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    • Ryoga

      HEY YA!

      7 years ago

      so i have interesting news...you know how i've kinda been gone for a while now? whell it's cuz i was on tour....not just band tour...this time it was FOOTLOOSE TOUR! yeah, i performed the dance routine all over da country...and even a little bit in Europe! Anyways, to the point eh? As i've said before, my camera sucks and i can't get the vids on to my computer...so i got a friend to do it for me, so now i have a vid of our performance at West End Live '06...ENJOY!

      WEST END LIVE '06!

      P.S. i'm the one in white...kinda hard to miss eh?

    • Ryoga

      GIMME DAT!

      8 years ago

      I found a movie that has managed to completely explain my entire personality so you can kinda know who i am without ever meeting me in person! just listen to the lyrics, it's so me!

      P.S.....take the words "SAD AND BLUE" out...those are false

    • Ryoga

      You poor neglected RvB'ers

      8 years ago

      I am sorry that i never sign on anymore....i'm so sorry that me and my girlfriend have even made a home video just for you! ENJOY!


    • Ryoga


      8 years ago

      Chadley isn't online much these days...awww sad. I just felt like stopping in and saying that i'm online MUCH more often on myspace, so g'head and look me up HERE. AND I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

    • Ryoga


      8 years ago

      Ok, so i'm gettin ready for bed after an EXHAUSTING day of practicing and re-practicing our performance until i felt that we were ready for the show ahead of us.

      This show i'm speaking of, ladies and gentleman, is the Extreme Dance Studio Tour '07. We will be departing for LA tomorrow morning and boarding a cruise ship that will take us to such Destinations as San Diego, Catileena Island, and none other than Mexico.

      I will be gone until Friday night and it would REALLY make me feel special if i had some comments in this journal when i get home ^_^

      Love and Peace,
      Your Friendly Neighborhood Chadley

    • Ryoga

      Wonderful Day!

      8 years ago

      I woke up this morning and decided to go to my old school for the last day...somehow everybody expected it and they bought me a yearbook! and then all my friends signed every freaking page in honor of their old buddy Chad! I even gotta see some of my friends that moved away, it was like a whole big reunion!

      Anyway, i feel bad for the seniors who think life gets easier after graduation haha!

      Luv 'n Peace!

    • Ryoga

      W00T W00T! BIRTHDAY!

      8 years ago

      So yeah, it was mah birfday on Monday, and i have a wonderful day! 3 of my friends made me cakes, i got 8 birthday kisses, and more spankings than i can count, WHOOHOO! Eventually i made my way home at about 10:30 PM....and i thought that was gonna be a chance to rest, BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I walk in the door and there are like nearly ALL of my best friends with yet ANOTHER FUCKING CAKE!!! I'M CAKED OUT RIGHT NOW!!!

      And dance pictures were today, which is really exciting because people on the team are family and it's always so awesome to see them again! And the guy that graduated was there so i made sure to get a pic of me 'n him...and the rest of the team haha. I'll post it as soon as it's developed and whatnot.

      Oh, and my song pick for the week is Take it to the Limit by The Eagles..

      Luvs and peace everybody,
      Chaddeth Von Squeegie III

    • Ryoga


      8 years ago

      So i'm really sad, Thursday was our end of the year dance concert, and it was the last time our seniors danced for the team...I'm gonna miss those guys SOOOO much...This Journal is dedicated to Justin Hemsley, who made me feel at home when i was the new kid and always treated me as an important part of the team...luv ya man.

      Anyway, i saw the midnight premier of Spiderman 3....and i do not see how ANYBODY could complain about that movie, it was soo fuckin awesome!!! HIGHLY recommended!!!! and of course it was me at the movie, me 'n my friends/dance team members filled 4 rows of the theatre so of course we ruined the movie for everyone else by taking turns yelling things at the screen (example: when spiderman gets pissed and slaps Mary-Jane by accident, my buddy Taylor yells "NOT COOL SPIDERMAN") yeah totally awesome!

      and OMG i found a song that totally tells the story of my life haha, Last Mango in Paris by Jimmy Buffett, i'll post the lyrics in the next journal.


    • Ryoga

      I'M BACK!!!

      8 years ago

      So after a week of rehab I have returned to you! As far as my eyes go, i'm blind in one and half blind in the other, but i do not mind at all because there is a HUUUUUGE difference between being blind and being ALMOST blind haha. And also i should have my full sight back by the end of the summer YAY!

      So i read all your journal comments and first of all i'd like to thank my Hero of a Brother, fuckin love that guy...continuing on, the comments and messages literally brought me to tears (something i'm glad i can do again) and i was truly touched...

      Katie even went to the extent of writing a whole journal just for me...OMG I LOVE YOU TO DEATH KATY!!!!

      And you too everyone else...

      So yeah, i'm ok and i should be online at least once a day now

      SEE YA!

    • Ryoga


      8 years ago

      It's still Dan, I have an update for everybody

      I'm afraid to say Chad's first surgery was not successful and according to what i'm told those were both strikes one and two. He has regained consciousness and says he can function normally except for his vision which is a slight relief...they have scheduled a new surgery for 6:30 this evening. I'm told this surgery is even more risky than the last...

      ...so no good news, but there is still hope...i told him what everybody has said and he said he greatly appreciates all of your support and told me to tell someone named Katy not to worry too bad that he'll still find a way to communicate without his sight....and he said to live laugh love and be merry even when he's away....

      ...I'll try to keep everybody updated, thank you again for the support.

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    • FalseHope01


      7 years ago

      Hey... so...
      I miss you.
      Where've you been?

    • Casty


      7 years ago

      You know a Jen Fezler?

    • Homelessjay


      7 years ago

      Yo dude it's been like forever :P just typing my shout outs :P hope to see u online sometime

    • rhegnasgurl2


      7 years ago

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    • pimpsniper1


      7 years ago

      *huggles* yea you just got huggled sir broken eye

    • BabyGurl18


      7 years ago

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    • FalseHope01


      7 years ago

      You are far too nice to me. smiley0.gif You spoil me and I love it. Hahaha.
      As for the address... I've actually put a letter in the mail for you. You'll have it soon I bet. smiley12.gif

    • Naruto_Rules


      7 years ago


    • twiterfriter


      7 years ago

      hey there whaats up???

    • PDs_lilsis


      8 years ago

      plz like check out my newest journal cuz i really need ppl to vote for me =]