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      I apologize for putting this here. I couldn't find the RWBY sub-forum (if there is one) and PC Gaming was the closest I could place this in

      Now, as you already know, there is already the RWBY: Grimm Eclipse game.

      I am, by no means, shunning them in any way, I have a desire to discuss with the community about the rouse that is the MMORPG society. Also, for the sake of my portfolio and schoolwork, I'm making this into a Game Design Document.

      Time and time again, I've seen many posts about wanting some game similar to the RWBY franchise. We would all love an MMORPG from the RWBY universe, but I've even asked the creator of the RWBY game on his thoughts of such a matter. In short: It would not live long.

      Asides from reality, let's go take a look at another standpoint: WOULD YOU PLAY A RWBY MMORPG?


      If you want to know what I have in mind on certain things, do ask.

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    • 2019 years ago

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