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    • Karma effect of not posting... None

      13 years ago


      Wow... I haven't done a journal entry since last July... Or , indeed, any posting on any forums, that I can recall... And yet, my Karma level hasn't changed at all.

      It used to drop if I stopped using the site for more than a couple of days...


    • Journal Whoring is good for the Karma

      14 years ago


      An hour of playing Hangman with Manny and the gang and I've gone from +4 to an all-time high of +14

      It's quittin' time on Friday....


    • It's been a long time...

      14 years ago


      ... since I last posted anything on this site (about 6 weeks). My Karma has dropped to +3 from the dizzying heights of high single figures. I feel like I've been neglecting something really important.

      Will somebody please tell me it's just a website and this guilt is completely misplaced?

    • One of these days...

      14 years ago


      ... I'm going to upload my profile pics again. Unfortunately, I can't log in from my home PC at the moment 'cos my girlfriend's place doesn't have a phone line yet. I'm hoping to rectify that in a month or two (when I've been paid by my new employer) but, for now, I'm limited to logging in from work during breaks and stuff 'n' stuff.

      EDIT 21 March 2005 11:02am
      Yup... any day now.

    • w0000000t !!!!111oneone1eleventyone!!?!!

      14 years ago


      I've got a job! "Computer Network Service Engineer" Or in other words, tech-support.

      It's reasonably well-paid and I get a company vehicle and a new mobile phone. And they've promised me that I'll get to finish my MCSE exams on company time...


    • Everybody's doin' it...

      14 years ago


      How sad is this?

      What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

      100 means that I'm of average weirdness. That's *so* boring!

    • Dominic Deegan is the kewlinest!

      14 years ago



      I've been following this web-comic for a couple of months now. The storyline has taken a turn towards the serious of late. It used to be a lot funnier. The artwork is still interesting, though.

    • I'm back from Brussels...

      14 years ago


      ...and what a time I had!

      Brussels is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. I'm sure it's even better in the summer when it's not raining, hailing or snowing all the time! Also, a lot of the buildings were surrounded by scaffolding. I guess February is when they try to get the place cleaned up for the summer. Here's some pics of Elaine and me and the pretty city...

      Elaine at the Palais des Congrès

      Me at the same place. The clock behind me on the right was really cool. Here it is...


      Elaine fell in love with this painting
      at the Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique. It's worth noting that the painting is about 15"X12" in real life, much larger than most computer screens(!)

      Embarrassing incident
      We went out to dinner on Sunday night in a lovely little restaurant called Le Fiacre near the Grand-Place. Half-way through the meal, I realised that I had no cash with me, so the meal would have to be paid for by plastic.

      Disaster #1: they didn't take MasterCard! So I had to leave Elaine there and go out in the freezing cold and driving rain to trek to the nearest ATM.

      When I got there, Disaster #2: my ATM card wasn't recognised by the machine, so I had to use my MasterCard... except I don't know the PIN so I can't get cash advances from ATMs...

      So I had to trek back to the restaurant and get Elaine's MasterCard so I could trek back to the ATM again, get the cash, return to the restaurant and pay the bill. By this time I was thoroughly soaked, frozen stiff and ready for nothing more than a hot bath and bed. No romantic, candlelit dessert, no more excellent Belgian beer. Just home, bath and bed.

      Elaine didn't seem to mind though...

    • I'm going to Brussels!

      14 years ago


      My beautiful, talented and clever girlfriend, Elaine, and I are going to Brussels for the Valentine's weekend. We're flying out tomorrow and coming back on Monday.

      Valentine's day, itself, promises to be less than the romantic ideal, though. First, there's the fact that we'll be travelling home from our weekend of *ahem* chaste hand-holding and romantic walks along the banks of the [whatever river they have in Brussels].

      Second, I have a job interview at 3:00. I hope our flight is reasonably close to schedule. I doubt the job will be very impressive. Just network tech-support, probably entry-level. Unfortunately, with my current financial situation, I can't afford to turn down any half-way-reasonable offer.

      Valentine's evening, I will cook a romantic dinner for two at Elaine's flat... Fish'n'Chips X2 from the local chipper. No, really, I'll cook, though I haven't decided what to cook yet. Possibly mustard-glazed lamb chops. I used to do those well but I haven't cooked them in quite a while. Plus I'm not used to her kitchen yet, so maybe I'll stick with something I've had more recent experience with... Chilli con carne? No. I don't want to give her heartburn... I could do the good old Irish traditional Bacon and cabbage. She has made me promise to cook that for her at some stage, but I don't think it's quite the thing for Valentine's night. Whatever: I'll figure it out on Monday.

      I think she'll like the gift I got her. It's a bronze statuette (entitled "I love you") of a girl standing on tiptoe to kiss a boy, appropriate, because I'm more than a foot taller than Elaine and she does have to stretch a bit to kiss me, even when I bend down towards her... plus, the title fits nicely.

    • Randomness...

      14 years ago


      There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

      The moral of the story is: If your toast pops out of your toaster green, you're wearing the wrong anorak.

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    • GigasViking

      12 years ago

      Cool you're into stargate! Speaking of that I've got an ancient language translator (english to 5000 year old cuneiform script) you might want to checkout in my journal. Effing sweet I think...and took forever to put together :)

    • Natalyaold

      13 years ago

      Ahhahahaha... yes, it is something like a hiatus. That was funny.

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