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    • RT Quotes Project

      2 years ago


      Hey everyone!

      In celebration of the Extra Live Stream, I wanted to show off this project I've been working on for a while that fulfills a request from a while ago.

      A few weeks ago on a Post-Show, @burnie mentioned that he wanted to have an archive of all the different stories and quotes of the RT Podcast and have fans help contribute to it.  So after a few weeks and learning some database logic and archiving information, I created a web app that does exactly what Burnie wanted.

      RT Quotes will allow members to be able to enter in a quote from any show by Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, and Funhaus along with proper citation such as video URL and timestamp.  This is the best opportunity for everyone to have a chance to contribute and submit information so that we can create an awesome archive not only for Rooster Teeth, but for the entire community!

      Feel free to find the website here:

      Thank you again, and enjoy the stream!

    • A much needed update!

      3 years ago


      Hey guys! It's been a while, I suppose.

      So to start things off, I've been working at a new job that I was hired for after RTX, and have been enjoying it ever since! It feels amazing to have a job to go to, to have some level of stability, and to work on something you love doing.

      I've also been working on creating some games, and learning on building PCs and streaming on Twitch, but it's all still very new to me. Still, it's a great learning experience, and I'm happy meeting the people along the way.

      Overall, I'm happy with the way life is going. It's through this community that I decided to try something new, and managed to get to a place I've been wanting to be in for so long!

      Also with RTX coming up, I'm excited to see everyone again!

      I'll be updating this more often, and checking in with everyone here! Talk to you all soon!

    • I made this!

      3 years ago


      Wow, it has been ages since I've made a journal entry here! I'll do a proper update in a bit, but in the meantime, I wanted to share something with you guys!

      Last weekend was the Global Game Jam! I was happy to participate, and we made this awesome game, Morning Simulator! It's a fun game that is in the same vein as Wario Ware, trying to get through as quickly as possible. Feel free to check it out and see how well you fair!

    • RTX Bound!

      4 years ago


      Alright, all packed up and ready to fly down to Austin to see everyone! It's been over a year, and it'll be great to see so many familiar faces and catch up with events over the past year.

      Another exciting event that I'll be looking forward to is that my RT Anniversary is also taking place during RTX! Saturday will be a very interesting day! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there, and enjoying the days and evenings!

    • Whelp, I messed up.

      4 years ago


      So planning for RTX has been a bit more stressful for me that it has in the past.

      First, I mixed up the dates, and ended up booking a flight a month earlier than it should have been. I managed to rebook it, but I'm sure it's going to bite me later on.

      Second, I also didn't get the alerts for RT Sidequest badges, but I was lucky to get the badge for the charity auction. So if anyone has an extra RT Sidequest badge or BarLympics badge, I would love to buy it off of you.

      So yeah, that's been my week so far, how is everyone else doing?

    • Starting a blog! Any recommendations for sites?

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone!

      So I'm getting a bit tired of just hanging around, and I decided to start a blog about awesome things here in Portland! I already have a few articles written up, so now I'm looking for a good hosting site. I've done in the past, but I have also been considering SquareSpace. What about you guys? Do you have any sites you recommend? If so, I would love to hear about it! Thanks!

    • Oni Press Submission Guidelines!

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone! So for those who saw my journal a while ago, Oni Press is having open submissions starting May 1st through June 30th! This is a great opportunity from an amazing publisher for those who are looking to get into the world of comics. I highly recommend those who want to try out for writer, illustrator, and/or colorist, this is the best time to submit your work!

      For writers:
      - A logline - [what's the idea/concept]
      - A one-page synopsis / overview - A short summary that contextualizes who your project is for and how it fits into the marketplace
      - A 3-5 page outline - give us the full beginning, middle and end of your story so we can see your execution.
      - A sample comic script containing at least two scenes, consisting of at least eight pages and no more than twenty pages. This should be a comic book script, NOT a screenplay.

      For illustrators:
      - A portfolio with at least eight sequential storytelling pages with FINAL LINE ART / INKS. No pencils, just final inks [or the digital equivalent] by you.
      - No covers, pinups, etc. SEQUENTIALS ONLY. We only care about your ability to tell a story. Adding pin-ups of Marvel/DC superhero characters are not an opportunity to wow us, it's mostly just wasting our time. Again, SEQUENTIALS ONLY.
      - Please make sure your sequentials include characters of both genders and at least one person of color.

      And for colorists:
      - A portfolio with at least eight pages, containing at least two different scenes, from at least two different artists.

      For more info about submissions, you can check it out by clicking here.

      This is an amazing opportunity, and if you have an idea, you should absolutely take a chance!

    • Good news everyone!

      4 years ago


      So as some of you may know, I use to be an editorial intern at the comic book publisher Oni Press. These guys have made some amazing comics, but I'd say the one pretty much everyone would recognize is Scott Pilgrim!

      So what does this have to do with good news? Well, recently they have made an announcement that they will be holding open submissions!

      Okay, so what does that mean?

      It means that they are looking for new stories, writers, artists, inkers, colorists, etc. They are looking to bring new blood into a very competitive industry and give you the opportunity to show the world your work and creativity! I've always admired these guys, especially since their company is an amazing independent publisher.

      That's cool, but why not try to submit myself to some other publisher?

      Well, you certainly can, but it's quite tricky. Also, the big thing about Oni Press is that if you ever publish with then, you still own the rights to your characters and work. That's right, you own it, not them. That's huge!

      You got me. So when does it all start?

      They'll start taking submissions in May if you submit it online, but I would start setting up your pitch now while you can!

      If you guys have any questions about how this goes, or just want another pair of eyes, I would be more than happy to help! Best of luck!

    • Looking to learn something new

      4 years ago


      So I'm ready for a change in my life, and want to start picking up a few skills that would be helpful! I've learned a few programming languages, but want to try to get some stills that will help further down the line. So what do you guys recommend?

    • Ticket Secured!

      4 years ago


      Just got my Weekend Pass for RTX! Now just need to figure out where I'll be staying. I want to stay at the Hilton Austin like to previous years, but I'm certainly open to other suggestions. What is everyone else up to?

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