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    • Friday the 13th

      9 years ago



    • ...81385

      10 years ago


      He'd be 24 today.


    • Life, Death, Afterlife?

      10 years ago


      Since this community consists of such a diverse variety of individuals...

      I am not looking looking for a theological debate, or a purely religious standpoint. I was just curious on your thoughts/beliefs on death and the existence of an afterlife.

      Does death just end in decomposition? Does a consciousness or energy continue? Is a soul present and able to ascend into a continuing afterlife? Are you able to continue your journey on earth being reborn to another body?

      Why do these beliefs exist in you? Are these beliefs a result if a religious upbringing, an educated conclusion, or formed by an episode in your life? Are there events in your life that substantiate or contradict what you originally believed in?


    • August

      11 years ago


      Yeah, it's pretty much a roller coaster ride.


    • So...

      12 years ago

      as a relativly new user that has never seen this profile before these are just my thoughts, it would be nice to care about someone i've never met but sadly this profile, in its current state, does not incite that kind of reaction. perhaps it could if it returned to that state by replacing the current journal entry with one more in keeping with the history of meaningful posts about scott instead of the current stewards feelings.

      It was never my intention to get people to care about someone they never met. The remaking of this account was exclusively for Scott's friends and for my own personal reasons. I was asked to explain who Scott was and give an idea of who he was. I have done this in previous journals...

      This profile will always have meaning to those it was intended for. Even if it didn't exist, his memory lives within those who choose to let it. I have no control over what the rest of you feel or think.

      So, you can take what you will from what you read here. It is still the INTERNET.

    • Dear Idiot(s):

      13 years ago


      I really don't give a shit about you neg modding anything on this account. Unless you have a few million points to neg with, you aren't going to have any affect anyways. So go ahead and waste all the points you want. I could care less and I know for a fact that it won't bother Scott either.

      As for stupid comments, I have a delete button for every comment you make and a block button for every account you remake. Scott had a lot of friends that have become Mods and they usually take care of banning you idiots before I get the chance block you anyways. You are a minor inconvience at best. The only thing you suceed in doing is taking a few seconds of my time, ( the time it takes to push a couple of buttons) and make yourself look stupid. Like most people here, I have time to waste. I find it funny you are jealous of a dead persons e-popularity, so go ahead and be an idiot if that's what it takes to make you feel important on the internets.

      ..........................................................................................Laughing at you as always... oldie

    • Technologically impaired...

      13 years ago


      I finally figured why I couldn't upload this to 250free.

      This was Scott's first attempt at a Halo music video.


      His second and final one is on his website.


      13 years ago


      If you insist on posting stupid comments in this profile will you at least attempt to use proper spelling and punctuation. I hate it when I cannot make out the insults. I really don't have the time to copy and paste the comments in a word program that has spell check just to be able to read them. Please at least put forth some effort to make your idiotic comments legible.

      I would also like to let you know that if you feel this profile is a stupid thing to have as a tribute, then that is your opinion. The thing is that your opinion really doesn't mean JACK SHIT to me, so you might consider that before posting them.

      Scott is not around to respond to your stupid comments, and even if he was here he would probably care less than I do. However he does have friends here that watch over and defend his memory. These friends include STAFF and MODS, so if you must continue to act in an immature and moronic manner, then be prepared to be held responsible for those actions.

      In summary I would just like to say GROW UP YOU IGNORANT LITTLE PREPUBESCENT FUCKTARDS.

      Thank you for your time................................................................................... Sincerely, Oldie.


      13 years ago



      This account belongs to a DEAD person.

      It is kept up as a tribute to him.

      Also, If you didn't know him, don't act like he was your best friend. That just comes across as insincerity.

      The purpose of the journals are to let people who didn't know him get a glimpse of who Scott was.

      pertinent journals:

      To those of you that leave relevent comments...Thanks

      To those of you that think leaving nasty, flamebait, glad you're dead comments...Hahaha. Do you actually think that shit is upsetting???? I was taught to laugh at adversity by the best. You will only be blocked and deleted.

      journal as per POC's request smiley12.gif

    • Fun's over.

      13 years ago


      I had a good laugh and moved on.

      Time to move on and ignore scarface330, Livin_Thug , who ever else leaves illegible comments.

      Hopefully he will be a little more aware of his spelling. If not, well then it's his future. Everyone make typos and the occasional error in grammar, but there is no excuse for something taking extreme effort to read/translate.

      I plan to use the DELETE/BLOCK buttons quite often now, so be consider yourself warned.

      I made the previous journal while I was not in a good mood. That is not what I want this PROFILE to be about.

      However.....My profile (oldie) just might contain a rant from time to time.

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    • Lemmy7003

      7 years ago

      I never knew Scott, but I understand the pain you have felt losing someone close to you in your family, in this case, your son. I hope wherever Scott is, he's happy.


    • cubsrcool

      8 years ago

      RIP, bless your heart

      I hope you are tending your flock in heaven

    • MadIrishman

      9 years ago

      I never new you, though from the looks of it, I wish I did. Your birthday coming up reminds me of a poem...

    • upthatyo

      9 years ago

      I did not know your son, and I won't pretend I did. I do know one thing though, and that is that he was a good person, and you are a good father, and it brings tears to my eyes to be reminded that there are people like you two in the world who can make it that much better. Bless you and your son for having such an inspirational story and being genuinely wonderful human beings. Other than that, I cannot further express my attitude towards you and your son except to say that I hope I can be more like him and you. Once again, thank you, and keep on doing what you're doing.

    • 12Twenty2

      9 years ago

      I never knew him, I've never even heard of him until about 10 minutes ago, but it still makes me feal good that there's hope for this world because of people like him. Obviously his legacy on Rosster Teeth will live on, even to the people, like me, that never even knew him. Just from the small bit of info that I read, I now know what an amazing person Scott was and what his memory is.

    • TheRailrider

      9 years ago

      I didn't know you but you seemed like a pretty cool guy. RIP

    • pridak

      9 years ago

      I may have not known you, but may you rest in peace.

    • EBUMZ7

      9 years ago

      I might not have known you (I'm pretty new to the site) but RIP you sound like a great guy!

    • YtPatriot

      10 years ago

      "Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die."

      Though I may not have known him, he seemed like a truly awesome guy. His family raised him well, and taught him to love life, and live it to the fullest. Just as he did to all of RvB and his own family.

      I feel like crying when writing this....

      It's amazing how, you don't even know someone, yet you hear their story and it brings tears to your eyes. Not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy.

      Scott seemed like a truly amazing guy, and I know for a fact he is looking down upon all his family and loved ones just smiling; because he is so happy for them.

      He will be missed dearly, but no worries, he is always here with us, in spirit.

      RIP Scott. smiley12.gif

    • Joel FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      10 years ago


    • coloneltrip

      10 years ago

      i just read all the journals....and wow, im speachless
      this really touched me

    • invertedcoma

      10 years ago

      FU. RIP

    • middyfrosh

      10 years ago

      Congrats on FU. RIP.

    • starcom30273

      10 years ago

      congrats on the FU!

    • CountCaboose

      10 years ago

      FU requiem for the empyreal user.

      Scott, I never knew ya, but animated I have never managed to be FU. Even postmortem you're one up on me smiley8.gif


    • Caboose00

      10 years ago

      I think Scott's profile is better off not on the Top Karma List, why? Because it fills up this profile with less comments from idiots saying "how did you get +99 karma?!" and so on.

      Replying to an old post, but having the profile as featured won't help in that regard. But still, the sentiment is nice.

      RIP Scott

    • Niksilp

      10 years ago

      You're an inspiration to me, as I believe you should be to everyone.

      I wish I could have known you.


    • Illm_caboose

      10 years ago

      We miss you Scott!

    • cml1983 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      10 years ago

      congrats on fu

    • MrVash

      10 years ago

      Congrats on being FU

    • webgecko

      10 years ago

      Happy belated birthday, Scott. You are missed.

    • gotbuffy

      11 years ago

      WOW, that's a LOT of Karma!!!!! smiley0.gif

    • 3v4n

      11 years ago

      Its great that his profile has finally been ridden of the incredibly stupid comments.

    • Range341

      11 years ago

      I think Scott's profile is better off not on the Top Karma List, why? Because it fills up this profile with less comments from idiots saying "how did you get +99 karma?!" and so on.

    • Strider165

      11 years ago

      Why is Scott no longer on the highest karma list? smiley3.gif

    • affan077

      11 years ago

      I just read all the journals. All i can say is wow... I can't belive that you went through all that. I can honestly say that you are one of my biggest heros. I don't know anyone else that could/would put up with anything like that, and can only hope that if i had to go through something like this that i could go through it half as well as you. RIP Scott

    • AquaSpirit

      11 years ago

      hi im new to RVB and i rele like the videos and i was wondering if u could download the videos so that u can put them on ur Ipod, pls respond asap thx

    • PureTide

      11 years ago

      from what i gather from what you wrote he sounds like a beautiful person, i have never believed in an afterlife (atheist) but reading all this makes me hope there is one


    • T3nma

      11 years ago

      I don't even know the guy and I'm in tears right now and can hardly breathe. If our fucking country didn't spend so much money on warfare, and more on medicine, Scott could have had a chance. If we do go to heaven, I hope that Scott is there, happy. This fucking world is so fucking unfair sometimes. I'm sorry that he lost that battle, I'm blessed to have everyone I know alive.

      I hope you find peace in your heart knowing that Scott is there with you.

      ~R.I.P. Scott~

    • supergoto

      11 years ago

      While I unfortunately never knew scott I can tell just by reading through the journals that he was a great person and i really wish i had the chance to know him, he sounds just like my mom with his spirit. My mom had just recently lost her long battle with cancer last May(2007), she was diagnosed with cancer when I was a freshmen in High school back in '02 and she fought tooth and nail with it until the very end. Scott's spirit really reminds me of exactly what my mom's spirit was like.

    • Wolfmother

      11 years ago


    • Krispy Photographer

      11 years ago

      Your the only lvl 99 in RvB

    • SoYa

      11 years ago

      and i forgot... R.I.P scott... ='[

    • SoYa

      11 years ago

      to all those poeple that are talkig nabout OMG THIS GUY HAS ALOT OF KARMA!... no one cares if u noticed, if youdid... well the ngood job, so did everyoen else, thats not the point of this, thank you for trying. I am not tryign to sound rude but you all need to read the journals and stop asking questions...

    • MAEJ

      11 years ago

      *bows head* I didn't know you Scott, but I read the journals and found out what you went through. All I can say is, you were far stronger then most people and I respect you for that. I hope this message reaches you and you're well. Rest In Peace sir.

    • silentucker

      11 years ago

      just wanted to comment on your awsome karma way to go dude really impressed smiley0.gif

    • awsomeness

      11 years ago

      its been a while since ive visited this profile and i have a few choce words.....
      HOW ARE YOU A LVL 99???!?!?!
      STFU noobs, my god, hes a lvl 99 because he is the destroyer of you noobs.
      RT would be so much better if you assholes wouldnt go around posting random stuff like
      "OMG HOW FUK U GET 2 LVL 99!?!?!? I WAN B LVL 99 CAN U HALP???!?!?!?!?"
      2 words,
      FUCK OFF
      RIP scott,
      im normally not very empathetic but this is very touching. Perhaps its because were all a big family on RT
      except the noobs
      i dis-own them

    • speedy07

      11 years ago

      Two days ago a kid I knew passed away from bone marrow cancer. He was diagnosed in sixth grade, but I didn't meet him until high school. We did all kinds of fund raising to help pay for his medical bills, but it finally got him.

      I've never really known how it felt to have cancer take someone close to you until now (my Aunt died of lung cancer two years ago, but I had only met her one time), but I just wanted to pay my respects, as the last time I visited this profile was about two and a half years ago, and I was one of the "omg 99 karma!!!" people.

      I also wanted to say to everyone else:

      It's been three years people, how long is it going to take you to realize why this profile is here?

    • Donut_dude

      11 years ago

      Hey !!! Um I'm just saying I'm not a retarded fucking idiot that thinks you're a kiss ass. Although I do know your pain. I have lost loved ones too. If I had any mods I'd give them all to you as a tribute. I'm with you all those fucking people will probably die from a car wreck because they were drunk. I'm not trying to brag or anything but I'm not really 16 I'm 11 years old, and I'm very neat orderly and I am in a gifted program. ( for smart people not special Ed. ) I do like Red vs. Blue, but I'm not a bitch ass mother fucking dick sucker that thinks everything is damned to hell. Would you accept to be my friend? If so my profile name is "Donut_dude" Thank you for reading my message.

    • spartfartmen

      11 years ago

      hi im just wondering>>>>>>>>>>>
      HOW R U A LEVEL 99?

    • MCP

      11 years ago

      I'm here to pay my respects, to Scott and his Family.

    • darkseed75

      11 years ago

      I got to say that I came upon this profile by curiosity. I wanted to see who was this person who had such a high mod. But to my surprise I found out more that I expected. As I read trought the lines of this amazing person I almost cried, tears started to form in my eyes. I have never met Scott or anyone that knew him but I know that it is not easy to go trough what he went trough. I also know what it is to lose someone close to you.

      To Scott I want to say this: Hey man I hope that you are happy up there having a good time enjoying yourself and if you get a chance to meet my good friend Angel (yes that is his name) take good care of him he was a very dear friend of me and my family and I am very sure he can keep you good company.

      To Scott's family I would like to say this: I want to apologize to you for what all this people have said in their comments. Not everyone knows how hard is to lose someone you love and care for so much. These people do not have a sense of loyalty and love for others than themselves. But it does not matter Scott will not only live trough this profile, he will also live trough the hearts of those who knew him well, his family and friends. And no one out there, no matter what they say or write can ever change that.

      And to all of those who have left that ton of retarded post: One day you will know what it is to lose that person that it is so important to you and when you do you will realize what you did here and you would wish you could take back what you wrote and you would not be able to and it will haunt you for the rest of your life. That day you will ask for forgiveness and no matter how many times you get forgiven (Cause you will be forgiven by his family trust me) it will still not be the same.

      With my sincere respect,


    • Jayman1234

      11 years ago

      I last paid a visit to this account about a year and a half ago now. Back then, I paid my condolences to Scott and his father. And the comments box was full of 'omfg dudz how the fuk did u get +99 karma???? can u help me get tht hi???'. I had hoped that the Rooster Teeth community could, after so long and so many warnings, finally grasp the concept behind this profile.
      But no.
      Again and again these specimens of degenerate genetic material load this profile without reading anything and instead skipping straight to the comment box. They ask inane and sometimes hurtful questions. Even those who DO grasp the concept of this profile sometimes ask stupid questions. More than once i've seen 'How did you die?'

      What does it matter how Scott left this world? Would that make this cause any less worthy? The fact is that Scott was clearly someone who was loved by everyone who knew him. And those of you who did know him continue to maintain and visit this profile, making sure that Scott's memory is maintained as it should be. To be quite honest with all of you, I cannot summon the words to express my admiration for how long you have stayed strong and continued to honour his memory. I can only hope that I can form the kind of relationships in life where this much devotion is shared amongst us.

      Scott, despite the fact that you were taken so cruelly from your friends, family and loved ones, I hope that you are basking in the glow of their devotion up in Heaven right now. I'm sure that you are making the best of eternity.

      And to all of you who choose to desecrate his profile by posting such ignorant comments....just, you know, take a look at your own lives and wonder if your friends and family would do this sort of thing for you. And if the answer is no, get out there, go, form the friendships you need to survive in life. And those you need to live on in death.

    • Win32Hatred

      11 years ago

      I didn't know Scott. I didn't even know who he was until I checked the community stats and saw his +99 Karma. I'm here to pay my respects to him, even if I didn't know him.

      I know what it's like to have good friends. I don't know what it's like to lose one. I can't grasp the concept of would seem like an RPG...if one of the main characters goes away, how does the game continue? Does it stop for everyone else? Does it just...end? Or does it go on? Does it fix itself with good memories? I honestly don't want to know...I don't want to have to experience the death of a close friend. I am sorry to those who have faced the tragic event that is death.

      I hate to see things in this memorial profile negmodded out of the immaturity of the children on the internet...I have 440 mods. Of anything needs some repair, just let me know. I'd be honored to help.

      It may not matter much coming from some random person on the internet, but I honestly wish him peace.

      Post edited 2/21/08 6:27AM

    • wwefan_bs

      11 years ago

      how did u die?

    • imortalhunte

      11 years ago

      wow. i know you probably dont read this anymore. but i just read the letter thread and the journals and im touched. i think that assholes that post pointless things lik that idiot two post before me are sick. i can just say that this helped me. i dont know just did.

    • elgimpy

      11 years ago

      dared me to so
      u suck

    • bsilver

      11 years ago

      His friend list is reserved for the people who actually knew him........sorry.

      didnt know the staff knew him oh-so-well.

    • VirtuousV

      11 years ago

      I came back from along time of no RvB to pay my respects.
      RIP Scott!

    • BigDaddy117 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      11 years ago

      I know what its like having good friends, what you guys are doing is somthing a saint would do.

      This is to everyone, please dont forget you're friends after they have past away, what they are doing is somthing that makes me believe in humanity. Sorry if I seem like i was his friend, but a friend of mine recently past away, and I know what everyone of his friends must have gone through. It may not matter much coming from me, but i honestly wish him peace.

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