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      Username:  Sahsha

      From: Vernal, Utah

      FIRST member: Yes

      Date Joined: January 12, 2015

      Last Signed in: always

      Rooster Teeth Content:  

      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: "You ever wonder why we're here?" "I guess that's one of life's great mysteries" Episode 1 RVB Season 1

      Last Podcast you watched: Off Topic on Friday

      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: That's not a fair question. They all have a very special place in my heart.

      Did you watch a RT video today: Yes

      If yes Which one: GTA V- Car Catching

      Favorite RT Series:  RWBY, Camp camp, Xray and Vav, RvB

      Favorite RT video: Jesus that's difficult. I like all of them.

      RT Site:  

      Current Number Of Notifications: 

      Name of first Journal: It didn't have a name. It was my first journal post though.

      Name of you latest Journal: Changes

      Last Photo you uploaded: Current profile pic

      Last Thread you commented on: I don't remember. I don't comment on a lot of things.

      First group in your group list: Achievements 101

      Last Private message sent to: It's private. 

      Achievement Hunter:  

      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: GS: 9567 (I haven't had an xbox in 4 months because I'm moving)

      Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads

      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Gavin

      Minecraft Skin: Princess Leia from Endor 

      Favorite AH show: Let's Play, Play Pals, Versus

      The Community   

      Favorite Group: I don't have one

      Have you gone to a community event: I have not. Hopefully soon though.

      Favorite Fellow Community member: Caleb is pretty top. 

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    • The Buffest of Buddies

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      It is currently 16 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Meaning it's too cold to snow. (Disgusting) There is a round-a-bout down the road from me that is a total of 6 miles if you go up every single let off. I only did one today because it is too cold and I didn't have the proper attire on. That being said, I did an 15 minute walking mile. I did have my dog with me and she had to stop and smell everything so it took a little longer but it was fine. It was just too stinking cold.

      Since it is too cold to do outside stuff, I will just use my elliptical and weight system in my downstairs. Cardio is key right?

      I did catch another cold. So that makes two sicknesses in less than three weeks. Needless to say, my work outs in the past week have been next to none, aside from today. I have kept on the healthy eating though. My weight hasn't increased or decreased. It's basically stayed the same, unfortunately. However, my shirts fit looser and my pants and undies are a little bit more saggy. (Good for me, bad for my wallet) I do have a tote in my closet that are 'skinny' clothes. I want to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. But I still have a long ways to go. I'm not going to let a stupid cold keep me down.

      It is also that time of year where I make my goodies. I make a lot of delicious and sugary treats. Cookies, candy, cakes, cupcakes, breads, chocolate dipped everything, The usual. I will not be indulging in said sweets though. I'm happy with the amount of progress I have made and I will continue to keep it up.

      Good luck to everyone doing the buff buddies challenge. I plan to continue until it is RTX time. I'm not getting fit for summer time, I'm getting fit for RTX baby!

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    • Weight increase :(

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      So I have gained 1.6lbs since starting. I'm almost sure it's because I've been slacking on my water intake. I've also been getting headaches after workouts. This is a new thing for me. I don't know how to combat this. Also I have no sugar or carb cravings which is fantastic!

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      thanks for the add !!! smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

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