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    • RTX London 2018 Exhibitors

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      I'm going to be attending RTX London this year as an exhibitor (first convention I'm attending as an exhibitor, exiting! [The scary kind!]). I thought it might be useful to setup a forum topic for Exhibitors of RTX London can talk.

      So if you have any convention tips, or have questions about conventions, hopefully this'll be a good place to discuss it. Obviously, if it's something quite specific, you'll have to email Rooster Teeth for it, but I think it could be useful to share knowledge we have, from making booths, to running the event smoothly.

      So yeah, if you're attending RTX London as an exhibitor, introduce yourself, and if you have any questions or tips, post them here!

      To start off, hi I'm Steven, I'm one half of an indie game studio currently working on our first game, and we're going to be showing it off for the first time at RTX London! 

      I have very limited knowledge about exhibiting with having not done it before, so here's a tip for London instead if you haven't been before: Use contactless cards for transportation, buses in London do NOT accept cash[1]. But also, as you'll see on the TFL (Transport For London) website, it's actually the same price to travel on a Contactless card as it is on an Oyster card (without some loyalty benefits), but is more to travel with cash[2]. So if you have a contactless card, it's recommended to use that!

      A big question I have is about equipment rental, I'm looking at a few different places to rent different stuff we'll need for our booth (TV, computer etc), but any tips about rental would be very much appreciated!

      I hope this will be valuable to other exhibitors. I thought it will be most useful to post this in the RTX London 2018 section of the Rooster Teeth Forum. If there is another place exhibitors are talking though, please point me there as well!

      - Steven


      [2] : If you put a station into From and To it'll show you the Fare prices for the different payment methods.

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    • My Pilot Month Review

      1 year ago


      Pilot Month is over! I thought I'd do a journal entry talking about each of the shows and what I thought about it. I also have NO IDEA how Pilot Month works though, as in whether only 1 show will continue, or all that people like etc, so in that case, I am going to declare a 'winner' - although you'll see below that I think more than 1 show should persist!

      I'm also going to do a little scoring system, this obviously is only relevant to what I think about the show, but I'm scoring 'Will I watch it?' with possible answers being Yes, Occasionally or No.

      So without further ado... (or adieu, I'm not sure the right way of spelling it)


      So Branded marked the start of Pilot Month! I knew nothing about Branded going into it, to be honest I didn't even know Pilot Month was happening. I did really enjoy Branded though, I actually went back and watched the episode again that week, which I... don't think I've done for anything. At least not SO quickly. I'm really hoping this continues past Pilot Month as I cannot wait to see more of it.

      Will I watch it? YES! I cannot wait to watch more of this, this is the show I didn't know I wanted!

      GORQ's Quest

      This is another show which I knew nothing about going into. I do quite enjoy game shows, and found GORQ's Quest quite funny, I think it's also quite an interesting premise. As others have also said, I think it does need some work if it is going to be a main show. But overall, it's a fun little game show.

      Will I watch it? Occasionally. I don't think this is one that I make sure I get onto and watch weekly, however, when I see it popup it will be one I watch every now and again.

      Achievement Haunter

      This is one that I DID actually know about before Pilot Week! To be honest, when I first heard about this show, I thought I wouldn't like this one. I did watch the Pilot however and am glad to say that I was wrong! I don't tend to like horror stuff, but it had an interesting layout, had funny parts and generally didn't take itself too seriously, which is what I think I enjoyed about it! I would like to see this show continue!

      Will I watch it? Yes - it won me over!

      Million Dollars, But... Animated

      What's to say? It's a Million Dollars, But... but it's animated. Personally, I prefer the live action version, just because I find it funnier seeing these weird scenarios on the actual talent. Although I realise that animation opens up new potential that wouldn't be possible in Live Action, although the pilot episode, for the most part would as seen in Baby Gus!

      Will I watch it? Occasionally, Million Dollars, But... (Live Action) is the same for me to be honest, I do quite like it and would occasionally watch it, it just doesn't stick with me as much as the others.

      Murder Room

      I went into this one with quite high expectations, and am glad to say I wasn't disappointed! I really enjoy watching detective shows and stuff like that, and really enjoyed the twist applied on this. I thought it was really good and would definitely like to see more!

      Will I watch it? YES!

      In Conclusion

      I can say here that there isn't any show that I didn't enjoy. I think it's better for me to summarise to shows I would watch weekly (or however often they come out) as shows I'd really like to continue:
      - Branded
      - Achievement Haunter
      - Murder Room

      I am also going to assign a winner, because I'm not sure how this works (if only 1 show continues) in that case, I'd have to declare Branded the winner for me. This decision didn't come easy, honestly the hardest choice was between Branded & Murder Room, so I really do hope more than 1 show continues because there are many good shows here!

      Anyway, that's just my take away on Pilot Month, it's been good! Looking forward to hopefully seeing more of these shows in the future!
      - Steven

    • RE: Filming Mario Party 1-7 (and other old games)

      1 year ago



      So in the last video for Mario Party 8, they mentioned wanting to play the old Mario Party's but not having a way to film it, so I wanted to mention this:

      So the first Elgato Game Capture HD was capable of filming 'retro' consoles, there is a big list of old consoles it supports, but worth noting for Mario Party is it supports both the N64 & the GameCube.

      There looks to be a bit of setup, the AV colours don't match up to the 'retro' colours, but there are guides on how to set it up, and for some games (I think this is only for really old consoles like 3rd Generation) but some games some colour correction is necessary (which can be done via the Elgato software on a computer)

      There seems to be no page on Elgato's own website linking to the HD anymore, but here is a link for

      Anyway, thank you, Mario Party has been a great series! Hope it can continue (with the old consoles, or if not, hopefully when they make one for the Switch it'll be good!)

      - Steven

    • Response to Mica's speech from Off Topic #27

      3 years ago


      Mica's speech in the last Off Topic made me think a lot, more than 140 characters so I thought I'll make it into a journal entry.

      I didn't know people hated on Mica for her skin colour, which is absolutely ridiculous, I find it absolutely pathetic that people are still being judged by their skin colour, everyone should be treated equally regardless of what race they are, honestly until watching this speech, I wasn't aware racism was still such a common thing (except assholes like Donald Trump). While this is preferable to discriminating other races, in England, the police are required to 'bust' more white people than other ethnicities for crimes, for example, it's illegal to cycle on the pavement (sidewalk) in England, but the punishment is different depending on race, if you're white, you will get fined, else it's a warning. I want to be clear with saying this, this isn't a cry that white people aren't treated right or anything like that, but as said in the speech which I 100% agree with, why are different races being treated differently at all? Why does it matter? In England this law's to prevent possibly racist cops from targeting certain races, so it is a step in the right direction, but I really don't get why everyone's not being treated equal now. And with people on YT Gaming calling you racist names, that is fucking ridiculous, what the fuck is wrong with people? But it's as mentioned, people are hidden on the internet, use a username and a profile picture which isn't of them (sort of like me... except that's because I don't like how I look in photos :) and so being hidden, and people not knowing who exactly is writing the message, they feel they can write whatever they want because no one will ever know it's them. I also feel part of it is sort of like a 'social experiment' (I HATE that term, but) where people are saying anything they think might get to you, to see how you reply, and how others respond to it as well.

      The 2nd issue is sexism, I'm currently on a games design course and didn't realise until starting this course how sexist people still are (I guess I was ignorant for a while...), there's been a few discussions about different stuff like this on the course, and you've probably already heard this story, but the story of a female games developer that made and published a game, then there was a rumour that she slept with a reviewer from IGN to get a good rating for her game, which started a huge sexist campaign called Gamer Gate, which basically believed that women shouldn't be involved in the games industry, she then received death threats and people posting where she lived, and so she had to move away from her house for safety. The worst part of this story is that IGN didn't even review her game... People believe that games are only for men, when in fact it's very close to an even split between men & women playing video games, but there is an inconsistency between those working in the games industry, because some gamers are sexist and think only men should be involved with games. Also, as you mentioned, the inequality in pay (I'm not sure if you meant there's also an inequality for pay depending on race in the US, but I'm pretty sure that's illegal in the UK) but there is an inequality between pay for men and women working the exact same job, which there is absolutely no reason for, it's absolutely ridiculous and should absolutely not be the case. At least in England, up until recently, this sort of went both ways as well, car insurance for men was hugely more expensive than car insurance for women, I'm not sure why, I can only assume more males must have been in car accidents or something. This literally only changed a few years ago (at the most) so now they are on par. I find it disgusting that we are not past this shit by now.

      And lastly, same sex relationships, it was only 2015 were gay marriage was legalised in USA right? Why? Since I'm a hetrosexual, white male I probably don't make the best argument for everything I've been saying here, but why the fuck is it anyone's business who can marry each other? It doesn't affect me, you, or anyone else if a gay couple next door are married, that's their business and their choice, and the world is only starting to realise that.

      Sorry for all this ranting, and as you say, it is improving and will get better. Also ignore all the assholes hating you because they literally hate anyone new for like a month or 2, then love them, (look at Ryan joining, and Matt & Jeremy more recently) and if you're reading this Mica, I'm glad you're an Achievement Hunter, welcome to the Rooster Teeth Family!

      - Steven

    • Stick together Rooster Teeth Community

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      This is a forum post regarding the split in the community after Shane made a Docs post entitled 'Open Letter To All Who Treasured Monty Oum' (if you missed that, you can see about it here)

      The Rooster Teeth Community is the best community ever, of all time. This is one of the few places on the internet where you can go and have human conversations with people, the only community (at least that I'm aware of) that has fan groups per country such as RTUK where fans can meet up, where fans are supportive, both to Rooster Teeth and to each other, when Monty died, the most common message I saw was supporting each other with 'waffle-o' (we are family, family love each other), raising around half a million in the span of 24 hours for Extra Life, getting Lazer Team to #50th highest crowd funded project, ever. Getting Million Dollars, But... card game to target in 2 minutes, then to $500,000 in less than 24 hours, and for supporting those involved in the car accident on the way to RTX in 2015.

      This is such a great community, which I'm proud to be a part of, not only does wearing RT shirts, or talking about RT stuff to people show how much I love Rooster Teeth, but also how much I love the Rooster Teeth Community.

      But currently we are divided due to this issue, but I feel the best way for us as a community to move forward, is to stick together, we are a fantastic community that's currently split into 2 sides, fighting each other.

      This tweet I saw before since RTUK quoted it, and this I agree with:

      Also, since I'm not the best talker, I was thinking of a way to demonstrate what I'm trying to say, and the best way I thought was with lyrics from a song from RWBY, to be clear, I'm not taking sides with the quote of these lyrics, but talking about the split of the community as a whole:

      Divide them
      Tear them apart
      Sever their trust
      It will strangle their hearts

      Inside them
      Plant seeds of doubt
      Hope will be smothered
      They'll turn on each other

      Hatred will sprout
      Suspicion and doubt
      Friendships deny
      While allegiances die

      (Lyrics from Divide from RWBY Volume 3 Soundtrack, by Jeff Williams feat Casey Williams)

      Again, just to clarify in case it looks like I'm pushing a certain side with this quote, I'm not. But this situation is tearing the Rooster Teeth Community apart, while peace is somewhat kept on the Rooster Teeth site, look at comments on Twitter, Tumblr etc.

      Nothing is confirmed either way, we don't know Rooster Teeth definitely did this, we also don't know they definitely didn't, so this isn't worth tearing apart the community over. Currently it's one word over another, and while you can draw a conclusion of what you think, this debate over opinions (due to no proof either way) is tearing the community apart.

      Ever since becoming a site member, I've felt the Rooster Teeth site is a place where I can talk to others about common interests we have, discuss the video we just watched (in the comments) ask questions and stuff like that, and it is, I don't think I've ever had a bad experience on the Rooster Teeth site, because the vast majority of the Rooster Teeth Community are kind, caring, genuine people, Joel had a great quote from RTX Australia Founding Fathers Panel about this.

      Every time I have to post to another forum (like Steam Discussions) I get reminded how great the Rooster Teeth Community is, by how the people on those forums, aren't kind, caring, genuine people. And I also think how much better internet communities would be if they all were more like the Rooster Teeth Community, as Joel said, we aren't kind and caring because we all watch Rooster Teeth, but because we are kind and caring people, who all have a common interest, Rooster Teeth.

      So lets not have a split such a fantastic community, there's no facts either way, so lets remain being the kind, caring, genuine community we are.

      Thanks for reading, sorry for rambling on but this is how I feel about the Rooster Teeth Community, it does sort of feel like family to me, and I do love the Rooster Teeth Community, so I felt it would be best to make a post saying so.

      - Steven.

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    • Happy 13th Birthday Rooster Teeth!

      3 years ago


      Today is the 13th anniversary of Rooster Teeth, seems like just yesterday I started watching Rooster Teeth, when in fact, it's coming up to 3 years ago, starting with Rage Quit - Surgeon Simulator: Steam Edition, a very funny video that made me instantly fall in love with Rooster Teeth. First off watching other Rage Quits, then starting with the Minecraft & GTA Lets Plays, then all the other AH shows, then RTAA, RT Shorts, RT Life and RT Recap, then the Podcasts & RT News, and then Red vs Blue & RWBY (sorry if I missed any shows) and it is amazing to be able to watch something that's funny and entertaining everyday, and to think it all started with the question, Why Are We Here? Later in 2013 (August 8th, 2013) I joined the site and became a sponsor, becoming a channel I've watched once or twice on YouTube, to a media company that's funnier than most, if not all comedians.

      This is also the first time I've engaged with an online audience, with the Rooster Teeth audience being awesome, and human people you can talk to on the internet, it was amazing when I went to the Rooster Teeth forums, asked a question and got an answer to the question, which sounds basic, but everywhere else on the internet, you won't have the same engagement that you do with the Rooster Teeth audience.

      But the fan base wouldn't exist if a few friends in a bedroom in Buda, TX thought that Halo sort of looked like a move if they put black bars over the gun and HUD (ref. Red vs Blue Ultimate Fan Guide) and from there it grew and grew into the amazingness it is today, and I thank all of the Rooster Teeth staff for that.

      And then the collaborations started as well, in Red vs Blue: Revelations with Jeff Williams, which him, Casey, Lamar, Sandy and the rest of his incredible team, are now my favourite band. And the most recent collaborations, in the past, just over a year, Inside Gaming has joined Rooster Teeth, now known as Funhaus, ScrewAttack have joined Rooster Teeth, and literally like a week ago, Kinda Funny joined Rooster Teeth.

      There has been a wide mix of emotions across Rooster Teeth, mostly happiness, laughter and entertainment, but in 2015, we unfortunately lost Monty Oum, an incredible animator and an amazing person, I recently started rewatching Red vs Blue ready for Season 14, and it amazes me everytime how awesome the animated fight scenes are, and not to mention the incredible anime, RWBY. Which I also find incredible how far in advance Monty planned, unfortunately, Monty died before RWBY Volume 3 started, but he had a plan for 8 Volumes of RWBY and, as you'll see at the end of RWBY Volume 3, the last episode ties in to the first episode of Volume 1 and in the marathon stream, it was said that he made a plan for around 8 Volumes of RWBY. Monty and his work is incredible, and while he's no longer with us, I believe he's still here in spirit, I won't get too much into this because I don't want to cause an argument about religion and after life and all that, but I without a doubt think Monty would be happy with the incredible work they did on RWBY Volume 3.

      And as of this year, Rooster Teeth have hit the cinemas (or theaters) with the movie, Lazer Team, which I think they did a fantastic job on, it seems very much like a Rooster Teeth production but doesn't require you to have ever seen Rooster Teeth before, and is one of the prime examples to point to for the question, what is Rooster Teeth? and RWBY Volume 1 coming to cinemas (or theaters :) this month.

      In conclusion: I love Rooster Teeth, I love the Rooster Teeth staff and I love the Rooster Teeth community. Happy 13 year anniversary Rooster Teeth, here's to 13 more!

    • Is it possible to use a Xbox Elite Controller with PC?

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      I am thinking of getting an Xbox Elite Controller, but the main selling point for me would be if I can use it with my PC, is it possible to connect it like a normal controller and be able to use all the additional buttons and stuff?



      (PS: This probably would of made the most sense on Microsoft Forums but the Rooster Teeth community is the best, so you're my first stop :)

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    • Happy New Year!

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      So at some point today it will be New Years all over the world, some have crossed it a lot earlier on like Australia, and some are still yet to cross it, like America. Here (England) has just crossed it, I didn't realise it was midnight and was rewatching Shenanigans smiley0.gif What did you / what are you going to celebrate? And Happy New Year for when it crosses! smiley0.gif

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