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24 years old
from Austin, TX

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    • Let it snow

      2 years ago


      It's that time of year guys! The snow is coming down hard and my classes are delayed tomorrow what a beautiful start to this week! 

    • Graduating Early

      2 years ago


      So its official, I'm graduating College this May.....a year earlier than I was expecting. 

      One part of me is pumped to get the hell out of dodge and get a real job. Be done with every ones petty bullshit and get away from all these people consistently talking about their hook-ups and drunk make-outs. 

      Then there is that other part of me that is freaking out, leaving behind the structure and friends that I have become so used to over the last three years.   

      In the end though I am saving myself over 10,000 dollars and getting out of this weird half-way world that is college.

      So let's go

    • Outlast

      2 years ago


      Something occurred to me today, while watching the Outlast let's play I grew up in Colorado and am now going to school in Arizona. I feel uneasy that those are the only two states that Outlast take place. Why.

    • Here we are yet again

      2 years ago


      Time to apply for RTX Guardianship...well fingers crossed everyone.

    • RT Book Club?

      in Forums > RT Book Club? | Follow this topic


      So I recently looked to see if there was already a group or something started for a RT Community Book Club, and I couldn't find anything that was recent. I was wondering If anyone else would be interested in a group where we all read a book once a month and then had an internet meet-up talking about it?

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    • 3 years ago

    • 3 years ago

    • Phoenix Adventure

      3 years ago


      A lot of people question how or why I am in a Sorority, this is because I don't fit the average cookie cutter persona that people view greek life with. I've never been concerned with how I look or what people think of me, I am full of dick jokes and I play video games. Don't get me wrong I know I'm not the only sorority girl that breaks these bounds, but thus I digress. The reason I joined a sorority was to find a family away from home, full of people who love and care for me no matter what, that is what I found.

      On Wednesday night, I was rather torn up because I had no way at all to get to Phoenix this weekend in order to see Lazer Team in Theaters. I had asked about five of my closets friends here at school, but they all had previous engagements that they couldn't back out of. So here I come woefully wandering into my bedroom in the sorority house and one of my roommates ask me whats wrong.

      I barely get out an explanation of my lack of transportation to go and see this Indies Film in Phoenix, and she is already offering to take me. I was beyond shocked, I mean we are good friends but I would have never had thought that she would go so far out of her way to drive me two hours to just see a movie. I basically said as much and her repose was, "I know how important this is to you, and it's what sisters do."

      So yesterday her and another sister drove me all the way to Phoenix to see Lazer team which was everything I hoped it would be and more. My sisters where pleasantly surprised to find out that they liked it as well, so much so that when they got home they asked me to show them some of Rooster Teeth's content. I think I may have just converted some new fans.

      So yeah this has been a really good weekend.

    • 2016 Week One

      3 years ago


      Only 6 days int 2016 and I'm already failing one of my goals.

      I had originally wanted to do the whole post every day thing, and actually use this like an actually journal. But here we are on the 6th and this is my first post of 2016, I wish I could say that I am just too busy or popular to do this but alas its for an entirely lazy reason. So I have decided to at least try and post once a week, which is a far more reasonable goal.

      This week I have rediscovered my childhood love for the Nancy Drew Point-and-click game series, so thats where I have been spending most of my time. And despite the graphics being

      kinda shitty and the storylines somewhat predictable, I literally can't stop playing.

      On the real life front, this week my sister asked me to be her maid of honor which was a big surprise to me! So I've been going to wedding venues, cake tastings, and all that jazz. Which of course is always fun and fattening.

      Still got two weeks at home for winter break and though the break is nice, I'm ready to get back to work.

    • Northern Arizona Bro's

      3 years ago


      Two guys just pased each other on the stairs in the business building:

      Guy1: Your brother hasn't liked my Instagram pic.

      Guy2: If it makes you feel better, he hasn't liked mine either.

      Guy1: Let's hug it out.

      Guy1 and Guy2 embrace.

      Seriously don't know if I could enjoy this exchange more if there was context or if it is perfect the way I saw it.

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