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    • lefty

      11 years ago

      fired in a classic catch-22.

      I was doing something I was told was ok to do on my breaks (playing solitaire) and was fired for doing it when my supervisor's supervisor saw me.

    • lefty

      11 years ago

      The people that made CoD4 didn't make CoD3, but did make CoD2 and 1.
      CoD3 is a terrible game. It is udder crap compared to the 2nd one in every aspect.

      The multiplayer in 4, online anyway, is awesome because it works on an RPG system where you gain xp whenever you score a kill (10 per kill, 2 for an assist in team, 5 per kill in free-for-all).

      After certain amounts of xp you go up levels, which unlocks weapons and perks (a perk would be anything ranging from being able to carry extra ammo to your bullets dealing more damage to your bullets being able to go through walls and on and on).

      You get bonus xp for reaching certain plateaus with each weapon as well. 25/75/150 kills with each weapon gives you 10/50/1000 bonus xp (i think), then you get a bonus for 25/50/100 headshots as well.

      In addition to the bonus xp, you unlock different features for the guns. This will be either Red Dot Sight, Silencer, ACOG Scope or Red Dot Sight, Grip, ACOG Scope. The grip upgrade is for guns that a silencer wouldn't work for, say shotguns and machine guns that are, you know, too loud to silence. The headshot plateaus unlock different camo for the weapons. Digital camo, then blue tiger camo, then red tiger camo.

      The non-xbl multiplayer is ok but you can't configure your character which kind of sucks because being able to pick your perks is the best part of playing online.

    • lefty

      11 years ago

      What happened what? I don't understand.

    • Dainbramaged

      11 years ago

      I have to disagree with you, there, Dain. Nothing on the earth reeks more than a bottle of Biocell II Collagen ...which is made from four week old chicken sternums (or something like that).

      My doctor insists I take it, and trying to swallow it is like trying to eat excrement sauteed in said baby vomit.

      How the hell am I supposed to respond to something like that? And what did you do to piss off the doc?

      EDIT: Okay, I just read your profile and LOVE what you have for interests. I also wonder how many people actually know what that is.

      Post edited 10/10/07 8:15AM

    • lefty

      11 years ago

      Yeah... I'm lazy, it was sauce from a jar. I can't help it if Newman makes yummy marinara.
      Plus then I have some whenever I want it and it won't go bad from sitting for months.

      Post edited 10/06/07 4:04PM

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