these internet celebraties, the people I've been virtually growing up with for a decade, was definately the greatest experience for me this year (queues were very british and long)!

      Also, I have to mention meeting Chris and Aaron. In addition to getting a signing, they also kickstarted my Twitter account. Long story short: I used to only use Twitter to occasionally see what famous celebs were saying, never once tweeting for myself. I wanted a solid first tweet, so I figured "Why not two fine gentlemen from RT"?. So yeah, my Twitter story has begun. You can follow me here if you want to:

      Lastly, I met The Legend... Jeremy Dooley. Sure, RTX was incredible! It's an event that I absolutely want to experience again in my lifetime. But getting a picture with Lil' J, as the sun sets, on the final day, was the best way RTX could've ended!

      In other news, I made myself a sweet new logo (hope you like it), and I'll hopefully be able to start Twitch streaming later this week! If you'd like to see how bad I am, you can check me out here:

      Now the bad:

      I'm no longer a team leader at ODEON TW (I quit), which is fine considering every shitty decision that took place over the past 3 years. What had seemed like a dream job back in 2014 had turned into a waking nightmare! While I am glad to be shot of that place, I find myself struggling to get a decent replacement job. It's frustrating when I know my skills/strengths, but am unable to put them towards generating income. I don't want to dwell too much on this year as far as work goes, I'll simply say: I've managed. I'm trying some new things which could be enjoyable career-wise (photography/editing/filming/greenscreen) so, we'll see how that goes.


      All of that aside, that's not why I'm here writing this...

      The truth is: I need to be a better member of this community.

      This company, all its divisions, and all of the crew that produce some of the best content for internet daily, ultimately wouldn't be where it is today, if it weren't for all the fans. AH Community Videos, Artists, Extra Life Donaters, Animators... the list goes on and on. The point is WE are Rooster Teeth, and I fully intend to increase my support for everyone involved!

      I started following RT in 2008 (around the time when RvB Season 6 was coming out). From that start date, I've watched literally everything this company has to offer! (except Heroes and Halfwits - that series is long AF). I owe it to myself AND Rooster Teeth to contribute, support and make friends within the community. 

      So, from this moment, I'm going to be a productive member on this site. 

      Next update will probably be in a month or so.

      Catch ya, later!

      P.S. I know this was like a book and a half to get through, but I felt it was necessary. If you read the whole thing, you're awesome and I thank you ♥ From now on, shorter and more frequent updates (unless something major comes up) I promise!

      P.P.S. No more Mass Effect 3 talk (Indoctrination Theory = Bollocks)

    • Another Year, Another Update

      5 years ago


      Ok let's keep this brief:

      I got a job (finally) working for a cinema..... which is pretty cool!

      I got a PS4 but, with hardly any games out for it, it's been criminally underused by me. However with The Last of Us coming out tomorrow and Destiny in about a month, things will change.

      And I'm about 4 more lessons away from passing my driving test :)

      Also I am TERRIBLY addicted to Metal Gear Rising: Revengence (I've bought it 3 times: Xbox, PC and a PS3 that wasn't mine)

      BOOM!! There we have it.... Update 2014
      See you in a year!

    • Time For An Update

      6 years ago


      Seeing as how it's nearly been a whole year since I made a journal entry, I kinda figured to make one before I lose all credibility.

      So Q1) Why has it taken me so long to make a journal entry?

      Well... as I person I'm kinda lazy, I'll admit it , guilty as charged, but that's not the main reason. A little while ago I went on holiday to Ireland (lovely place, absolutely check it out if you love Guinness and rain) and while I was there I decided "you know what? I haven't made a journal entry in a while, let's do it!". However shortly after I made this decision I discovered that Ireland has the WORST internet in the world (sorry Australia). The entry in question was titled 'RT Reactions' where I basically assigned bronze, silver and gold awards for what I considered the best genuine reactions by RT employees. So long story short, I had created and completed a sweet-ass JE, but when it came to submitting.........I got the check internet connection screen... and subsequently gave myself the mother-of-all facepalms. Needless to say I was pretty hurt after that both externally and internally, and that's why the hiatus has lasted so long.

      Q2) What am I up to?

      - Trying to get a job
      - Trying to Merit my I-Media BTEC (Creative Media is already in the bag)
      - Trying to get a decent PC
      - Trying to get my new Youtube channel started
      - Trying to get a girlfriend ("The name's Guy, Forever Alone Guy")

      Alright that will be all for now, I'll do my bestest to try and make more entries in the near future.
      Peace XX

    • Front Page News

      7 years ago


      Two nice surprises in one? Yes it would seem that this super, mega, awesome company has finally got the respect it deserves in the form of a new RvB video that's been granted 1st place on the Xbox dashboard's wall of news, congrats!

      So, what was this amazing new video all about? Only a little game called Halo 4! It's great that we now have a release date (November 6th), but what's better is being able to catch a real glimpse at how things will look (graphic-wise),

      Oh yeah, almost forgot[smiley6]. I mentioned in my previous post that I'd beaten Mass Effect 3, which obviously means I have an opinion about the ending(s). Well, after much thought and listening to podcast #160 AND constantly checking Google news and Youtube, I have only this to say: ".....IT.....IS......FINE!"

      Peace! [smiley0]

      --edit-- thanks to xBRITxHyBriD I have remembered to not forget!
      --edit-- removed all that BS about believing the Indoctrination Theory was true, WTF was I thinking?!

    • Back From Rome

      7 years ago


      Time to catch up on a week's worth of Rooter Teeth and Achievement Hunter.

      Oh yeah, forgot to mention before I went away - Finished Mass Effect 3 (Will give opinion later)

      As for now....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz smiley4.gif

    • Game of the Year

      7 years ago


      = Mass Effect 3

      Oh, like you thought it would be something else, lol!

      I don't care how much work has gone into Halo 4/Bioshock Infinite/Boarderlands 2/MGS: Rising (Revengence) or any other game that comes out this year - IT WILL NOT BEAT THIS!!!

      It looks like Bioware has pulled the same trick as Valve did in early 2011.

      "I should go".

    • Hello, New Look!

      7 years ago


      Well, aren't you a sexy thing. When Ben posted the journal informing users of the change, I thought he meant that the old version (which I guess is now the old old version) would be gone and the *Preview the New Profile* profile would then become default for all.

      Nice Surprise, Thank You, Ben! smiley0.gif

    • Bip. Bap. Bam.

      in Forums > Bip. Bap. Bam. | Follow this topic


      Before I begin, I'd like to take this opportunity to issue a MINI SPOILER ALERT if you click on the links below, so be warned!

      Now to business - When I got back home and began roaming the net I almost had a Mass Explosion when I saw what awaited me:

      Firstly, and most importantly, we get taken on a tour of the new Normandy!:-

      Secondly we're shown how best to hijack a Cerberus Atlas:-

      Lastly, the IGN Rewind team take an in-depth look at the recent 'Take Back Earth Cinematic Trailer':-
      Not strictly new - it's been out for 6 days, but still...

      I honestly don't know how much more of this I can take, I mean we're literally only a week away from the official launch, and yet the stream just keeps on flowing. I don't know about you guys but, I'm starting to feel more and more like a dog that's waiting for the tennis ball to be thrown, and the owner keeps saying "You want the ball? You want the Ball?

      smiley5.gif ...YES!!! I WANT THE FREAKIN' BALL!!!!!
      'sigh' Well at least we have the countdown - Shout out to Bigt619 smiley12.gif

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    • Cerberus Daily News

      in Forums > Cerberus Daily News | Follow this topic


      Before I resumed my Mass Effect Race, which, if you're interested is going great (I'm currently trying to get it on with a certain Ardat-Yakshi) I suddenly realized that the Cerberus Network was displaying a new message:-

      Khar'Shan communication gone dark. Batarian economy cut off from colonies. Hegemony: "Comm buoy disruption due to solar output."

      No idea what any of that means - Will post an update if I find something.

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    • theiviaster

      7 years ago

      Here ya go buddy

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        7 years ago

        Thanks smiley12.gif

    • theiviaster

      7 years ago

      Thanks for finding the mass effect info xD

      • RoosterBrit FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        7 years ago

        No problemo - Happy to help any Mass Effect fan.

    • LaughingLion

      7 years ago

      Merry Christmas!!!!

      • RoosterBrit FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        7 years ago

        Merry Christmas, to you too! smiley12.gif

    • theiviaster

      7 years ago

      Hello new friend!
      guess im the first one to comment here smiley0.gif

      • RoosterBrit FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        7 years ago

        Yay! This is the beginning of a great friendship. smiley0.gif

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