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    • This is retarded

      11 years ago


      Some parents have way too much money to spend on their kids.

      I found this while surfing the web last night and I had to let other people see this.


      Its like a power wheel, but not really. It has a real suspension, real brakes, immitation leather upholstery, a working radio, and a 5hp gas engine.

      The cost of the plaything for the pampered. $98,450

      WHAT THE FUCK, you could buy a real Testarossa for that much money. Thats just crazy.

      If you don't believe me, heres the link

    • Must play more Mass Effect

      11 years ago


      I got Mass Effect after work last night at about 7pm and played it till about 2:30am, the only reason I stopped was because I have to work today. I love this game. There are some problems, like those fucking elevators, and a pretty steep learning curve, but it more than makes up for those few problems.

      I am going over to my parents place tonight for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I wasn't planing to originally, but now I can't even think about leaving my 360 at home, I have to bring it along. I can barely stand not being able to play it now because I am at work.

      Just a little over 4 hours left in the work day. I'm done at 6:30, if all goes as planned I will have my computer and everything shut down and be out of the building before 6:31. Wish me luck.

    • Assassin's Creed

      11 years ago


      So I rented this over the weekend and finished it last night. You beat the last boss and the game goes back to the present where the girl Lucy, played by Kristen Bell, who I am in love with, saves you from being killed by telling her bosses they might still have a use for you.

      Everybody leaves and because you went through all the memories, you find you have the ability to see hidden things, like the cryptic messeges written in what is apparently blood all over the place.

      You go back into your room and look at the wall and see more of these messages, only these are all end of the world type of things from different religions and cultures. And as you start looking at this saying to yourself, what the fuck, the game ends.

      I know they're setting up for the sequel, and I understand that, but this is so anti-climatic. The big reveal is the insane scratchings of the last person to be kept in that room. That sucks.

      Edit note: Sorry, some of this may be confusing if you haven't played the game, but it would be even more confusing if I tried to explain the story any more than that.

    • holy crap

      11 years ago


      I beat the single player game for COD 4 and went back to try it on a higher difficulty, but the I started by trying the for the Mile High Club achievement.

      I cant believe anybody has gotten that, I can barely get past the first group of enemies without dieing not to mention doing the entire level in under 60 seconds.

      I bow before anyone able to get that achievement.

    • Charlie Oscar Delta

      11 years ago


      I got Call of Duty 4 yesterday and was playing it for a while last night. Oh my god, that game fucking rocks. Taking out helicopters with sniper rifles is so rewarding.

      What really surprised me was the last level that you play as SGT. Jackson, where all you do is try to walk after the explosion and the helicopter crash, just to end up having him fall over a die.

      It is kind of slow and excruciating in that you can feel that he is not doing well, and despite what you want, there is nothing you can do about it.I like that they take time out of a shooter like this to give you that kind of experience.

      I will probably finish the single player tonight before I go onto the multiplayer. But from what I have heard, that kicks ass as well.

    • Finally

      11 years ago


      I took me a while to get it done, but last night, 3 of my firends helped me finally finish the last two levels of Halo 3 on legendary.
      God that feels so good to have that done.

    • My proudest moment in Halo 3

      11 years ago


      I am not the greatest shot with the sniper rifle by any stretch of the word, but I do like it, it feels great to get a head shot off with it.

      Well, I was playing shotty snipers in team slayer on Valhalla on the blue team. I was doing as well as I normally do, when I got to about the middle of the map. I see one of the reds going into the man cannon. So I take my time and line it up, and as he was coing down I take my shot.

      Bam, in air headshot, what an incredible feeling. I need to do that more.

    • Transformers

      12 years ago


      What can I say but,


      This is not a complaint but a question, what the hell happened to the decepticon cop car Barricade. Did I miss something or did they not so him after the freeway scene?

      Otherwise I have no complaints at all, this is an incredible movie.

    • Halo 3

      12 years ago


      I have just got to say that the beta for Halo 3 kicks so much ass.
      There is nothing like killing two people with one shot from the Spartan Laser. Or destroying a vehile from a good distance with well place shot. The wait time on that thing can be annoying, but damn is it fun.
      I also like the new items, the bubble shield, trip mine, power drainer and the gravity thing, I can't remember the actual name. The are fun and they each add something to the game play.
      The game is so much fun and I really can't wait to play the full thing.

    • Spider-Man 3

      12 years ago


      So I saw Spider-man 3 the other day. I went to a midnight show on thursday. Boy was that dissappointing. It wasn't that it was a horible movie, it just did not live anywhere up to the first two movies. It just seemed to plod along with not much happening. And what the fuck was up with the saturday night fever scene?

      I will say that Venom looked pretty good, except when he pulled it back to show Brock's face, that just didn't look right. But with the mask on wit hthe teeth and the tongue it looked cool.

      Oh well.

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