Okay, so IĀ get that the end goal of humanity is to stop the Grimm, and Salem, as far as we know, but... Why? Think about it economically. How many people would lose their jobs? Or would be forced to downsize. Huntsmen and Huntresses would have no purpose, weaponsmiths, scientists focuses on combating the Grimm, etc. All these people, thousands, more than likely out of a job. Then what? People who have specialized in one thing their whole lives, forced to get new jobs that arent even there yet, due to the long process of expansion. I mean, essentially, the Grimm help the current economy more than they hurt it. And this would be on a planetary scale, all the Kingdoms, even outside of them, mass expansion, so costly. Please, someone explain how stopping the Grimm benefits people more than it doesn't. Somebody, weigh the pros and cons, because I simply don't see the "new era" of no Grimm being any better than our own current economy right now.

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