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    • Bullshit

      10 years ago


      Ok, so I moved into a new apartment last month, on June 15th. The day I moved in I had to give the rental office a certified check for a one month of rent. But when I was checking out apartments and signed the lease I was told that the rent I paid in July would be pro-rated since I wasn't in the apartment all of June, I was told it would be half the normal rent.

      So on July 2 I paid a half month of rent on their website, which doesn't have any of your info on how much your monthly rent is, it's just a way to make a payment instead of dropping a check in the deposit box.

      Today I get home from work and find a letter from the rental office in my mailbox. Apparently the rent I was supposed to pay at the beginning of July was for 16 days out of 30 instead of half, 15 day, like I was told.

      I can understand this, I moved in on the 15th, which they're counting, and there were 15 days after that point left. But they never informed me that it would be for 16 days instead of half, and now they are trying to charge me a late fee of $30, because I didn't pay it all on time.

      This is crap, if they tell me I have to pay half a months rent, when it is actually 16 days rent, but they never tell me this, where they get off charging me a late fee. That's complete bullshit.

    • The story of my scar

      10 years ago


      So I thought I'd put something up about one of my more noticeable physical characteristics, besides my height and weight, and that is my scar.


      I got this when I was 10 years old, I was visiting family in Iowa, and on the 4 of July it was just me and my cousin at his house as everyone else was out doing different things. We decided to go to some sports card shop and were going to ride bikes there, me riding another cousins bike that was actually a little big for me.

      Right as we got off his rather steep driveway he turned and I didn't, I started falling and the next thing I know I'm opening my eyes a couple minutes later, I don't remember the actual hit, which is probably a good thing. There was no blood, but I wasn't feeling well, so I went back inside and laid on the couch for a while.

      I tried to eat, but couldn't keep it down. We called the hospital, but they said I was probably fine over the phone, brilliant. The next day we drove back to Illinois, a seven hour drive, and the only thing for the pain was Tylenol or the like. We get back and my mom take me to the hospital, they do some tests and run a cat scan and find out that I had a slight concussion and had cracked my skull open.

      Now as I said there was no blood after the accident, that's because the hit was just an impact, it didn't tear the skin, but that's a bad thing. All the blood that would have come rushing out was clotting inside my skull putting pressure on my brain, and let me tell you, that is a horrible feeling. Take your worst headache and multiply it by a hundred.

      So they had to fly me to another hospital that had a specialist who could do the surgery the next day. The only time I've ever been in a helicopter and I was strapped to a gurney. After the surgery they warned me about not injuring my head again, or I could die, that's a good way to scare the shit out of a 10-year-old. So for the next 6 months, almost no physical activity, even when I tried to, my friends wouldn't let me. That's the beginning of another physical characteristic, my weight, as well.

      Also, we moved not long after, I was in 5th grade and instead of going out to recess and making friends the way you normally would, I had to sit in the library by myself, fun.

    • Two for the price of one

      10 years ago


      This is happened awhile ago, but I didn't think to put it on here. It was more luck than anything else, but still, it was an awesome moment.

      I was playing social slayer on Last Resort, I had just picked up the sniper rifle, and I saw 2 guys on the other team going for the machine gun position. I got set & lined up my shot, and got headshots on both of them with ONE shot.


      That was fun.

    • RvB Recreation episode 4

      10 years ago


      I was reading the forum posts about what the it was that Donut described as "something scary", someone said that they were positive it was an elite, but I believe it was the Meta. Here are some screen shots from 2:18 in to the episode when it crosses the screen.
      That is clearly a battle rifle, it appears to be white armor, and it appears to be the left shoulder armor mod that the Meta wears.
      I don't know if anyone cares about my interpretation, I just wanted to put it down somewhere.

    • Are you protected?

      10 years ago



      Before anyone says anything, I know thats only a dust mask, its a joke.

    • Goodbye Battlestar Galatica

      10 years ago


      I just got through watching the series finale, damn, that was good. It was great, a good amount of closure to the characters. One thing I have to say, they never come out and say how Starbuck came back, but unless I'm mistaken they did imply it.

      Starbuck is like the virtual Six that Baltar sees and the virtual Baltar that Caprica Six sees. They aren't just figments of their imaginations, as when Caprica Six and Baltar are together at one point they both realize that the other can see the virtual beings. Now Baltar refers to these virtual beings as angels, and at the end of "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" he calls Starbuck an angel, and I believe he was correct. I believe she is a virtual being, or whatever you want to call them, but instead of only a few people seeing them, everyone can see her. Near the end of the episode, she and Lee are standing in an open field, they can they for miles, he is talking turns away for a second and then turns back, but there is no sign of her. That is what made me believe she is one of the virtual beings.

      Once again, this is my opinion, so I may be wrong, I just wanted to put that out there.

    • Who Watches the Watchmen

      10 years ago


      I just got back from seeing Watchmen, and I liked it. Now, I have read the book, I first read it a few years ago and I actually own the absolute edition of it. There are changes from the comic, as is to be expected, and for the most part I was fine with it, there is simply too much in the comics to ever have it all in the movie. The only problem I really had was the very end of the movie, they moved some things around and I thinks it lost something from it.

      The changes to the very end of the story, and my problems with them below.
      From the point where Rorschach walks outside saying that he can't keep the secret of what Veidt had done to create peace. In the comic Laurie and Dan go off on their own a "comfort" each other, while Dr. Manhattan kills Rorschach outside. In the movie, Dan follows Rorschach outside and watches him get vaporized by Dr. Manhattan. At the same time Manhattan is inside saying goodbye to Laurie as he prepares to leave Earth forever.
      Dan heads inside and rushes Veidt, who lets Dan hit him, to work out the anger he is right to feel. Dan yells at him, telling him he twisted his ideals to achieve his ends, and this seems to get to Veidt somewhat as Dan and Laurie leave. But in the comic, after killing Rorschach, Manhattan comes back in and finds Dan and Laurie asleep and then speaks to Veidt, telling him that he is leaving Earth forever. But before he leaves, Veidt asks him if he did the right thing, that everything works out in the end. Dr. manhattan responds with "In the end? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends." and this shakes Veidt.

      I think the comic ending works a lot better than the movie ending, I don't believe what Dan says to him in the movie would have had any effect on Veidt, because no matter what you say about what he did, in his mind, the ends justify the means. Thats why the scene between Dr. Manhattan and Veidt in the comic is one of my favorites, because Veight is asking for reassurance from a being that is as close to God as is know, that the ends justify the means. But by saying that nothing ever ends, he shakes the Veidt, because that belief is possibly the only way he was mentally able to deal with what he did.

      Now the line about how nothing ever ends is in the movie, but it is Laurie telling Dan that it is something Dr. Manhattan always says. But in that situation, the line has lost its punch, its purpose for being in the movie at all.

      That said, I do like the idea that Veidt would let Dan hit him after finding out what he did and watching Rorschach be vaporized to protect this horrible secret. He knows that Dan's anger is justified and that he is not wrong to direct that anger at him. So he takes a few punches.

      In the end, I don't know how to rate the movie. The changes to the last few minutes of the movie changed what was probably my favorite scene in the comic, and I think that is tainting my judgment somewhat, because the rest of the movie was great. I will probably see the movie again in theatres though and I can't wait till the 190 minute director's cut comes out on Blu-ray.

    • Bumper damage

      10 years ago




    • Hallelujah

      10 years ago


      I was able to get memory from another store, and now my computer finally works.

      Now I will finally be able to play WoW non-stop again. smiley0.gif

      But of course, nothing good comes without a punishment, as I was getting onto the interstate, on my way back from getting the memory, something must have fallen off or out of another car and hit the the lower left part of my bumper. That sucks, I've only had the car a few months, and now I have to replace the that bumper.

    • Fucking computer

      10 years ago


      So, near the end of May I moved into a new apartment that is closer to work, and I have a roommate, so it's costing me a lot less. But when I moved my computer to the new apartment and hooked it up my computer didn't work, it would just turn off at different points in the start up, the longer it sat, the longer it ran without turning off.

      After looking online I found that this is a common problem, called CPU INIT, with the Asus Striker Extreme motherboard I have, so common that the 2nd one I bought of the same model did the same thing as well. So for the last few months I have been using a shitty ass laptop that my mom loaned me from her office, this thing is barely able to check e-mail.

      Well, yesterday I found some steps to follow off the Asus forum to fix the problem, I had to clear the CMOS and let it sit for a few hours. Well that seems to have fixed the CPU INIT problem, it doesn't turn off, but theres now another problem. The memory in my machine has Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP), but the BIOS on the board after clearing the CMOS has EPP disabled, so it can't get past the memory test, and I can't get into the setup to change it. So now I have to buy a cheap stick of memory so I can go in, enable EPP, then put the better memory back in, fun.

      I am so close to having my computer back that this little setup back is so disappointing, but hopefully by the end of the day I will have this fixed. Wish me luck.

      So, living just outside Chicago, one of the better places to go is one of the Tiger Direct stores. I called the closet store, but they didn't the type of memory I need. There's another store in Naperville that is almost guarnateed to have it, it's the shipping warehouse for their website, but that is about 30 miles away, and I dont feel like driving that far after work, so it may not be tonight that I get it working unfortunetly.

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