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      So I was reading through some cool stories the other day and got a couple good Ideas for a few OCs that I'm working on and wanted to get some feedback on them. Also, feel free to send your's in as well if you want to talk about them, though please leave out big back stories just for the sake of space .

      Name: Nahlan Rouge

      Nick Name: Nahla for friends, Lanny for Family

      Gender: Female

      Species: Faunus (cheetah)

      Age: 17

      Emblem: A fist surrounded by flames

      Height: 5'4"

      Build: Is fairly skinny, with a small bust. Is often described as lanky. Even though she looks rather skinny, most of her mass is all muscle so she is often underestimated due to her size. Is highly flexible and very nimble.

      Skin tone: Olive skin tone

      Eye colour: A light icy blue

      Hair style: Has her hair styled in an undercut with her hair brushed over to the left, still long in the front so it almost covers her eyes.

      Hair Colour: Blonde with flecks of dark brown

      Other Features: Has a small scar over her left eyebrow.

      Faunus Heritage/features: Has two natural black tattoos starting from the inside corner of her eyes, going down her cheeks before fading out as they reach her jaw.

      Combat outfit: Wears a white button-down dress shirt with the top button undone tucked into a pair of slim fitting dark grey slacks held up by a set of black suspenders. She normally keeps the sleeves of her shirt rolled up to her elbows. For shoes, she wears a pair of custom steel-toe dress shoes.

      Accessories: Has a dark brown leather bracelet on her left wrist.

      Sleep wear: a pair of Black sweatpants and a grey muscle shirt.

      Formal wear: Prefers to simply find a nice matching jacket for her slacks and pair them with a black bowtie.

      Personality: Appears to be the level headed one in her team but is actually the one prone to have the most extreme reaction to things. She normally prefers to just sit back and watch the world tick by around her. Is fairly sensitive about her Faunus heritage and can get very aggressive when mocked or teased about it. Is a very vindictive person to those that wrong her or people she cares about and is known for being able to hold a grudge for a long time. Despite her initial aggressiveness, once you'v e earned her trust she is probably one of the most caring people you'll ever meet.

      Behaviour: Tries to act cool and nonchalant but once you're her friend, she's like a big teddy bear that just wants to love you.

      Romance: Yes

      Sexuality: Bi

      Home Kingdom: Mistral

      Semblance name: Breaker

      Semblance: She can redirect/store pressure waves. This doesn't count physical hits like Yang's semblance does. As well, any energy she stores from other sources quickly fades unless she keeps adding to it. She has about 10 seconds to unleash that energy at full strength or to add more before it starts to fade. Once it starts to fade away it takes about another 10 seconds to disappear, regardless of how much is stored. Another point to mention about her storing energy is that the more she stores, the less control/precision she has when she releases it.

      Weapon Name: Havoc

      Weapon: A pair of white leather gloves laced with Fire dust. The knuckles on the gloves are capped in a silver metal. Because of the dust laced into the gloves, they are super durable, a useful feature considering that same dust allows her to create explosions should she wish when she hits something.

      Fighting Style: Is a highly trained martial artist, well versed in open palm strikes and kicks to utilize her weapon and semblance. Her fighting style is like a mixture of Yang and Mercury's, though she focuses more on striking. Her weapon allows her create explosions with whatever she comes into contact with due to the red dust in them. Due to her size and choice of weapons, her natural strength and speed is normally vastly under estimated, allowing her to close in fast. Pair her weapons with her semblance and you have a deadly combo. Whenever she lands a hit, she triggers an explosion but instead out having the energy from it explode outwards like normal, she can focus and redirect it into a single spot. Or if she's fighting a slower, highly armoured enemy, she can hit multiple times in quick secession in order to build up more energy before nailing them with a super strong hit.

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    • Ruby Rant

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      You know, I'm starting to get a little pissed off that the show isn't giving one of it's main characters any real character developement. I get what their trying to do, kind of giving each their own little arc/sub-plot, but they're kinda failing pretty bad. Pretty well the only people who are less developed that are part of the main teams are Ren and Nora, which is understandable.

      Seriously, every important character but Ruby has had a proper one-vs-one fight with at least a semi-compotent fighter. (Yang vs the twins/Junior, Neo, Flynt and Neon and now Mercury. Blake had Torchwick and Reese. Weiss had the Knight, the White Fang Lieutenant, Nadir and then Flynt. Pyrrha vs Team CRDL/Mercury/the dude from Team BRNZ. Ren and Nora both had decent fights against Team BRNZ as well. Even Jaune had his fight against Cardin). The closest thing Ruby had was when Bolin snuck up on her, which was handled badly because seriously - for a girl who's semblance is super speed basically and who we know is a decent fighter - her reaction was shit to put it bluntly.

      But it's not just that bugging me. We've never actually seen Ruby in a true leadership scenario that couldn't be solved by some random half thought out plan. We also don't really know anything about her past. We don't know how she handled Summer's death, dealt with her sister and father grief over it, how she never really had a stable mother figure other than Yang (who was most likely too young to be much help until later). Hell we don't even know for sure if Ruby knows she's only half related to Yang!

      I can still think of more but I think you guys get the point.

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