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    • Enderman

      5 years ago


      Yea, I thought this may be vital to some people!

      I made an RT related Tumblr post and I thought it would be vital for you guys to see and possibly reblog if you have Tumblr


    • Titleless Podcast Tonight

      5 years ago


      Tonight will be my debut on the Titleless Podcast

      And after that I will be getting down and funky with some Sean Ellis Minecraft after(or during) RVB:Scotland Game Night.

      @eoinh @materialista @BrolyUnbound @Garry -Hope you guys can make it!

    • Star Wars n KFC

      5 years ago


      So...i had a great time yesterday (Saturday the 30th November)

      Having no sleep the previous night was the worst decision I ever couldn't make.

      The Megabus came half an hour late and I got into Glasgow at 8:30 and grabbed to Taxi to the Science Centre and queued for 5 hours to be hinted that I'm not what they're looking for.

      But none the less it was a great day as I got to meet my Childhood friend who used to have a controlling girlfriend who never let him have fun and of course the RTS Chick @emmabobson .

      We stumbled bout Glasgow and tried to find a nice place to eat before ending up in KFC where I had a mental breakdown and questioned my life due to tiredness.

      We then ended up in the Train Station Bar for an hour before Emma waited for my Bus out with me, sadly I couldn't see her off to her Train that night but I hope she didn't die.....

      So yea, can't wait to see Star Wars 7 with those 2 (ex)Hollister employees in it.

    • Finally watched Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Part 3

      5 years ago


      Oh my god!

      The gang's reaction to the Tower of Pimps update took me by surprise and WOW, I want to cry right now with happiness!

      Never thought we'd get a capture of the live reaction

    • Game Night

      5 years ago


      The Shag Pad has been pimped out on Minecraft with my boys @Materialista and @BrolyUnbound.

      Shout out to my boi Edgar, @eoinh and shout out to @gary for nearly suffocating in his bunkbed.

      Anyone wanting to join Team Swag on my Minecraft World?

    • 5 years ago

    • RvB Scotland

      5 years ago


      Yo! since everyone is giving out their emotional responses...I'll just do some shootouts for in jokes and stuff.

      Firstly, congratulations to @ailsarocks and @Aiden for making this happen...shoutout to them

      -Shoutout to waking up at 3am, getting in 4 hours early and leaving at 4:40am
      -Shoutout to @BrolyUnbound for not asking if I was part of RvB Scotland as I sat in Geek Retreat on my own
      -Shout out to @LiamRolo for his amazing rendition of "Fook Saaake"
      -Shout out to Ailsa for not understanding sticky wrist bands
      -Shout out to @Garry for checking out my band and being a general lad
      -Shout out to the Podcast Crew @Materialista , Liam , @TheDanEffect and @Michael479er (with Special Guest @EmmaBobson
      -Shout out to Unknown Edgar ( @eoinh )
      -Shout out to Team Kids (@Teenan , @Skyfox117 , @Zanziibar and @TeenanPlus1
      -Shout out to the Kid, stealing my seat, ignoring a hotdog he bought, not eating it and then NOT letting me slap it in his face
      -Shout out to Buncing
      -Shout out to Glasgow Central Station
      -Shout out to Team Lads
      -Shout out to our Snooker Tournament
      -Shout out to my amazing crowd
      -Shout out to MOOOOOOOOOOO ( @eoinh )
      -Shout out to Facing off against Team Gents
      -Shout out to "4:20"
      -Shout out to people thinking we have tourettes
      -Shout out to Buchanan Street putting up with our yells
      -Shout out to Team Kids having to leave
      -Shout out to the Quiz
      -Shout out to my Answer (to be listed if necessary)
      -Shout out to the Headband Game
      -Shout out to...Edgar, Gavin's Creeper Parents, Go! , The Crane from Versus and Rebel
      -Shout out to Revolution
      -Shout out to Edgar realising he's Edgar
      -Shout out to Pizza
      -Shout out to my Trophy
      -Shout out to be @kzuelch for being an ABSOLUTE babe and sending us that lovely video...reducing me to tearing up
      -Shout out to the Garage!
      -Shout out to our Sweet Ass Dancemoves
      -Shout out to Rock,Paper, Scissors
      -Shout out to @ScotAndProud 's Face
      -Shout out to @domino47 willing to be punched in the face for something he didn't do
      -Shout out to everyone leaving
      -Shout out to losing Edgar Burnie Jones (@eoinh)
      -Shout out to that mood looking quine in McDonalds
      -Shout out to Michael buying me a coke from McDonalds
      -Shout out to One Last Bunce

      ......woooooooo, my fingers hurts

      See you next time!

    • I can't stop posting about Roosterteeth on my Work blog

      5 years ago


      As some may know, I run social media for a production company called Mango Studios.

      As my job as a "Community Manager" I get to operate the Twitter/Facebook/Blog for the company and need to write 3 blogs a week.

      Sometimes when I am not as inspired by the news, I use RT as an inspiration for my writing and try to justify it.

      Here's our latest article...

    • This is pretty cool

      5 years ago


      So, my life right now is pretty simple and pretty extraordinary in the same senses.

      At the moment I am living over 100 miles away from my family because I moved out at the age of 17 to take part in an Apprenticeship in "(film and) Creative Media" -pssst turns out the film part is KINDA bullshit-.

      After working in an office with the Training Company and it's cohorts, I was given the opportunity to go on a placement at a Production Company called Mango Studios as the "Community Manager"

      Now, Mango Studios specialise in Corporate Films and Events Filming which is kind of boring for me personally but it's a gap in the market that needs to be filled.

      So i keep track of their Twitter, Online Persona, Email Contacts and make blog posts. Which seems like a pretty standard job, but then I realise I'm 18 years old and doing this job which allows me to surf the internet 7 and a half hours a day and get paid for it and it is awesome.

      Anyway, that's not my point, my point is that I was working on a production a couple of weeks ago down in Southampton (for's like a 6 and a half hour like....Cross State maybe?). Where I do MY FIRST corporate shoot.

      Not so cool, but it was an amazing experience and now that video is posted up on the company website and it's INSANE to think that I was part of a 2 man crew who produced this AMAZING, PROFESSIONAL looking video.

      I don't know what the point of this Journal Entry is...but yea, things are pretty can check the video here at...

      (It's the TES Winner video)

      Thanks for your Eyes and your Time

      Sean x

    • The Day I saved someone's life

      6 years ago


      It was a casual Saturday after 2 weeks in Newcastle.

      I had a normal day and was asked to come out to Pelaw by a work colleague. I thought "fuck it, nothing better to do" so I did. After getting there, they started smoking weed and I got talking to my NEW mates who were pretty sound. We ditched the guys and went to town to try go to a club/bar to chill. After getting to the dudes house, he starts getting paranoid about me not being able to pass for 18, even if I said "what's the worst that could happen" he pulls a dick move and wants me to leave. So my coolio new Black Friend Dan walks me to the Metro Station. I go down and see the Metro is delayed by 40 minutes. I decided I can't be arsed waiting and so I decided to walk home (which is like 20/30 minutes away). While walking along the overpass I look down at some of the bars and clubs and get a bit of vertigo cause the bars on the overpass, when walking, make it look like I'm falling. While nearing the end of the overpass I see a woman dangling off the edge on the other side of the rails.

      I try convince her to get back on my side for me to help her, I then keep trying to convince her and grab her should. While a couple walk by a gentleman jokes by saying "don't jump mate, you've got a lot to live for". I then sign to him that I'm not jumping but that I am stopping someone from jumping. He did an AMAZING job with helping her and he EVENTUALLY did get her up and over with his upper body strength. But he had some really canny lines to say such as "don't be a gay lord" , "you'll only hurt your legs and die slowly" and "FUCK ME YOU'RE HUGE!".
      His wife/fiancee/girlfriend on the other hand asked to use my phone to call the police, they arrived just as they pulled her over.

      I got a lift home from the police and tbh, I can't realise what actually just happened. I mean...if I had gone out to the club, if I had waited for the Metro...if I hadn't gone to Pelaw....I wouldn't have been there.

      So, I'm sitting on my bed enjoying my Chicken and Bacon Pizza(I know it's mine, Ray didn't steal it)...writing this trying to work out WHAT JUST HAPPENED


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