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      13 years ago


      The site that is. I am so fucking pissed off with this place. It's turned into a MySpace for 13 year old Halo fans. Everything revolves around how much Karma you have, when the next season starts, can I be a MOD?, can I have your award? I am fed up and am leaving. I have made some awesome friends on this site, and I have most of your MSN's, but I won't be talking to all of you. In fact I will only be talking to 5 of you. If anyone else messages me, and I immediatley block you, then you aren't one of them. Don't be offended, it's just that I don't consider you someone whom I care enough about. Anyway, I am off. The profile will remain existing till the sponsorship runs out. Thanks to everyone for all the good times, for all the support, and all of the laughs.


    • DC: 52

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      DC's huge event. As of the end of Infinite Crisis, all titles will jump ahead 1 year. 52 will be the comic that bridges that gap. Playing on 6 characters (Booster Gold, Atom, Elongated Man, Renee Montoya, Black Adam and Steel), it will tell of a year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Shipping weekly, it will be a mammoth event for everyone involved.

      Post all you speculation/fears/hopes here, rather than spoiling it for people in other threads.

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    • My Name Is Bruce

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      It's a new film by Bruce Campbell in which he plays himself as a B movie actor staring in a horror film, when the local town gets over run by demons. They all think he is a real hero and it's up to him to save the day. It's looks really cool. I mean it's Bruce Campbell. In an Evil Dead-esque movie. In which he is directing. What's not to like? So what are your thoughts on it?

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    • Never mind the Buzzcocks

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      A great show. Damn funny. New series tonight at 9 too. What does everyone else think of this?

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    • DC All Stars

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      Does anyone know anything about this? I have been reading Wizard and it is tipped to be 'Ultimate' DC. Something which intrigues me most. Have you seen Jim Lee's sketches?! Post any info or idea's here.

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