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      Hello fellow avid RWBY fans I've watched the RWBY series more than a dozen times and I thought of making my own custom character.

      The characters I was thinking of of would be a:

      Name: John Blackmire

      Gender: Faunus male around let say 26 years

      Hair: black hair with black or grey wolf ears.

      Height: 5ft 8inches tall.

      Weight: 160lbs slender build

      The outfit: black jeans,

      brown leather jacket with a grey built in hoodie

      black muscle type undershirt,

      black steel toed boots.

      Silver necklace with cross pendant

      Black gloves with the fingers cut off

      Weapons of choice: would be a katana style sword with a built in firing mechanism to fire the blade at enemies for mid-ranged attacks retracts blade at high speeds via high strength light weight cable can also be used to ensnare an enemy for stealth attack to unsuspecting enemies and dual heavy caliber pistols. The third weapon is a custom built homemade heavy caliber semi-auto assault rifle called Demons Wrath. The name of the dual heavy caliber pistols is Dual Karma, and the sword with the built in firing mechanism is called Arc Angel. He also carries 2 other regular katanas as back up which are unamed, one of the back-up katanas is a reverse-edge sakabatou


      Primary Semblance: Inherent Discharge: eyes change colour to Crimson yellow from brown eyes when activated ability to take damage and a percentage of aura from enemies to regain aura or redistribute aura it to those who need it as well as attack back with lightning based attack that has enough voltage to knock an enemy out or stagger them which can be channeled through the sword and dual heavy caliber pistols, semi-auto assault rifle or fists.

      Hereditary Secondary Semblance: Furosities Door: when activated strength, speed, agility, aura, primary semblance power and stamina are increased until deactivated, the secondary semblance has the power to defeat multiple enemies in one attack or rapid succession, the cost is 13hours of sleep to regain the energy it takes, so it's only used in seriously desperate life threatening situations if in multiple battles.

      Passive semblance: Faunus inherited ability to see in the dark

      The reason I am going for this look and the reason I chose a wolf as his Faunus attribute are a wolf has the symbolism of wisdom, nobility, honour and loyalty, charismatic/kind but also a mysterious side. The outfit is a symbolism of modern styling but also the ruggedness and the ability to blend in with the darkness. I shall post renders of the character once my friend and I have completed them. Feel free to post positive additions that would add to the depth of the character. Thanks

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