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    • Third times the charm

      7 years ago


      So I wear size 14 shoes, so it can be difficult to find a good pair that are available in my size. Well, I've recently had to look for a new pair, as I've had my old pair since 2005 and they're starting to hurt my feet, as the padding around the heels has worn down so much the plastic is exposed. So just under 2 weeks ago, I went to a famous footwear & found a pair from DC shoes that I wanted. They didn't have them in my size at the store, but said they were available & could ship them to me, which is what I did.

      A week later and the order tracker on their site still doesn't show my order, despite it saying it takes only 3 business days to show up. So I call them & find out that they're not sure if the shoes I ordered are available in my size at all, but they're taking a look, which is great to know, since I've already paid them. So I give them a few more days, but they still can't find any, so I told them to cancel the order & give me a refund, which they did, but since I paid by debit card, they're going to send me a check for the refund, which could take up to 15 days, fucking lovely.

      So, since I don't want to deal with them again, I check out online & find a different pair of DC shoes on eastbay for about $30 less than on the DC site & they say it's available in my size, so I ordered them on tuesday night, with overnight shipping so they would arrive by today. I'm watching the order on wednesday for any updates & most of the day it says ready to be shipped, until about 4pm, when on one page it says "released to ship" but on another it says cancelled. So I call eastbay & find out that there was a discrepancy in their computer, that said they had 1 pair left in my size, when they didn't, so I cancel this order as well with a refund back to paypal.

      So once that happens, I decide to just go to the source, DC's online store & order a pair of shoes in my size, requesting 1 day shipping so they'd hopefully be here tomorrow, since it was after 5 already. So this time it goes through, I got a UPS tracking number late last night saying DC gave the package to them at about 1:30 in the morning in KY and since I live just outside Chicago, they were able to get them here really quickly, it was on the truck for delivery at about 5:30 this morning & was delivered to my office at about 9:30, a day earlier than I expected. So, moral of the story, if I want any DC shoes in my size in the future, I'm ordering from them directly.

    • SWTOR

      7 years ago


      I got early access, but, of course, I'm stuck at work, dammit. This day needs to end so I can go home & play some SWTOR.

    • This pisses me off.

      8 years ago


      I saw this article from MSNBC earlier today about how 1 in 4 adults diagnosed with ADHD may be faking it, either by exaggerating their symptoms or by outright lying. They do this in order to get access to the ADD medicine, so that it can help them do better at work and such. It also says that students in high school & college will do this in order to help them do better in class and to get considerations, such as more time to take tests.

      This pisses me of, I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in 1st grade, I was on ritalin until middle school and have been on adderall since then. And I can tell you, if I forget to take my adderall before going to work, it's noticeable. I actually had to increase my dosage last year because what I was doing at work changed & there was less there to keep me from being distracted. To the point where, if I hadn't gotten the dosage increased, I probably would have lost my job.

      So the fact that so many people are basically faking it in order to get the medication pisses me off, it feels like it denigrates it for people that genuinely have it, like I do. Not to mention that there's a short of ADD medicine, so people trying to get prescriptions of it, who don't really need it, just makes it even worse. Also, the fact that students are faking it in order to get more time on tests as well, pisses me off, because I was never given more time due to me having ADD.

    • Really Amazon, really?

      8 years ago


      So, I was going through the blu-ray recommendations on Amazon the other day, when I come across something that sticks out, for a couple reasons.


      I see this and I'm taken aback, because, first off, I have no fucking clue what this is, but since it appears to be from the Disney Channel, I'm going to take a wild guess & say, I'm not their target market.

      Then I noticed what caused Amazon to recommend this to me, I added "The Walking Dead: Season One" to a wishlist. So basically, Amazon is saying "hey, you were interested in a television show, that was developed by a critically acclaimed film director, base on a critically acclaimed comic book, which dramatic look at life after a zombie apocalypse, you might also like Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure."

      Now, I know that the recommendations just come from people buying things together. And that since it's Christmas time, people are buying alot of really diverse things at the same time. But still, this is just stupid.

    • Fucking UPS

      8 years ago


      So I order Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood through Ubisoft's website. I paid about $25 extra to get overnight delivery so that it would arrive today. I get the e-mail yesterday with the shipping info & tracking number from UPS. The UPS site showed that they received the package yesterday and said that it was on time to arrive on 11/16. I called UPS about 2pm today because the status hadn't changed since last night and am told that sometimes it doesn't, but that it should still arrive today. I note that UPS already came by my office, where it was being delivered to, and am told that the overnight air packages are on a separate truck, so it should be fine.

      About an hour later, I check the UPS site again to see if there was any change to the status, there was. There was now a departure scan, at 2:49 pm, from Indianapolis. I am just west of Chicago, Indianapolis is were the package was fist scanned in yesterday. So, a package that was supposed to be overnight delivery sat there for about a day, fucking brilliant.

      I call them again, and I'm told its been rescheduled, it should be here tomorrow, like its a good thing. Problem being, that I paid extra to get overnight delivery, not 2-day, so don't fucking act like its not a big deal when you fail to deliver it overnight.

      Fucking bullshit.

    • Car problems

      9 years ago


      So, on Monday, as I'm heading into work in my 07" VW GTI, I get on the interstate & as I start to take off to get upto highway speed, my cars starts acting funny. I pull over, turn it off & try to take off & it does it again. The display on my dash that shows what position my shift lever is in (park, reverse, nuetral, drive or sport) and show what gear my trans is actually in, starts flashing. I realize that I am stuck in 1st gear. So I drive down the instate in 1st as fast as I can, engine wailing the entire time, until I am able to get to an off ramp. I take it to a Volkswagen dealer, and they say they won't be able to look at it till tuesday & get me a rental from Enterprise, an Aveo, what a piece of shit.

      I talk to the yesterday & they say that my trans control module just needs to have the programming updated, and I decided to take a long lunch to pick it up & get rid of the Aveo.

      I take my car & start to drive back to work. I get on the interstate again, and as I try to take off, the same thing happens. So I drive it back to the dealer in 1st again & they tell me that the trans control module, the mechtronic unit, needs to be replaced, but they needed to order it. It should be in next week, until then I still have my car, but I can't rev the eng to high, or it sticks me into 1st until I restart it. This means that I can't really drive on the interstate, so I have to take side roads to get to work, which takes forever.

      Oh well, I'd still rather drive my screwed up GTI than that pos Aveo.

    • Retales

      9 years ago


      Penny Arcade's strip from today and Wednesday is about Gabe talking about when he worked at Toys R Us, and having worked at Toys R Us as well, I can tell you everything he says is accurate.



      I can also tell you, that mine, and a lot of other Toys R Us employees followed the policy laid out by Futurama,
      "Our policy is: if for any reason you're not completely satisfied . . . I hate you."

    • Weird morning

      9 years ago


      So, I get a call from my dad about 7:30 this morning asking me if the siren's woke me up at all. I was still sleeping when he called, I start work at 10 and I get up at 8:30, so I had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently, yesterday a guy who robbed a bank last year overpowered two Cook County investigators and stole their guns.
      Well, this morning he stole a gray Jetta from a women in Hoffman Estates, which is were I live.
      NBC story
      WGN story
      And not only was it the same town, it was the street my apartment is on. Well I hadn't heard anything so after the call I went right back to sleep for another hour.
      I get up an hour later and turn on the news to see whats going on with this guy and they say that the guy stole the car around the 2000 block of Hassell Rd. Another station said it was the 2300 block of Hassell Rd. Now the thing is, I live at 2240 Hassell Rd, my apartment complex goes from 2000-2300 Hassell, so this guy stole a the car from right in front of my apartment complex.
      In the end, the guy got arrested after he robbed the same bank that he robbed last year, was being chased by the police and got into a car accident. What a dumbass.
      It didnt effect me at all, but its just weird that it happened so close to were I live.

    • Bullshit update

      10 years ago


      So I talked to my rental office about the late fee on the portion of rent they never told me I owed and was told that it was a mistake. The question I have now is if I had just paid it, would they have ever told me about their "mistake".

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