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    • Rooster Teeth .. grr

      13 years ago


      I haven't been able to log on for 3 days. It has to be a RT issue. I don't know what the problem is, but the damn thing just refused to recognize my sign on.
      Anyway, cheers to me for finding a way.

    • yack

      13 years ago


      Basically I'm dying in one of my classes and the amount of time I have to devote to that class I am missing out a little bit on studying in my other important class.
      As a result of worry and work and stressing over mastering certain concepts I am tired a lot of the time. I Think I have lost 3-5 ibs.

      Damn 800 student lectures and inaccesible TA's.

      So I'm going to talk to my professor and see what kind of help I can get. He will probably direct me to a pretty inaccessible TA. Of course my internet connection also went out last night which I have to see if my prof will believe me and let me turn in my homework late without penalty. I'm not expecting a fair shake at all, after all, that is the system. Full time workers get screwed over.

    • Appeasement is a temporary solution...

      13 years ago


      I have to tell you how disgusted over Israel's leadership during these times. Benyamin Netanyahu was correct when he resigned his position over the current cabinets policy of appeasement-it only leads to an even greater evil.
      Taken from an article I read

      Israel may release prisoners
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      Sep 4, 2006

      Israel could release up to 800 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a single soldier, captured by Gaza militants in early June.

      Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot says the deal's being discussed under secret talks, being mediated by Egypt.

      The paper says Israel will release the prisoners in three stages, although the timetable of the prisoner release is delaying progress.

      Gaza militants seized Corporal Gilad Shalit on June 25th, in a cross-border raid that left two other soldiers dead.

      It sparked an Israeli offensive in the costal strip, to recover the serviceman and prevent rocket fire.

      Israel has officially demanded an unconditional release, but local media say talks have been underway for some time.

      I have to tell you I am sickened at the thought of the soldiers dying for nothing. I see the future is dim.
      I agree with trying to stop the current fires from burning, but the way in which Israel is choosing to fight the fires is what I am disgusted with.

    • Vacation.. sort of.

      13 years ago


      So... Here I am this lovely Shabbat (yes, on TEH internets and typing on Shabbat because I don't think it's a sin like the orthodox do) and I am sort of on vacation. As in, I am off work for approximately 9 days, however I still have classes to go to and such. I won't be able to go back to the Adirondacks this year and I will probably have to wait until next summer, but that's okay. I could always go down in the winter again but I won't be able to do the really cool outdoorsey stuff that you can do in the summer like boat, water ski, kayak, etc., but there is always hiking and winter skiing and just hanging out with old friends.
      So it has been really busy for me thus far this school year as I work full time still and I had to two of my books late due to financial aid being not so generous this semester. Every day I have to go straight from class to work late into the evening. Hopefully I won't have to do that very soon if something very important to me works out like planned baruch HaShem. I have some pretty chemistry intensive courses but the real problem is finding time to study. I work like a dog in order to have the necessary cash flow to keep me afloat, but good grades are really important for job offers and graduate school admissions (which I will probably have to do for more job opportunities). For those of you who don't know I major in Geoscience. You know, those people with really cool jobs that study natural disasters, seismology, oceanography, volcanology, (and yes hunt for OIL you hippies out there!) all that cool stuff people want to do when they are kids. So, the trick is keeping my sanity long enough to graduate and make some real money doing what I really want to do. Yeah baby! The future is mine!

    • Dreary Day

      13 years ago


      Man, it is a dreary day. I have been putting off running the last few days because I just didn't feel like it, and I was poorly organized. Now I really don't want to today. I'm on break from school, (other than my GIS course) and I have a lot of anxiety over the start of the new semester August 21st. Usually, this would not be a problem, however I still have to work FULL TIME because student aid says I make too much money to give me a larger amount. I am considering looking into private student loans. Problem is, they have a MUCH HIGHER interest rate. The Army ROTC offered me a full scholarship in exchange for my 8 year committment- but I've been there, done that, and I don't want to go back into the military, I'm done with that. Thanks for the fun Uncle Sam, but I served my country. ANd now I am surrounded by college KIDS who still have mommy and daddy wipe their asses and pay their rent and shit. Amazing the things these kids take for granted.
      Either way, I figure I would have borrowed 50 thousand to 60 thousand dollars for school when I am done. I know someone who borrowed 80 thousand dollars and graduated in a studio art degree, who now works at Walgreens! WTF, I mean, damn! What an idiot. He didn't even bother ending slides out (maybe because truth be known, his art is not so great).
      So concentration has been lacking. I may not be able to go on vacation this year either. That puts added stress on me since I haven't seen my best friend from the military in 2 years, and it would be another year then before we could see each other if I don't go. He is like my brother. I helped him through hard times (like when he got stabbed in Korea) and he has helped me through mine.
      Sometimes I get rather paralyzed by everything I have going on around me. School, work, personal life. Working to pay down debts that I accumulated after I was discharged. Taking care of my fiance, who has some major health issues.
      In the end, it will all work out. It always does. Even things that were bad have ironed itself out. The trick is staying calm and riding the waves, not crashing into them.

      That is all. smiley9.gif

      I'm doing well ya'll. Just doing my rant/bitch. You only live once mates. I don't dwell on the stupid shit.
      . And to those who wonder what happened to the GI Bill, well, I got partial GI BIll because of a messup in my paperwork.
      It helped, but it did not cover the whole cost. Beuracracy!

    • Viva la sponsorship!

      13 years ago


      That's right. Thanks to my fiance I now have a sponsorship! Yay Sponsor!

    • Media Maze

      13 years ago


      It is well known that the anti-semitic Muslim world uses anti-semitic propaganda. I ran across this little doosey of a job on

      I am not normally a fan of conspiracy theories, but there has been some questions circulating in the realm of journalism and fair and accurate reporting.
      You be the judge. More to come.
      Please read

    • IsraellyCool

      13 years ago


      I read IsraellyCool.
      He is a liveblogger I have known about fro a few years that is from Australia and moved to Israel.
      He is a pragmatic and intelligent thinker and links to several other Jewish and non-Jewish blogs.
      He reprinted part of Tony Blairs speech:

      And most contemporaneously, and in some ways most perniciously, a very large and, I fear, growing part of our opinion looks at Israel, and thinks we pay too great a price for supporting it and sympathises with Muslim opinion that condemns it. Absent from so much of the coverage, is any understanding of the Israeli predicament.

      I, and any halfway sentient human being, regards the loss of civilian life in Lebanon as unacceptable, grieves for that nation, is sickened by its plight and wants the war to stop now. But just for a moment, put yourself in Israel's place. It has a crisis in Gaza, sparked by the kidnap of a solider by Hamas. Suddenly, without warning, Hizbollah who have been continuing to operate in Southern Lebanon for two years in defiance of UN Resolution 1559, cross the UN blue line, kill eight Israeli soldiers and kidnap two more. They then fire rockets indiscriminately at the civilian population in Northern Israel.

      Hizbollah gets their weapons from Iran. Iran are now also financing militant elements in Hamas. Iran's President has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map". And he's trying to acquire a nuclear weapon. Just to complete the picture, Israel's main neighbour along its eastern flank is Syria who support Hizbollah and house the hardline leaders of Hamas.

      It's not exactly a situation conducive to a feeling of security is it?

      But the central point is this. In the end, even the issue of Israel is just part of the same, wider struggle for the soul of the region. If we recognised this struggle for what it truly is, we would be at least along the first steps of the path to winning it. But a vast part of the Western opinion is not remotely near this yet.

      Whatever the outward manifestation at any one time - in Lebanon, in Gaza, in Iraq and add to that in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in a host of other nations including now some in Africa - it is a global fight about global values; it is about modernisation, within Islam and outside of it; it is about whether our value system can be shown to be sufficiently robust, true, principled and appealing that it beats theirs. Islamist extremism's whole strategy is based on a presumed sense of grievance that can motivate people to divide against each other. Our answer has to be a set of values strong enough to unite people with each other.

      This is not just about security or military tactics. It is about hearts and minds about inspiring people, persuading them, showing them what our values at their best stand for.

      Just to state it in these terms, is to underline how much we have to do. Convincing our own opinion of the nature of the battle is hard enough.

      He's a pretty good speaker.

    • A blessing and a prayer

      13 years ago


      Yishae Fleisher, one of my favorite radio hosts has been called up for reserve duty in Israel.

      Please pray for his safety and all of the safety of Israel and her soldiers.

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    • Calicantzari

      13 years ago

      It's all good. People think differently and it's just different opinions. After you get yours out there, there's no need to put it into a fight.

    • Governator1

      13 years ago


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