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      Warning: This games requires commitment
      For those of you who have never played a Mafia game, this is how it works:

      There are 22 players and a Moderator (me) [ I might need some assistant mods]

      I will have a list of players in a journal on my profile.

      There are 10 civilians, 10 Mafia members, a cop, and a bodyguard. Civilians and Mafia members are to keep their parts a secret. So don't run and tell all your friends that your a Mafia member/civilian. The cop and bodyguard will have their parts announced. Mafia members will know who's in the Mafia.
      Once everybody has signed up, I will PM you and tell you what role you get.

      The Mafia will send me PM votes as to which civilian they want to whack ( votes must be in by 5:00 pm on Wednesday ) ( the cop and bodyguard can't be whacked). Wendsday night, I will Pm the person who has the most votes with a message telling them that they are dead.

      The next morning, I will post a Death Post, describing how the person died and leaving small clues that will point to a Mafia member ( ie. a hint to something on their profile, or something in their display pic, or even part of their name). Some of the clues could be misleading.

      The Bodyguard can protect one civilian per week( the Mafia can't kill the protected person). The person playing the bodyguard will PM me to tell me who they want to protect. I need to know before the Mafia hit.

      Once a week, the cop will ' investigate ' someone. The cop will PM me the name of the person under investigation and I will tell the cop if the person is mafia or not. The cop will then post if the person is Mafia or not.

      Saturday night , we'll lynch somebody. Everyone post their vote for the lynch before 5:00 pm on Saturday (civilians should vote for who they think is Mafia and Mafia will vote for civilians ) The person with the most votes will be lynched. The next morning I will tell everyone if the person lynched was a Mafia member or a civilian.

      The game will continue until either all of the civilians are dead or all of the Mafia are dead.

      If you want to play just post here on the thread and I'll assign parts once we have all the players.

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    • The " Or " Thread

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      This is my first thread, so bear with me.

      First: Someone will ask a question in the form of x or y (example. Red or Blue)
      Then, the next person to post will list what they preferred and their own question.

      Let's begin:

      Caboose or Grif

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