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      I haven't seen a thread yet so I figured I'd make one

      I'll be getting the game day of release in Australia and have already got work off (woo!) so I figured I'd do some recording too.

      Heres what I'm aiming to get

      One down, several to go 10
      Complete a Most Wanted entry

      Shadow Vigilante 15
      Master the Shadow Vigilante Dark Knight track

      Gotham Protector 15
      Master the Gotham Protector Dark Knight track

      Worst Nightmare 15
      Master the Worst Nightmare Dark Knight track

      World's Greatest Detective 15
      Master the World's Greatest Detective Dark Knight track

      Thanks, old friend 10
      Hear everything Alfred has to say

      Free Flow Fifty 15
      Reach x50 Combo

      Anyone see that? 10
      Complete a predator encounter without ever being spotted

      Silent Knight 10
      Complete a predator encounter using only silent takedowns

      Point to Point 10
      Glide across Bridge without touching ground

      Around the World 10
      Use the Batwing to travel to all Fast Travel points

      Flawless Display 10
      Successfully battle Shiva without taking any damage

      Point Counter-Point 10
      Complete Deathstroke without failing a single counter

      One of Each 30
      Use every Freeflow Focus gadget in one combo

      Voice of the People 15
      Scan 20 Anarky Tags

      Predator Paragon 25
      Take down 6 different Elites in a match, using 6 different methods as Batman or Robin in multiplayer

      Clutch 15
      Kill a Hero to bring back your entire gang when at 0 reinforcements on a full multiplayer server

      I Like Those Odds 25
      As a Hero, defeat 4 Elites within 40 seconds without using melee in multiplayer

      Not An Ordinary Criminal 15
      As an Elite, earn 4000 XP in a single multiplayer match

      Depending on whether or not these are story based or not, I'll try and cover as many of these as possible, with myself and TrevOwnz doing commentary

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    • Halo: Spartan Assault

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      Hey Everyone,

      I've picked up Halo: Spartan Assault on PC, and myself and TrevOwnz from the site have done a few videos and are prepping to do a couple more. We should be able to cover the following,

      Escort Service
      Keep all Wolverines intact in Operation A, Mission 3

      Nowhere to Hide
      Prevent all Jackals from regenerating their shields in Operation B, Mission 3

      Never Knew What Hit Them
      Kill a convoy target with every stationary gun in Operation C, Mission 3

      Brute Force
      Finish the objectives using only the Brute Shot, melee and grenades in Operation D, Mission 1

      Foot Soldier
      Finish the objective without using any vehicles/turrets in Operation E, Mission 4

      So hopefully you can expect to see videos from us when the uploads are back up!


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    • 2019 years ago

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