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    • Watched Saw

      13 years ago


      I watched saw 1 on my computer the other night. Its a cool film but I think I have seen it all before.
      A psycho guy, capturing people and making them escape for his entertainment. Hmmmmmmm, rockstar might as well made this game a la Manhunt...
      Still an ace game to an ace movie. Only thing was though that I heard that when you go to see Saw 1 in my local cinema you get a copy of Saw 1 I loved the bit where the women who escaped had the man trap on her head, very inventive and funny the way she had to find the key.

    • My quiz fill in...

      13 years ago


      1. Full Name: Billy McKerrow

      2. Nicknames: none....boohoo

      3. Birthday: 30th july 1989

      4. Place of Birth: Helensburgh, Scotland

      5. Zodiac Sign: leo da lion

      6. Male or Female: i have a penis if thats wot u wanna know o.O...

      7. Grade: 5th year in high school

      8. School: Speyside highschool in aberlour, scotland

      9. Occupation: mestudent..too lazy for job

      10. Residence: Ballindalloch, Banffshire, Scotland

      11. Screen Name: Shadeydude (woah...i realised i have spelt it wrong)

      __Your Appearance__

      12. Hair Color: Brown w/blonde streaks

      13. Hair Length: medium

      14. Eye color: Blue

      15. Best Feature: he wonderfull hair or my magical jackets of 3

      16. Height: 6 foot sumfink

      17. Braces?: nope, prob need though

      18. Glasses?: no, i can see

      19. Piercing: in my ear, yeah im a pussy...

      20. Tattoos: no, me want though

      21. Righty or Lefty: lefty when writing, righty everything else

      ___Your 'Firsts'___

      22. First best friend: James McLean

      23. First Award: me no award material :(

      24. First Sport You Joined: prob football

      25. First pet: a cat called scat

      26. First Real Vacation: Portugal when i was 7, got me first gf there too :)

      27. First Concert: me no been to any big concerts ;(

      ___ Favorites___

      29. Movie: Butterfly effect, shaun of the dead, ff advent children or the family guy movie

      30. TV Show: Family guy, lost, south park, american dad

      31. Colors: Black

      32. Rapper: rap sux, sorry...

      33. Band: tenacious d, nirvana, guns n roses, velvet revolver, oasis, keiser cheifs, nickleback, greenday

      34. Song Right Now: any keiser cheif song

      35. Friend: 2 sets, non "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!" and "weeeeeeeeeeee....! friends"

      37. Sport to Play: basketbalol, yay a sport i can be ok at , me tall

      38. Restaurants: anytink wit pasta, pizza or haggis

      39. Favorite brand to wear: not fussy

      40. Favorite time of day: late at night or 4pm when back from school

      41. School Subject: music a la guitaro

      42. Animal: mans best friend

      43. Book: the only one i have ever read, haha "the wasp factory"

      44. Magazine: xbox and total guitar

      45. Shoes: skater ones ...even though me no skate heh...


      46. Feeling: tired

      47. Wishing: i had money

      48. Have a crush?: yeah..many...

      49. Eating: my tongue

      50. Drinking: nuttin

      51. Typing: this...o.O

      52. Online?: yup

      53. Song: no tv ^__^

      54. Thinking About: tomorrow

      55. Wanting to: be with m8s

      56. Watching: some weird sitcom on bbc 3 that my mums watching

      57. Wearing: airwalk tshirt and jeans

      __Do You Want To__

      58. Have Kids?: yeah coz that means sex *__*

      59. Get Married?: yeah i don wanna die a loner

      60. Careers in Mind: psychology - woah thats deep...

      61. Where do you want to live?: where ever...not in terrorland no likey guns

      62. Cars: hippy voltswagon or trike

      __Which is better with The Opposite Sex___

      63. Hair color: brown, black or especially red or brunettes

      64. Hair length: long

      66. Sing with you or dances with you: neither makes sence

      67. Cute or Sexy: cute coz sexy tends to be bitchy

      68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

      69. Hugs or Kisses: either is good

      70. Short or Tall: either but not midget or taller than me

      71. Easy going or serious: hippy chick

      72. Romantic or Spontaneous: me no likey too serious me told ya...

      73. Fatty or Skinny: bootylicious...eww eww eww i h8 saying that

      74. Sensitive or Loud: in da middle

      75. Hook-up or Relationship: i dunno

      76. Sweet or Caring: caring, sweet may be too "special" you know...

      77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: trouble, i no like goody goody

      ___Have you ever___

      78. Kissed a Stranger: no i neva kissed any hobos...

      79. Had Alcohol: meh...sometimes

      80. Smoked: no likey but yeah...depends wot smokin

      81. Ran Away From Home: y, all my stuff is at home, especially me bed mmmmmmmmmmm!

      82. Broken a bone: nearly when skiing

      83. Got an X-ray and how many: no, they give cansa!

      84. Been in a bad situation: .......*stares*....."awkward"...*walks off*.......

      85. Broken Someone's Heart?: hope no

      86. Broke Up With Someone: me no do relations in high school...pointless

      87. Cried When Someone Died: stupid question...

      __Do You Believe In___

      89. God: no, fate and reincarnation though

      90. Miracles: coinsidence

      91. Love at First Sight: hopefully

      92. Ghosts: light magic

      93. Aliens: we cant be the only ones in the universe

      94. Soul Mates: o.O...wot like perfect partner...yeah ...but hard to find

      95. Heaven: i would like to but no...

      96. Hell: i aint into stupid "hell" religion threats

      97. Angels: i wouldnt like them, too goody goody

      98. Kissing on The First Date: yeah thats a good start...

      99. Horoscopes: no, is all trickery

      ___Answer Truthfully___

      100. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have?: yeah like 5 million

    • Wow...a school test that was exciting!!!

      13 years ago


      Yeah so yesterday I had a big biology test that i wanted to pass because you need to pass it to continue with the course. Got a big shock when I went in for the test because our teacher told us not only did we have to do test questions... we would also have to do more advanced questions and an essay. I was screwed because I didnt have any time to study the night before because 1- I was doing homework till 1am last night for English and 2- Im lazy and couldn't be bothered.

      It was a double biology period, so in the first period I done the initial test and completed that. Totally sucked because the pass mark was 26 and I got 25....I get to try next week again though ...although if I fail that i will be unable to continue with the biology course. I was really pissed because this girl was mocking me that she passed with 28/40 because she studied, I never studied and i got 25 so surely if i studied i would have got better marks too.

      In the second period we were doing the advanced level questions and the essay which i was both dreading. But the greatest thing ever happened....
      Some person in the school set off the fire alarm as a prank and the entire school went outside for attendance check. When we got back the biology teacher said we wouldn't need to do the essay no more. I love pranksters....


    • X-Box connect

      13 years ago


      Woah this revolutionary, and not in a shitty nintendo style either....

      I was totally bummed when i saw u needed a credit card for live and im only 16 so i wouldnt ever be able to get it, but then a godsend came ....noodle123 also called Aron who goes to my school told me about x box connect. This means u can play online gaming over the net without paying a single penny. It works just like LAN gaming and needs just a few things to function-


      *An xbox obviously (duh!)
      *Computer with a broadband or fast connection
      *Modem or cable/dsl
      *NIC card -network interface card
      *A RJ-45 crossover cable

      The thing most people will need is the RJ-45 crossover cable


      And the NIC card which needs to be installed into the computer


      The cable varys in price depending on the length you want, it will definatly be less than £10, heres the site with the prices for the cable-

      The NIC card will be round about between £4 and £10 which you should be able to find very cheaply on ebay, here is a site showing you how to install it into your computer-

      You will also have to download the xbox connect programme on your computer in order for it to work- ...the file size is very small. This site has lots of information all about xbox connect also.

      Here are a list of games that xbox connect supports (most LAN games)-

      187 Ride or Die
      Amped 2
      Black Hawk Down
      Brothers In Arms
      Brothers In Arms Earned in Blood
      Brute Force
      Call of Duty: Finest Hour
      Chicago Enforcer
      Close Combat
      Colin McRae Rally 2005
      Combat Task Force 121
      Conker: Live and Reloaded
      Conflict Global Terror
      Corvette: Zero to Gone
      Crimson Skies
      Dead Man's Hand
      Doom 3
      Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil
      Farcry Instincts
      Ghost Recon
      Ghost Recon 2
      Ghost Recon Island Thunder
      Ghost Recon Summit Strike
      Godzilla: Save the Earth
      Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball
      GunGriffon: Allied Strike
      Halo 2
      Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge
      Indycar Series 05
      Inside Pitch 2003
      Iron Phoenix
      James Bond GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
      Links 2004
      Midnight Club 2
      Midnight Club 3
      Midtown Madness 3
      Moto GP
      Moto GP 2
      Moto GP 3
      MTX: Mototrax
      Nascar Heat 2002
      NBA Inside Drive 2004
      NFL Fever 2003
      NFL Fever 2004
      NHL 2K3
      NHL Rivals 2004
      Outrun 2
      Phantom Dust
      Project Gotham Racing 2
      Project: Snowblind
      RalliSport Challenge 2
      Return to Castle Wolfenstein
      Sega GT Online
      Serious Sam
      Serious Sam II
      Shadow Ops: Red Mercury
      Soldier of Fortune II
      Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
      Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
      Spikeout: Battle Street
      Spy vs Spy
      Star Wars: Battlefront
      Star Wars: Republic Commando
      Star Wars: The Clone Wars
      Steel Battalion - Line of Contact
      Street Racing Syndicate
      TimeSplitters 2
      TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
      TOCA Race Driver
      Tom Clancy's Classic Trilogy
      Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
      Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow
      Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six : Lockdown
      Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x
      Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
      Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
      Tony Hawk's Underground
      Top Spin
      Tron 2.0: Killer App
      Unreal Championship
      Unreal Championship 2
      V8 Supercars 2
      World Series of Poker
      Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn of Destiny

      I know its great aint it!!!, may in someway be better than live as you can get online halo 1!!!


      BTW this is totally legal. If you dont believe me check your self...

    • Watched Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

      13 years ago


      Woah........I downloaded this film the other night - 700mb so it took a while. Final Fantasy is one of my fave series and damn this sequal to the ff 7 game didn'y disapoint. Amazing graphix....think that scene in final fantasy 10 with tidus in the water befor the blitzball game but for 100 incredible minutes.


      One of the best fight scenes i saw in it I thought was the one with Tifa and a Sephiroth clone, it real acrobatic and intense. All the characters are in it -
      *Cloud (obviously)
      *Red xiii
      *Aeris (dead ; ( ...)
      *The cat on top of Cait Sith
      *Even Marlene

      You gotta see this movie the fight scenes are brilliant. Plus Renos hair is really cool. Even with the subtitles its still real good.

    • movies i like (idea from "cutmeugly")

      13 years ago


      movies i watched that are good...


      dont judge me cause i copy/bored

    • 20th October 2005

      13 years ago


      Yay!!!! Finally got my new xbox controller today, thank fuck for that....and its a fancy wireless one too. Check it out -------------------------------------------------------->


      Finally my pro evo 4 disc arrived and i got to play it. Shamed I got thrashed 6-1 on my first go. To be fair it was on 3 stars difficulty.


      Oh yeah and I also got a new movie called "Riding the bullet" or something like that. Havn't watched it yet. Its by steven king - sounds promising... reviews have supposedly been shit though. Leave a message if yo have seen it please....


    • 19th October 2005

      13 years ago


      Just got back from my mates today, he gave me some cool new programs for my computer.

      They were-

      Macromedia flash 8
      Macromedia fireworks 8
      Macromedia freehand mx
      Macromedia director
      But no dreamweaver or coldfusion ; (
      Adobe photoshop CS2
      Corel paint shop pro x

      All very "arty and creative" stuff. Now all I need to learn is how to draw.


      Also I got limewire today which is the coolest thing ever. You can download everything off movies pictures and programs.


      Got Sin City the movie. Really cool movie with all the fight scenes which were the best ever, and it was in noir -ohhhh ahhhh...


    • Mod give away...

      13 years ago


      Heres a little compotition for mods-

      What you have to do is post a comment to this saying something that amuses me or post picture that is funny, if i dont find it funny...tough break

      1st person gets 3 mods
      2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th get 2 mods

      remember that if u post something it doesnt necesserily mean u get the has to amuse me

    • 16th October 2005 - Movies day

      13 years ago


      Stayed up to late last night so I stayed in bed till a decent time of 1pm.

      Got 2 movies out of the DVD rental place to watch today. I got Gothika and White Noise - both ghosty like *booga!*


      Watched White noise first and i thought it was kinda shit. The people stuck in the TV was funny though, but the ending was kinda random- stupid minor person.
      Then I watched Gothika, this was alot better. It lots of great things in it like - asylums, pedos getting killed, hot chicks and tatoos. Halle Berry was the psycho chick in it.

      At last my redemption has come. Tomorrow my sentance will be over...
      That right Im getting a new xbox controller hurrah! Plus Im goin to a mates tomorrow as well and we are gonna have soem fun stink bombing some bastards.


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      I am from Scotland too.

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      It’s a military flag that honors the POWs

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      Hi, thanks for the image comment.
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      It came out alright but lens flare will only be seen if it is used on the top most layer of an image so it is one of the last things that should be done.

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      Thanks again

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