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      2 years ago

      SammyWalks Sam

      I'm sure nobody important reads these and this is just another in a myriad of journals... I've been a fan of RT since RT podcast 250ishhh and it's only been recently that I've been a paying member of the community, I'm delighted my financial position allows me to give back to a family that's given me so much!

      RTX London can't come soon enough!

    • If Geoff took the VP for Telecorp* where would the guys be...

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      SammyWalks Sam

      Gavin, in Waitrose somewhere in Oxford...

      Ryan on a cattle farm murdering everything but Edgar...

      Feel free to get creative with this alternate universe

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    • The road to RTX17 (Fan perspective)

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      SammyWalks Sam

      Hey guys!

      So I myself am from London in the UK and due to many reasons, all of which excuses... I did not attend RTX (Boooo, hiss) HOWEVER...

      I solemnly swear I will attend next year! My plan is to document the next year as a RT fan, from here wallowing in the jealousy of all those that went In the last few days, right up to this point next year where I will be delighted with my adventures in Austin!

      The road starts here, what I thought would be cool is to make some friends along the way that like me are planning on going, learning from seasoned RTXers, arranging flights and hotels and then meeting some of you beautiful people in a years time!

      I'm not sure if this is the right place for this self advertisement and I am sure the lovely @Adam will moderate it if needed but if you like every want your first taste of RTX and feel you'd like a buddy to muddle through the next year, follow, add or message me to keep up with how I get on!


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