Hello, everyone! I just wanted to take a quick moment and say that I really appreciate RoosterTeeth! I love everything that they have done and the accomplishments that they have made throughout the years. It has actually been a dream of mine to work there, even if it doesn't become a reality. I think what they have done to their series is awesome to make it that much better and I love how involved they are with the community.

   If you haven't already, I sincerely hope you go check out RVB, RWBY, Nomad of Nowhere, and their new and upcoming series, Genlock. I am totally stoked for the new release and I absolutely can't wait for it to come out in January of 2019! All of these series I have grown to love and both be excited for the future of it! Don't miss out on those series and I hope you guys will come to enjoy them just as much as I have!